Since its release in 2009, Minecraft has quickly become one of the most popular games in the world. As an indie game built by a very small team, Minecraft’s success isn’t down to massive resources or a carefully planned advertising strategy. So what explains its popularity with Players?

Minecraft has been described as a game with no rules. It doesn’t come with a set of instructions, or a stated objective – players can build and explore however they want. It’s often compared to virtual Lego.

Players can create their own adventures at any level of play, This means that Minecraft fans have a lot of flexibility in terms of how they play. Users can recreate an existing fantasy world or build a new one from scratch, they can fight villains and seek adventure, and they can play alone or with friends. It can also be played at any level. In a lot of popular games, you need a certain amount of skill to move on to the next challenge. This can be frustrating for young kids who don’t always have the abilities or unrestricted time required to make real progress in a game. In Minecraft, children can create their own adventures at any level of play.


The Feed the Beast Infinity Evolved is a general all purpose modpack for Minecraft. It is similar to Feed The Beast Resurrection in that both packs have similar mods. FTB Infinity was added to the launcher on February 5th, 2015. It is mainly aimed at players who want to have all the different types of mods in one modpack. It contains ~175 mods. The pack offers an Expert Mode option.

Expert Mode can be enabled by typing /ftb_mode set expert in the chat box (default T, without quotes), and disable it by typing /ftb_mode set normal. Changing modes can take a few seconds, while some MineTweaker files are reloaded in the background.

Expert Mode does the following:

  • It changes some recipes to require items from other mods, which makes it harder but also makes use of more mods (use NEI to view the changed recipes).
  • It adds [difficult] recipes to some Creative items such as the Creative Energy Cell or the Creative Portable Tank, some of which require end-game items from diverse mods.
  • It disables some items that are deemed overpowered, such as several machines or items that convert Lava into Redstone Flux, or making worlds in Mystcraft.