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Auction House ( Cluster Only ) ( Custom Currency )  

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I am seeing a lot of players that are looking to trade items so I got my little brain thinking and maybe I have a solution for this.

1) Add the Auction House Mod back to the server
2) Limit the AH mod to our PvE or PvP cluster Only
3) Enable custom Currency
4) Add custom Currency to the ark shop allowing you to trade in your game play time for currency.
Example in /shop you can buy 1 MerricCoin for 10 Shop Points. This will give you a coin in your inventory you can spend in the AH.

Posted : 11/02/2020 11:53 am
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Whilst there may be those folk with an abundance of coins I.e subscribers and those who don't spend their coins in the shop and don't get me wrong I do welcome another outlet to spend the coins I'm just not fond of the idea of coins based on active time spent in-game and as subscriber rewards as a currency for the AH.

I can see this turning into a Monoply governed by those who play the most and have the most coins and trades could turn out ridiculously expensive further more what does the seller get in exchange more coins they don't know what to do with? Previous iterations of the AH where based off trading something you didn't want for something you do. I'm not sure why if the AH gets locked to only this community cluster and after all the steps we have taken to remove things such as the mutator, cloning chamber, upgrade station and nerfs to imprint bonus etc that the AH would become exploitable.

Posted : 11/02/2020 7:14 pm