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Bore Water Kit mod  

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Hello all, 

Would you guys consider adding the Bore water Kit mod, this essentially removes the need for miles of pipes by using the intake pipe to hit water anywhere.




AKA  Mark

Posted : 01/11/2019 9:01 pm
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Hi Mark,

We will look into this and if it is not going to cause any conflict/problems on our servers then it can be put up for a vote.  Please link the mod here so people look at the correct mod.


Posted : 02/11/2019 6:16 am
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Bob ty for the speedy reply.


Posted : 02/11/2019 7:36 am
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Apparently the S+ Mod Has a Part in the Config Settings for the ini AllowIntakeToPlaceWithoutWater=false switch it to true and it technically does the same thing iv heard, needs tested though to confirm.


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Posted : 04/11/2019 11:18 pm
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That I wasn't aware of, ty for the info.

Posted : 06/11/2019 11:37 am
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confirmed S+ intake works like a bore right now already for me

Posted : 07/11/2019 7:57 pm
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This setting was trurned on a few weeks back within the S+ mode to make it easier for ppl to hook up a water supply without then need to run 1000 pipes. Also allows people to build in more interesting spots without worrying if they are close to a water source.


All you have to do is place a S+ water intake anywhere (sometimes helps if you place a water tank then tap off that) and it should irrigate for you)

Posted : 10/11/2019 3:38 pm