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Longevity ideas, events, bosses, maps etc  

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I see a lot of talk about how we ensure people have a reason to play / subscribe. Some items have been removed to that end and that seems to be about it really. Some of them, in my opinion have nothing to do with the goal, but that's a different story for another topic.


So some ideas to actually make sure people have a goal and it can take a while to achieve it.

I am going to address subs as well.

1. Stop all free boss kill events, sub or no sub just don't do that anymore. The whole point of playing the game and having a community is to play together towards achieving a common goal.Tame / breed dinos , hunt for BPs, trade, alliances, groups, all these things add to the community feeling and the longevity. Even before the wipe, people would sub for one month, do all bosses they cared about, had all tek engrams, played the game to  a very basic level and they were out and done. Merric got, at best £5 out of them. So, how do make this work in a different way ....


2. Introduce boss kills for subs only, not as an event but as a per sub. These apply to any alpha boss except the super alpha bosses these will be dealt with separately. The requirement is that the person has been a subscriber for 3 months, on at least the £10 sub. After 3 months they become eligible for one basic alpha kill help of their own choosing. Once the alpha is done, the timer resets and they cannot ask for another alpha kill until they become eligible again after 3 months of sub, just like before. This gives people an incentive to sub and remain subs but also try and get bosses on their own, so play and actually put in some effort.


3. Super Alpha bosses ( rockwell and overseer ). These are only available to subs, 4 months requirement (  at least £10 / month) and an extra £20 payment for each try.


4. Introduce at least 3 or 4 sub only maps to give a proper reward to subscribers and give them options. These are available to all subs from £5 up.


5. Have some other sub / free events but without offering OP items, if mutators are not a thing then do not offer them.

Example : a breeding contest, give people some basic starters, 1 male 1 female and see who can get the highest level in a week. Prize is a coloured version of that dino, in whatever colours the winner wants for every region, with one stat of their choice over 60, for example. Not sure if the stat is something that can be done by an admin, but other things can be offered instead. 

Hopefully these things will limit the amount of bosses people get for free,limit the tek engrams people will unlock while providing some cash for Merric and hopefully making subscribers stay subs for longer. 



Posted : 06/04/2020 10:17 am
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Hi @griffildur,

Many thanks for your suggestions, I am sorry it has taken so long to reply as I have informed other players we are working on so much in the background at the moment we are struggling to keep up with it all.

I would like to reply to each point in turn, to help others follow the conversation.

1) Boss Kills


The boss events are only for subscribers and in fact we have a small turn out, compared to the players that do subscribe, normally the players that come to the sub events are players whom enjoy building. They have very little or no interest in killing the bosses and probably would not see the boss arena's if they did not come with us.

1a) Sub longevity 
I will not give you the exact percentage's because that would be giving away to much information to our competitors but players who subscribe actually say stay subscribed until they have finished with Ark and move on. So I am afraid players sub for 5 and then leave is just not true.

Conclusion of point 1

Everyone who plays Ark plays for different reasons. Some enjoy taming, Some enjoy the building aspect, some enjoy breeding/mutating and others enjoy the end game, our boss kills are for who ever wants to come because they struggle with any aspect of the game and most of the time we see a small turn out.

2) A boss kill every 3 months

I am unsure if you have been keeping an eye on what we have been doing recently but we have actually slowed down the boss kills drastically, for example Dragon on the Island is now done over 3 weeks, We do each stage individually. Week 1 Gamma, Week 2 Beta, Week 3 Alpha. 

We separated them out so the game did not seem to much pay to win and players who's main objective of the game was killing bosses could easily stay ahead of the subscribers.

The main issue with this suggestion is actually tracking it would be a near impossible task, we switched over to an automated donation system to get away from manually have to keep spreadsheets on whom did what as the time it took to track it was time away from improving the servers for you all.

3) Alpha Bosses

This would never work, any player that subscribes would not be happy if they died and we then said right you gotta pay us more money before we have another attempt. If I said this to you would you be happy knowing you have just supported the running costs of the servers for 4 or 5 months ?

4) More Sub Maps

This is a very interesting point, especially as its something I have personally wanted for a very long time but when I did bring it up it was instantly shot down for the same reason you have given in Point 1 "The whole point of playing the game and having a community is to play together towards achieving a common goal"


If we created more subscriber this would segregate the subscribers from the none subscribers and thus leaving it as 2 separated communities. 

5) sub / free events

This point just makes me wonder how many of our community know that we run events weekly. D bag who is superb at helping us with this, runs events every Wednesday Night. these are advertised on our events calendar, was this something you were unaware of ? If so maybe we need to look at another way of advertising these.

5a) Breeding competition 

I really liked the idea of this and was something I instantly thought we can run this event next weekend, but when i really thought about it. When I was mutating dinos I just logged in twice a day and breed them, the issue is this wouldn't be a competition it would be more luck in if players got the mutations or not. Also there would be a high possibility of getting multiple winners.

We would really like to thank you for your suggestions and please let me know if you have any more comments.

Posted : 14/04/2020 1:12 pm