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(PvP) Better Spawn Distribution for story arks.  

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Currently The Island/Aberration/Extinction and soon to be Genesis are worthless for dino hunting except for the exclusives (Reaper, Rock Drake, Basilisk, Snow Owl, Gasbag, Gacha, Velonasaur).  The spawn distribution used on Valguero/Ragnarok completely obsoletes them, with 130+ dinos being ~15x more likely on Rag/Val vs story arks.  Better spawn distribution would fix this disparity by applying the Rag/Val distribution to the story arks to make them viable dino hunting grounds.

Posted : 08/01/2020 5:02 am
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i say even use it for pve maps aswell
as it stands now,we only move to story arks just for the map dino specific one,for all rest tames,i just stay on valguero,no point in going to search for doedie etc on extincion ,or a rex etc

extincion is a fun map,has good spawns of some dino's,but the lvl's are just awfull

Posted : 30/01/2020 8:03 pm