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I not very good at this sort of thing, I tend to be a very nervous person when meeting new people.

I came across the Merric Ark servers while looking for a nice friendly none pillar spamming server.

When I first join it after a couple of deaths I spawned in trapped in someones house at first I was unsure weather to talk in the chat but it seemed friendly, so I picked up the courage to say I was stuck and the response I got from people trying to help me was really nice, it also didnt take too long for an admin to come help me (Hairyhog/Bob)

After Bob had killed me to get me untrapped :p, he then did his lovely introduction and just by how he spoke I could tell this would be a nice place and it has.

The community overall is absolutely wonderful members and admins are brilliant and helpful, this is such a really nice community. If there is any problems either members will try and help and if that not possible an admin will get in touch as soon as they can 🙂

I am glad I plucked up the courage to talk and not just logged off, I have enjoyed every playing minute with the Merric community n.n


Posted : 16/10/2019 11:20 am
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Thanks for the lovely post Luna.


Bob and Gav worked very hard to setup a fun and friendly cluster for everyone to play on and enjoy and they dont get enough recognition for the effort they put in so its nice to see 😀

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Posted : 16/10/2019 7:34 pm