Welcome to Olympus, once home to the mighty gods of old. It has been many years since they ruled over this world, and time has not been kind. Explore the wilds of this once great civilization, discover its secrets, and see if you have what it takes to ascend and stand as equals with those who came before!

Olympus is designed to be a more sci-fi feeling ARK. Due to years of neglect, several areas of once hidden advanced technology are visible and some has even taken on a life of its own. Olympus being our subscriber only map and winner of the next chosen map, gives it so much life; access to most if not every Dino found on all the other maps, and a map scale that gives you space to build your dream base, Not to forget the dreaded Centurion, an over world Mini-boss found atop the maps Mount Olympus which can be taken on for a reward. The map is currently getting its own customer content designed with new bosses and other content on its way.

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