Ark Survival Scorched Earth PvE puts your survival skills to its Limit, no longer on an Island surrounded by water; now there’s nothing but dry desolate land around you. Natural Resources are scarce and Thirst can be a real factor with no open water sources for miles. The torturous weather puts a strain on everything from you, to your buildings. If you are up for the challenge of Scorched Earth just remember, its not only the Dinos trying to kill you this time; its the entire map.

The weather conditions escalate to a new level with this map from Heatwaves that will surely leave you close to death, to Sandstorms that deny your vision. Of course with the increase challenge comes increase reward, Scorched Earth PvE adds 12 new creatures previously not tamable on The Island or The Center, a new boss and 60 new craft-able items that will help you survive the new conditions. The new creatures also pose a new challenge, such as taming a rock elemental and stealing a wyvern egg to raise one for you’re own Scorched Earth is definitely not for the feint Hearted.

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PVE - ScorchedEarth

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Port: 21800

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Game: ARK: Survival Evolved

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Map: ScorchedEarth