This is a massive hybrid mod pack of around 290 mods, adding or changing everything from mobs to tools to quests and a lot more besides.
A multidimensional world awaits the avid adventurer that dares to enter! You use the quest book which has over 750 quests to guide you on your journey around the overworld and into the Midnight or the Beneath, as well as the more vanilla Nether and End dimensions. To help you on your journey there are a variety of tech mods which will help you gather the materials to make super strong armour so you can go up against the many boss level mobs. Or maybe you want to use magic to defeat them, this mod pack has that option as well.

The quests system gives rewards from coins to tools to armour, as well as more amusing additions like masks and other cosmetics to change your avatar to suit your mood. The coins you get from quests allow you to purchase a wide array of useful or funny items from the in game shop.
If you fancy a break from progression take time out for the challenges which can be weird and wacky, from objectives like collecting 1 million dirt or defeating every boss in the game or building a Jaffa factory plus many more besides. Also rewards scale with difficulty.
To say this is a ‘Kitchen Sink’ mod pack is a big understatement and there should be more than enough to satisfy even the avid player for a very long time.

Installation Guide

MineCraft - SKYFACTORY 4

IP Address:

Port: 25565

Password Protected: No

Server Info


Players: 2/40

Dedicated Server: No


Player reporting is not supported by this game


Map: world