A whole new world. Aberration plunges you into the depths or an irradiated nightmare. With the darkness being your oldest of friends, this Ark will test your survival skills in a new and exciting environment.

This map was the second of Wildcards DLC’s and continues the lore of the Arks. Abberation introduces aberrant variants of creatures lighting the way through the depths. Along with new and terrifying beasts ready to be found and taken for your own.

Reapers, Rock Drakes and the ever adorable light pets Abberation holds a plethora of new experiences.
Do not be fooled, however, this Ark will happily test your abilities with earthquakes that cause the very walls to tremble and radiation zones that will take an unprepared survivor by surprise, this map will call for all of your knowledge to successfully traverse.

You cannot use your trusty Argentavis down there, so be sure to seek out a worthy steed to carry you safely along this journey!

The boss battle that truly kicks off the beginning of Rockwells transformation, can you gaze upon what he has become and defeat him in battle? Good luck survivor… you’re going to need it!

PVP – Aberration CROSSPLAY

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Port: 27100

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Game: ARK: Survival Evolved

Players: 0/70

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Map: Aberration