ARK PvP Crossplay Ragnarok is the map of the Nordic Gods. This map holds many an opportunity for PvPers to have easily defended structures or even hidden caches for quick recovery during raids.

Ragnarok has been labelled one of the larger maps in Ark, with winding rivers, perilous canyons and cascading waterfalls hiding secret caverns, this map has many a base location for any PvP playstyle.

Within the map is an array of creatures waiting to be tamed by those who seek them. With Gigas, Rexs, Wyverns and more, you can claim the best of the raiding dinos for your own.

But what about exploring? I hear you ask; well the map plays host to 36 caves, all come with their own challenges and perils forcing players to adapt to new ways to reach the treasure that lays in the depths.

Ragnarok also brings a difficult boss battle consisting of two well-known bosses that will leave you with the fiery, stinging desire for victory.

However, be careful where you tread for the creatures are not all you should fear, due to the maps diversity there are some areas that will cause a boiled sweat and others a freezing panic.

A map, glorious to behold but deathly to underestimate.

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Port: 23100

Password Protected: No

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Game: ARK: Survival Evolved

Players: 2/70

Dedicated Server: Yes


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Map: Ragnarok