ARK PvP Crossplay Crystal Isles is another of the modded maps added into Wildcards roster of new, free DLC. ARK PvP Crossplay Crystal Isles is known for its beauty. With awe-inspiring scenery, shimmering rocks and abundant plant life, Crystal Isles has many an opportunity for hidden bases and caches throughout.

Combining new biomes with well-known ones, this map has something for everyone. Alongside Crystal Wyverns holding unique abilities and Alpha Wyverns to match, it provides both wonder and challenge when traversing the terrain or the skies.

From the safety of the white isles to the secrets within the floating lands across the map, there is much to explore and even more to enjoy.

This map plays host to many creatures seen in previous DLCs. From the Griffin trench to the ever-adapting Ravager there are plenty of creatures to tame and utilise for your own gain. Another unique creature that joins the Crystal Wyverns is the nimble and quick Tropeognathus. The perfect pal to pit against your enemies in heated grenade battles across the skies.

The map also comes with its own unique boss battle. You must best the Wyvern Queen and her offspring to come out victorious and unlock the knowledge she holds.

A map full of surprises, just make sure you aren’t caught off guard…

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PVP - Crystal Isles CROSSPLAY

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Map: LostIsland