ARK PvP Crossplay Extinction is Wildcards third addition to the DLC and game lore. ARK PvP Crossplay Extinction may first appear to have been inhabited by the masters of Tek. However, outside of its towering structures and luscious greenery within the central city, this map transforms into a barren wasteland of sulfur pools and element infected dinos.

Beyond the wastelands there are defended “Arks” each one holds its own secrets and new creatures that could both aid and hinder in PvP battles.

With the darts from the Velonosaur and the abilities of the Snow Owl, these creatures enhance the possibilities of strategy during both raids and war.

The map offers many a place to build, will you remain in the safety of the city, or venture out into the more difficult lands where your base will not only be vulnerable to other players but also corrupted creatures?

And what of the bosses? Three towering behemoths that can either fall by your hand, or become a powerful ally following your every command. The final boss battle often said to be the most difficult of all. Do not test it without ample preparation.

This map offers a difficult survival, yet the challenge can be bested by those who meet it head-on.

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PVP – Extinction CROSSPLAY

IP Address:

Port: 22100

Password Protected: No

Server Info

Game: ARK: Survival Evolved

Players: 0/70

Dedicated Server: Yes


No players online


Map: Extinction