ARK PvP Crossplay Genesis Part 1 is the first part of the final installation of Wildcards creation. In ARK PvP Crossplay Genesis Part 1 you are plunged into the Genesis Simulation to face new challenges and meet new and difficult opponents.

The map brings Wildcard’s first biome specific creatures, the X variants that boast a 5% damage increase and 3% health drop when tamed. These creatures are not for the faint of heart! Each comes with a unique pattern and colour palette across its body.

Along with the X variants unique creatures joined the genesis roster, Magmasaurs can act as heavy artillery, Bloodstalkers can take any survivor by surprise and Feroxes make quick work of unsuspecting enemies. Each has its own abilities, each can turn the tide of raids and battles.

But what if you don’t wish to spend your time focused on surviving the next raid? Genesis offers missions to complete and with each completed mission you will take another step closer to meeting the ultimate challenge.

With a sub-boss blocking the road to the final battle, this map truly brings new experiences for all who choose to play on it.

The map itself is split into four biomes, each having its own interesting areas for building, along with its own dangers and perils. Will you live nestled in the greenery upon the high islands in the Ocean Biome? Or will you choose to try your luck in the shadow of the towering Volcano?

Test your skills on this diverse and difficult map, if you dare…

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