Most survivors start playing Ark Survival The Island PvP. You wake up on a remote island, surrounded by extinct dinosaurs. Your every choice could lead you on the right path leading to survival but choose the wrong path and you will surely die.

You can play The Island in many ways, from trying to tackle the blizzards of Whitesky Peak, to taking safety at one of the Coves  or conquering the dinosaurs of Dead Island. Player verses player adds to the multifaceted gameplay available but be aware, you too could be the hunted. There are loads of dinosaurs to tame from cute dodos to the fast Sabretooth, or even the deadly T-Rex and everything in between, all the way up to the giant Giganotosaurus.

On Ark Survival The Island PvP there are lots of different locations for you to start your adventure, but one thing for sure is you will slowly discover the secrets that The Island holds revealing that there is much more to The Island than meets the eye. Maybe, trying to find the hidden explorer notes placed all over The Island will give you some idea as to what really is going on and may give you a way to escape the terrors of The Island.

And don’t forget to look in the water, there is also much more to discover hidden beneath the surface of the waves. Don’t go unprepared for the beasts that lurk in the dark depths. From underwater caverns and hidden caves, to facing off against The Islands ultimate aquatic beasts.

Ultimate Lifeforms there is plenty of unexplained happenings, will you look to find the truth or stay blind to your survival.

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