The Center is was the First player created map to be chosen to be made official due to its popularity and quality. The Map is has gorgeous beaches and lovely greenery, the oceans dwarf that of even The Island and leave much to explore. The first thing to catch your eye on The Center will be the Giant Floating Island, known as “The Center” its amazing landscape and views make it a very popular base spot. There are plenty of other places on The Center that you may choose to call home, such as the Southern Tropical Islands, The Snowy Grasslands and of course Penguin Pond. For the more outgoing adventurers, there are secluded Air Bubbles down deep below the surface of the water that allow you to inhabit them and enjoy your personal Aquarium view. Just stay away from the Lava island…for your own safety of course.


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Port: 24100

Password Protected: No

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Game: ARK: Survival Evolved

Players: 0/70

Dedicated Server: Yes


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Map: TheCenter