Ark Survival PvP Valguero is the second player created map to be made into an official map due to its quality and popularity, The map is 63 km of stunning scenery such as the chalk hills. The map is designed differently from most other ARK maps, with a multi-story type lay out Valguero, has a very unique feel to it.


The Map is surfaced with a Standard Multiple biome map on the top and below that is an equally sized underground ocean and below that is a underground aberration area. Valguero gives you access to most dinos available on the rest of the maps including the Karkinos.

Valgeuro Boss’s

The Boss of the Valguero map will see you going up against 3 of the previous Ultimate Lifeforms from 2 Previous maps at the same time. Valguero also introduces a Valguero exclusive Dino with the Denonychus a Feathery Theropod with a nasty bite and the ability to latch on to bigger dinos. With open world Mini-bosses amazing aesthetics and a large range of Dinos, Ark Survival PvP Valguero will definitely make you fall in love with it.

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Port: 23300

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Game: ARK: Survival Evolved

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