Are you looking for somewhere fun ? Do you not have time to play the full version of Rust, then you come to the perfect place. Merric Gaming have created a fun, fast paced Rust Aim Server. This server allows you to connect to multiple Arena’s and shoot you fellow friends in the face. Whats that I hear, you do not have any friends? Perfect we have also created some game mode’s where you can go shoot some Zombie.

Upon joining the Merric the Rust Aim Server you will be teleported to the Lobby, this is actually an event in its self, in the lobby there is a parkour area, in which you can make your way to the end. At the time of writing this noone has actually managed this yet. Do you want to be the first?

Have you finished playing in the Lobby, then lets start looking for a Arena to join, you can do this by typing /menu in game this will present you with a screen in which you can the game mode you wish to join.

The current game modes are the following:

Speedball – ( 1vs1 )
Trench – ( Capture the Flag)
Nuketown – ( Nuketown Arena, Team Death Match & Free for all )
Maunsell Sea Forts – ( Team Death Match Snipers )
Shipment – ( NPC Survival, 1 in the chamber, Snipers )
Bog – ( Gun Game )
High Rise – ( Gun Game )
Rust Remake – ( 1 in the chamber )

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Rust: Aim Server

IP Address:

Port: 28035

Password Protected: No

Server Info

Game: Rust

Players: 0/100

Dedicated Server: Yes


No players online


Map: Merric_Map_V0.16