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Chaz 28-Dec-19 08:27 PM
mic not working but nothing from me, havnt been active (was bored) so not too unhappy with wipe. Pros and Cons
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:23 PM
Hello, how can I help ?
Chaz 04-May-20 06:23 PM
Hi there.
Quick question.
Hi. I'd like to understand why I have a Global Ban on your servers. According to my Paypal account, Im a paid up subscriber - just curious as to what I've done to be kicked out of Discord, be globally banned. Thanks.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:25 PM
As per our discord rules, advertising is not permitted and as Warfare and from what I have been informed yourself has broken that rule by messaging our members to join your cluster, this rule has been broke. I will be happy to refund you last months payment, please let me know your steam name
Chaz 04-May-20 06:26 PM
Ok thanks.
Not advertising took place. Feel free to look at server chat logs. Other's asked why we werent playing - we said that we wanted to try our own setup and see if we could get a game balance that we enjoy.
Some came to look - most left back.
But there was no advertising of another server.
I think the banning of both servers and discord is heavy handed, even a conversation would have been nice considering I have been a sub and supporter of your servers.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:29 PM
As I said im only going by what I have been informed, at the end of the day I work day and night to make this work and cant risk what we have built up. I will be happy to refund last months money just give me your steam name so I can find it in our DB or steamid as our DB.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:29 PM
Nah, all good, keep the money. I dont need it. Ill even keep the subscription active if it helps you guys.
Perhaps you were misinformed. Someone asking me for my version of events would have been nice, that's all.
It feels like a conviction without a trial.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:30 PM
I appreciate that chaz and i really didnt want it to go this way im really sorry it did, I am trying to do as much as I can as fast as I cant
but I know I can not please everyone.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:30 PM
That's all. Not a great outcome considering not only playing actively and getting others to join but also paying towards upkeep.
Ye, I'm OK with it in the end but a conversation from anyone would have been nice.
That said, my first banning at the age of almost 47.
Feels 'unusual'.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:37 PM
For the support we thank you Chaz and we really do. As I said we are unable to please everyone and I am sorry that come to the end you did not enjoy the cluster, we gave everyone the option of having everything in game but wiping once a year or not having it and hopefully never wiping again. They choose the later(edited)
Chaz 04-May-20 06:40 PM
Yep, I'm sure its tough.
Pleasing the masses isnt for everyone.
Certainly some stuff felt like it took long to balance. I was suggested to offer up my time to beta test. I applied, I never heard back.
Not even a thank you or note to say that I had applied.
Then the server goes completely 'opposite' and implements almost all the SS stuff. Like wow.
There are other things that make the server 'too easy' or OP.
But for playability, they are nice to have.
All of this over silly Crystal Crackers.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:44 PM
It wasnt about that, I was trying to re-write a whole loot table so rather than get it just by hitting a level or killing a boss it would drop from say alpha drag on a % based chance
but i got to the point where everyone was complaing so much I just added it back.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:44 PM
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:44 PM
Re-writing the whole loot table is taking me months.
The background work that goes into the servers is incredible especially if you wanna make them your own / unique.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:46 PM
I can imagine. I ran a Minecraft server - about 5 years ago. Dedicated server costing me £140 a month - Minecraft is a bitch when running modpacks - and trying to keep CPU / Memory balanced on a Javas based game is like black magic. The money wasnt an issue for me, but the time was.
So yes, I dont envy the task.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:47 PM
I have also sent warefare a friends request I will send him what info we have on record and then delete his account.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:48 PM
Sure, he can have his own discussion 🙂
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:48 PM
and yeah it can be a nightmare but hey hoe, its what we do as your about to find out again.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:49 PM
Not really interested in a 'big' server. I keep thinking about it like being a LAN with a few people that enjoy what we have. The servers are cheap, perform well, only 10 slots. No ambition for more.
So certainly no intention to complete. That is why (amongst other reasons) there was no recruiting taking place.
We arent interested in having 50 people servers.
Just a few like minded mature players enjoying something with no lag etc
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:50 PM
Im sorry buddy, but I have screenshots telling me other wise. Maybe not you but warefare asking our players to join his servers
Chaz 04-May-20 06:51 PM
Ok, I dont know what Warfare said. Feels like Ive been put in the same bucket.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:52 PM
Maybe so and thats not our intentions, we are just trying to protect what we have spent a year building up.
As for banning warfare he left discord himself.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:54 PM
Sure, will leave it at that. As I mentioned, a conversation with me would have been nice - certainly nicer than what feels like a bit of a slap in the face after supporting and donating. But it is what it is. Ill leave the donations running, sounds like you guys need all the support you can get. Thanks.
Sure, I dont speak for Warfare or him for me.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:54 PM
There is no need to please cancel it.
Chaz 04-May-20 06:55 PM
So he would have left on his own accord if he felt like he was done.
I certainly didnt leave.
Anyways - all the best for you and the Merric servers / team. o/
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 06:55 PM
and you guys
Chaz 04-May-20 06:59 PM
Please feel free to reject the post I made on the forum (unapproved) as I didnt know how to get hold of anyone to ask about my banning. Thanks.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 07:00 PM
This is upto you, I dont mind sharing our conversation to that also?
Chaz 04-May-20 07:01 PM
Dont mind - whatever you guys feel is right.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 07:05 PM
you sub has been cancelled already, I have just checked
and I will refund last months now
Chaz 04-May-20 07:07 PM
Ok, not needed as mentioned earlier, thanks.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 07:08 PM
refund issued
Chaz 04-May-20 07:13 PM
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 07:22 PM
FInally before i sign off what would you like me to do with this conversation, would you like it assigned to your forum post or your forum post deleted?
Chaz 04-May-20 07:25 PM
Sure, go ahead and post it with the forum post - at least I can try and clear my name via that post / message. Thanks.
BearGryllsTV 04-May-20 07:31 PM
Could you please read through the whole conversation and ensure there is no personal information or any other information you wish to made public.
Anything you wish for me to delete, please let me know.
Chaz 04-May-20 07:31 PM
Nah, all good, thanks, go ahead and post.
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