Ark II will be released exclusively for the Xbox console X / S. If everything goes as it should, Survival Evolved will launch on PC, Xbox Series x / S, and Game Pass, with a PS5 version to follow shortly after. Microsoft also points out that the game has been optimized for the Xbox One X.

Vin Diesel lends his acting talents to Ark II because he is a big fan of the franchise and will act as executive producer for the sequel after logging over 1,000 hours in Ark: Survival Evolved. We will have more news about Ark II on Xbox Wire in the near future.


ARK 2 is the wildcard sequel to ARK: Survival Evolved, a multiplayer survival sandbox for dinos. Learn everything we know about ARC 2 so far. ARK II was the biggest surprise of the Game Awards 2020. One of the most striking features of the game was the participation of none other than actor and ARK superfan Vin Diesel. It was partly a surprise to learn that this would be the first game since ARK Survival Evolved to have such a healthy player base.

Ark 2 is a next-generation sandbox survival experience and resembles Ark: Survival Evolved in many ways. This time, alongside all the deadly dinosaurs you’d expect, there seem to be Morlock-like creatures. But there is more to the story.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, ARK also gets its own show for simulations called ARK: The Animated Series. The movie trailer gives you an idea of what ARK 2 will look like, despite Vin Diesel’s efforts not to eat dinosaurs, and the official ARK Twitter account has made it clear that ARK2 will be an online multiplayer sandbox. In a game in which the social interaction between actual players takes place, throwing a living fictional character into the mix raises some questions. At least the Twitter account is willing to share those moments.

This is a way to make a good first impression on a company. Ark 2 will debut alongside ARK: The Animated Series on Next-Gen platforms in 2022. As noted by PC gamers, a current bugfix will be based on the ARK games, due to a bug report from Vin Diesel himself.


Ark II, starring Diesel as Santiago da Costa, will be released on next-generation platforms sometime in 2022. , Studio is marketing Wildcard Ark II for next-gen systems in 2022, as this will be the new standard. How the story of Santiago Da Costa in Ark II, announced in the animated series, will develop remains to be seen.

In June 2015, Ark: Survival Evolved launched on Steam’s Early Access and has since amassed more than 3.5 million players across all gaming platforms who reject spin-off games in order to amass a huge fan base. Studio Wildcard announced on game awards 2020  that it is developing a sequel, Ark II, for next-gen platforms that will debut in 2022 alongside an animated TV series.

ARK 2 T-Rex

Ark: Survival Evolved can be a bit confusing for newcomers. Here is all you need to know before you start the game. Ark is a game that evolves by the minute, introducing new updates, an animated series, and a new game with Diesel.

The first and most important rule of the game is never to trust the environment. In order to survive, no one wants to work alone. The player has to pay attention to what he has to do and when he gets it.

Yet it’s not just the Dodo. Character sacrifices have to be made in a tough and unforgiving environment. A good dino harvest is only the beginning, and even the smallest ones cannot fight forever. Making difficult decisions is part of the game and it gets easier when hunger and death are the main motivators.

There is also a nameless Chupacabra creature that cannot be manipulated and acts as an enemy. It is hard to kill because of its weakness for weapons, but there is a well-known Charge Lantern to fend it off, as well as a light pet on the shoulder of the mounted creature to weaken it.

There are 176 living beings that populate the world of Ark. In the early versions of the game, these creatures were real dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, but in the course of the action, mythical creatures such as winged dragons, griffins, and phoenixes were added. When expansions were released, some of the original creatures, such as the Karkinos and Velonasaurs, found their way into the game, as well as original robotic creatures (such as enforcers and scouts). To survive, players must build a base, fire weapons, and perform additional activities such as taming and feeding dinosaurs that require more resources.

ARK was a great success now only time will tell what the sequel will bring to the table.