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Rust 5x Trio Server Shop Suggestion

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So one of my main concerns are the things being sold and not being sold in the shop in /info you know how it goes if you play. 

People need to learn how to acquire certain things, and when they might move on to play on a less x server, they don't know how to get that because all they know is from the shop. 

There are a couple things that shouldn't be sold in my opinion such as:
- Assault Rifle
- LR-300
- M249
- Bolt Action Rifle
- Grenade Launcher
- L96
- MP5A4

- C4
- Rocket
- Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo
- 40mm HE Grenade
- 40mm Shotgun Round
- 40mm Smoke Grenade
- Tech Trash

Things that should be able to be bought in the shop:
- Large Rechargeable battery
- Bean can Grenade
- Electrical Branch
- Electrical Wire
- Jackhammer
- Chainsaw

Prices that should be lower:
- CCTV Camera
- Laptop

Prices that should higher:
- Armored Double Door
- Armored Door
- High External Stone Gate
- High External Stone Wall (Literally the same price as the Wooden)
- Custom SMG
- Semi-Automatic Rifle
- Python 
- Thompson
- Spas-12 Shotgun
- Rocket Launcher
- M92 Pistol
- High Quality Metal Ore
- Metal Face Mask
- Metal Chest Plate

Yes, this is a 5x server but you shouldn't make it so people just have to farm a good amount of barrels and they have 20 M249s. There should be other ways to acquire this, such as chinook crates at Large Oil Rig, Helicopter, Bradley, ... I know you don't want to make the server that hard, but getting it through a shop is rather a bold move for players that can do something with it against people who cannot. 

I certainly hope this will be brought to change and I will be playing more on the server if these changes were to be made. 

It's one of the few Modded servers I like currently. 

Topic starter Posted : 11/03/2021 9:54 pm