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Gojira RE: Revert back to PvE!  

By Gojira, 3 hours ago

  Wondering what happened? Think I missed it? Also, I like Pve, but dont mind the pvp.
Merric tournaments  

By Rabbit, 24 hours ago

General Chat
  Hi All As some of you may have seen and know that me, Nutter and Snuggles have been preparing for tournaments and quests, I ask all you players which day would you prefer to have them along with a t...
MG|HairyHog Revert back to PvE!  

By MG|HairyHog, 1 day ago

  Ok, because it seems that some players are incapable of appreciating all the hard work our admins are doing to make our 7DtD server more enjoyable and are just trashing the admins efforts, I suggest w...
Merric Gaming  

By Rabbit, 3 days ago

  Hi All What can I say about Merric gaming as a whole, well let me start with this, my daughter and I was looking for a new server to play Ark on, I normally go in first and sound the servers out to ...
MG|HairyHog RE: Admin Areas.  

By MG|HairyHog, 3 days ago

  Personally I think a server wipe would be extreme! I would rather hunt the person/s down and string them up by their bollocks tbh! I wonder if there is a way to protect that are. Need to look into ...
MG|HairyHog RE: ark primal fear  

By MG|HairyHog, 3 days ago

  Hi dude, it has been spoken about between Gav and I. Let's see what interest we get in here!
zhoubaba_72 ark primal fear  

By zhoubaba_72, 3 days ago

  hi have you ever thought of adding a standalone ark primal fear map for people after something different for ark
RE: Request: Increased Land Claim Block Radius  

By McNutter, 4 days ago

  good ideas, would it be ok to drag you into a channel during the week to discuss further?
Admin Areas.  

By McNutter, 6 days ago

  Ok Folks, McNutter here, with a quick public service announcement. There are areas on the map (three small places currently) that we have designated as admin areas. The reason we have these places is ...
Draakje RE: Request: Increased Land Claim Block Radius  

By Draakje, 6 days ago

  Yas! I like this alot!
Request: Increased Land Claim Block Radius  

By Fisk, 6 days ago

  Hi, So it's recently been brought to my attention that the claim block currently is set at the default 41 X 41. If you can't (at first) get your head around how far that is, that's 20 square blocks fr...
Request: Server Suggestions  

By Fisk, 6 days ago

  Hi, I'd like to put forward a few suggestions that could benefit the server. Spawn AreaA spawn area, as it suggests, is a community area where players can trade, be safe from zombies, teleport to dif...
Darkness Flaas Mod  

By CalderValley, 1 week ago

  Bob, this is the link for the mod I was talking about earlier. Cheers Mark
MG|HairyHog SMX mod yes or no.  

By MG|HairyHog, 2 weeks ago

Server Polls
  Hi guys, In the suggestions forum, Mark has suggested this mod; Cast your votes. (If it is not going to be bad for the health of the server) This poll will end in 3 days!
RE: Change what is dropped on death!  

By Rabbit, 2 weeks ago

Server Polls
  Hi Guys The general censors is now to drop bag keep belt, will speak to Gav and Bob and try and get this changed in the next 24 hours Best Regards Rabs