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BearGryllsTV RE: A+ Would rebuild again.  

By BearGryllsTV, 3 days ago

  Thank @diemex We are glad you are enjoying the community 🙂
A+ Would rebuild again.  

By Diemex, 4 days ago

  Been here 2 months now I guess. No complaints. Fast acting and reasonable staff. Friendly community. near 100% uptime. Thanks for all you do admins and founders !
BearGryllsTV RE: Well then.....  

By BearGryllsTV, 6 days ago

  You can post them in testimonials 🙂
Well then.....  

By Diemex, 7 days ago

  I have none. Can I post compliments here instead ?
BearGryllsTV [PvE] Removal of AA  

By BearGryllsTV, 1 week ago

Server Polls
  This vote is very simple, it has been suggested again by a member of the community to remove AA from the PvE Cluster, this received a mixed review but did reach the correct amount of up votes to start...
Beck~ Hey There!!  

By Beck~, 1 week ago

  Hello there Merric! This is Ryan ( Beck~ IGN ) typing! Just wanted to introduce myself to all, and let everyone know that no matter the problem, I'm here to help! Don't be afraid to reach out! As all ...
Beck~ RE: How often should our wipe schedule be?  

By Beck~, 1 week ago

Server Polls
  Most certainly Weekly Wipes! 😍
RE: How often should our wipe schedule be?  

By Kenneth, 2 weeks ago

Server Polls
  i prefer weekly wipes, cos it looks like ppl dont want to build big bases if it wipes twice a week, cos there is no time for most players to do this, thats why server have so many smal bases even mad...
RE: My thoughts on the rust player rank kits  

By Kenneth, 2 weeks ago

  i think this reverse kit system can work, players who been on server for a time , know how the server works and how to get the stuff u need realy fast. but as ashslyn say , u must reward the ones tha...
BearGryllsTV RE: OH YESSSS  

By BearGryllsTV, 3 weeks ago

  Hey @jadawin, Thank you that means a lot to us, we work really hard for the community and will continue you to do so.

By Jadawin, 3 weeks ago

  I've been playing this since early release and have witnessed the slow degradation of official servers to be taken over by Alpha's bit by bit. Coming to play on this server took me back to how it all ...
Thanks for being awesome  

By MohawkMonkey, 4 weeks ago

  I like to build and have a play. I could do it solo, but I like sharing building ideas with others even if it's just a cheeky nosey around another person's base. I keep to myself, but I read the chat,...