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Removing Leedsichthys on ARK PvE Cluster  

By Taosst, 2 weeks ago

General Chat.
  What do you think about removing Leedsichthys on the ARK PvE cluster? I know raft builders can spend a lot of time and materials on building rafts that could be destroyed rather quickly in some situat...
Add magma or sponge to the skyfactory 4 server  

By Swapnil, 3 weeks ago

  Add magma or sponge to the skyfactory 4 server to reduce lag (cat clear lag/clearlagg) and also add nucleus and give us perms to tp to eachother and trade items..... Also make it so people can trade s...
RE: How often should our wipe schedule be?  

By redwombat8432, 4 weeks ago

Server Polls
  Posted by: @beargryllstv My personal opinion is Weekly map wipes, Fortnightly BP wipes. What are your thoughts on this ? map wipe every 7 days and BP's EVERY 2nd wipe is my preference. 4 day wipes ...