Below is a full list of in-game commands for our Ark PvE cluster. We are always updating the commands list so please check this page from time to time, preferably before entering commands.

Ark Survival Evolved PvE Wild Spino
Loot Boxes

Players level 80 and up can access items via loot boxes for 1000 coins each. All Dinos in any loot box are NOT neutered and spawn in at max level.

Each loot box will have the following:

  • 3 rolls on resources
  • 1 roll on a dino ( with a % chance of getting nothing)
  • 1 roll on Armor and Weapons

In-game Commands

  • /buy BossBox 1 – Boss Box (bronze)
  • /buy HarvestBox 1 – Harvest Box (silver)
  • /buy FlyerBox 1 – Flyer Box (gold)
  • /buy WaterBox 1 – Water Box (platinum)

 *Note commands are case sensitive. Make sure to capitalize correctly.

In-Game Shop
  • /coins – Shows players current amount of points
  • /buy – Buys the item from the shop
  • /kit – Shows all kits
  • /buykit – Buys a kit (kits that can be purchased)
  • /kit – Redeems kit purchased
  • /shop  -(/shop 1, /shop 2, etc) Shows a list of available items to purchase from the shop 

(or click the link below to visit the shop directly)

  • /shophelp – Shows custom help message
Additional Commands


  • /stats <1-8> – shows leaderboard. If no number, shows the helper message.
  • /mystats – Shows players their personal stats.
  • /achievements – Shows players unlockable and already unlocked achievements.

Vote Rewards

  • /claim – Check for votes and awards player 
  • /vote – Lists vote links to players