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    Dino Escort Event
    2 weeks agoopen1
    Much like the events where you start with nothing & have to race others from one side of the map to the other. This time you have to escort a creature like a level 1 sabertooth? (because it won't ... Read more...
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    event idea rocket launcher turret
    2 weeks agoopen0
    using the rocket launcher turret we can use them to shoot down dinos or something like that give ideas on what we could use
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    Screenshot submissions/Competitions
    2 weeks agoopen2
    Since there are very little players sharing in-game screenshots maybe we can hold mini competitions to encourage players to send them in? or players who can provide needed screenshots for the website ... Read more...
  • -4
    Change Dino Stats
    2 weeks agoopen1
    They need to be changed fast, they are basically offical stats on a 10x, could you guys please do something about the stats.
  • -2
    element transfer enabled
    2 weeks agoopen1
    considering mods have disappeared would we be able to enable element transfer if it is possible???
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    Increase prime meat stacks
    2 weeks agoopen0
    Hi, I think you should increase the prime meat stacks because it will facilitate the tame and also the recipes. Also, it will compensate for the inequality between meat and prime meat stacks since nor... Read more...
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    Bring back uppgrade station
    3 weeks agoopen1
    Hello i think you should add back uppgrade station or atleast something that can turn saddle and stuff in to blue prints.
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    Combat block solo
    3 weeks agoopen0
    On trio we have combat block. I am requesting we follow up and have combat block on solo. People who snipe can never close the gap. If I head shot someone they can hide and teleport before I can close... Read more...
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    pvp cd removal
    3 weeks agoopen1
    i feel like removing pvp cd would be better as it would speed the process of raiding up, for example not being able to teleport or transfer to another server. Also not being able to build while in pvp... Read more...
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    Faster breeding rates on Ark PvP
    1 month agoopen0
    Prior to this wipe that is coming was trying to breed dinos to go fight the boss sadly we didn’t manage to get this done before wipe. Breeding is a fun part of the game just wondering if can be a l... Read more...
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    Player Rank Kits
    1 month agoopen4
    As many of you are aware we have started implementing player rank rewards into the Rust servers, the next phase is to add kits but my idea behind this is controversial in that we would like to do thes... Read more...