At Merric Gaming Community our aim is to provide a safe and friendly environment for players of all ages, genders & religions. We have many families that play on all of our servers and due to the nature of the community, they now even get their children involved. Even though some of the games we host are very competitive in nature, we still manage to provide a friendly atmosphere for gamers to enjoy the likes of ARK PvE, ARK PvP, Rust, Minecraft and 7 Days to Die.

At Merric we are often complimented on how refreshing it is to finally find a place gamers can call home, where they feel safe to express themselves and be themselves. For us, this is great to hear. You can read some of their reviews on our Facebook page.

We strive to run the community in a such a way where everyone has a voice and an equal say with tools such as our suggestions, Monthly Meetings (Which can be found on the events calendar.) or via our ticketing system in Discord.

Another unique factor about Merric is that we are completely 100% none profit. All subscriptions & donations we receive are used to help with the running costs of the community and if possible, offer giveaways to help put back into the community. These are normally run on Discord, but we are hoping to start passing these across to the website and Facebook in the near future.

Thank you for being a part of the Merric Gaming Community.

ark genesis 2
Ark Survival PvE Cluster

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