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March 2019

Merric begins
Merric begins with the launch of the first 4 ARK Survival PvE Servers.

June 2019

Community Discord Meeting
Meeting in Discord with all community members to discuss how we move forward financially. Unanimous vote to monetise our servers and continue growing the community.

June 2019

Non profit
Merric Gaming opens a business PayPal account and registers Merric Gaming as a non profit organisation.

June 2019

New Servers Added
After much demand and with support from our loyal community members, there was a successful  vote to add the rest of the PvE maps to enable  Merric Gaming to launch it’s first full ARK Survival PvE cluster.

July 2019

Let the PvP fun begin
Merric continue to go from strength to strength and this sees us adding our first 4 map ARK Survival PvP cluster to our growing list of Servers.

July 2019

Let’s play Minecraft
Following a community meeting to see which game our members want next, it was voted that we to add a Minecraft Survival Server to the Merric Gaming Network! As is the Merric way with a successful vote, the community wish was fulfilled.

October 2019

Lets Play 7 Days to Die
After many requests and a successful vote by the community, Merric added a 7 Days to Die server to our network.

November 2019

Lets Play Rust
Merric Gaming acquired the MNXRO Rust community which added Rust to the ever growing list of servers we host.

December 2019

500 Discord Members
In what seemed such a short time, it was amazing that we reached 500 members in Discord.

January 2020

New website Launch
We launched Merric’s new (and ever growing) website, which boasted lots of new features which the community soon got grips with and now use daily.

March 2020

1000 Discord Members
As the community continues to go from strength to strength, Merric Gaming celebrates reaching 1000 members in Discord.

May 2020

1500 Discord Members
After 2 shorts month’s Merric have now reached another milestone with 1500 members in Discord.

June 2020

2000 Discord Members
After 1 short month’s Merric have now reached another milestone with 2000 members in Discord.

fiveM released
Merric are proud to announce we have released our fiveM RP server.

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