As many of you are aware, Merric Gaming Community is a non profit organisation there for non of our admins or founders are paid for the work they do, but saying that everyone welcomes a little tip for all there hard efforts.

So if you would like to thank one of our admins for all of their hard work please click one of the links below.


What I do for Merric
As I am a developer I don’t tend to deal with too many of the support tickets because I get involved in doing some of the boring, mundane configuration tasks which take sooooo long but don’t warrant the time of the founders. I am also a supporter of Merric and contribute to the running costs of these great servers.

Day to Day

Day to day I work for the largest music publisher in the world as a senior ETL developer, writing the software to process the royalty income from music societies and digital service providers around the globe. I am also married and a father to 5 kids ranging from 6 to 19 years old.


When I get the time, I like to play Ark, Empyrion and to a lesser extent 7 days to die. I also like the look of Atlas and have been bugging the Merric founders to host an Atlas cluster. I have recently been introduced to World of Warcraft which I think could suck up a lot of time!

Favourite Server

My favourite cluster is the Merric Ark PvE cluster but if I have to choose one map in the cluster it would have to be the Island because wipe after wipe I always make my main base on the Island. I would say though, if Merric do decide to host a full Atlas cluster then that would be one I’d play a lot on and not only because I built a shop for it! Lol

My Setup

I now have a dedicated gaming PC, thanks to BearGryllsTV’s recommendations. I must be careful the wife doesn’t find out how much I spent on it! The build can be found here on Pc Part Picker. I don’t currently have any plans to upgrade it but if you have any suggestions let me know.

Other Hobbies

When not working on the community or spending time with the family, you will find me doing astrophotography using my 80mm refractor and an Astro modified Canon DSLR camera or processing the images I’ve taken.