You had enough of the normal dino’s who aren’t a challenge anymore.
You want to be a real survivor again, and feel the blood leaving your body ( and it will .. when a dino bites you )

Or you think you are the greatest ark player ever and you can do anything !!
And wanna show off you can survive without dieng in the first day …. ( no you cant you will die ..ALOT )

Join the awesome Merric Primal server and be challenged again .. and to be honest die ..die and die again 😛 Making ARK survival a real SURVIVAL game again !!

10X Taming
1.5X Harvest
Max Lvl Dino's 150
10X Egg Hatching
Max Level 180
Our Ark Survival PvP Servers

Merric Gaming’s PvP Cluster is a server for the popular survival game, Ark: Survival Evolved. The server features a variety of custom mods and rates that are designed to create an enjoyable and balanced gaming experience.


The rates of Merric Gaming’s Primal Fear Cluster are specifically tailored to maximize the player’s fun while maintaining a competitive environment. On the server, the taming, harvesting, and experience rates are set to 5x, the day and night cycle length is reduced to 1.25x, and the base structure damage is set to 0.5x.


Merric Gaming’s Primal Fear Cluster features a variety of custom mods that are designed to enhance the player’s experience. Some of the mods included are the Primal Fear Expansion Pack, Structures Plus, S+ Turbo Engrams, and the Automated Ark mod.


Merric Gaming’s Primal Fear Cluster has a set of rules that all players must abide by. These rules include no cheating, scripting, or exploiting, no harassing or trolling other players, no excessive cursing or offensive language, and no building in unauthorized areas. All players are also expected to respect the server staff and their decisions.


Here at Merric Gaming, we schedule in-game and voting events for the community to join for some extra fun during your gameplay. Whether its a dino race through a bullet storm, Sea Battles, or a Deathmatch – you’re bound to have a good time! Every week new events will be posted and more chances for you to win some prizes.


To further enhance the Primal Fear Cluster experience, Merric Gaming has introduced the Ingame Shop. This ingame store allows players to purchase items and bonuses that can give them a competitive edge. Players can purchase boosts, weapons, vehicles, and more, all of which can help them get ahead of their opponents. In addition, players can also purchase unique skins and cosmetics to showcase their style and individuality. With the Ingame Shop, players have the opportunity to customize and upgrade their gaming experience, giving them the edge they need to succeed in the Primal Fear Cluster.


If you find yourself enjoying our servers and would like to help make a difference, consider donating or becoming a subscriber, Merric is 100% non profit. Both options offer perks that other members would otherwise not have access to. We understand that financially this may not be an option for some, any amount is appreciated and is used to keep our servers up and running along with the growth of our ever expanding community.


While we do our best to answer everyone’s questions, more often than not they have already been answered and we’ve made it easy for you to find them with our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab! In this section you can find Max Dino levels, Server rates, and more. If you still can’t seem to locate an answer to your specific question, head on over the Merric Gaming Discord where admins or other members are more than happy to help you if they can! We also have cross server chat so if you ask a question in-game it is displayed on every server in the clust.

Ark Guides

Whether you’re a new player or interested in expanding your knowledge on how-to, our team have written up some helpful guides to assist you. Don’t see a guide you’re in need of or have an idea for us? Why not submit your suggestions to our team! We are always looking to add more content to help ‘guide’ ARK players. We are more than happy to help and if we use your suggestion, we will make sure to add your name to it.


We have a new and exciting addition for you! Introducing the WEB COMPANION, a helpful tool for our community to use while they play. With this feature you can see different information such as a list of every dino you have tamed, their stats, and what servers they are located on. You can even check which items you have stocked or need to stock up on, as well as your tribe log. These are just a few of the things the Web Companion can offer you. Try it out for yourself to find out more!