Below you will find a list of In-Game commands for our Ark: Survival PvP Cluster, as we add more commands this page will be updated so please check it from time to time.

Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes are for players over level 80 and all Dino’s in them are NOT Neutered & come at Max Level.

Each loot box will give you the following:

  • 3 Rolls on resource’s.
  • 1 Roll on a Dino ( With a % chance of getting nothing )
  • 1 Roll on Armor & Weapon’s

In-game commands

  • /buy BossBox 1 – Boss Box
  • /buy WaterBox 1 – Water Box
  • /buy FlyerBox 1 – Flyer Box
  • /buy HarvestBox 1 -Harvest Box
Offline Raid Protection

Offline raid protection helps protect your Structures & Base while you are offline, Dino & Turrets deal 4x Damage and your structure takes only 20% damage.

  • /setorp – Sets orp to current player location
  • /setorp – Replaces ORP with current location
  • /listorp – Gives list of current ORPs
  • /removeorp – Removes ORP with
  • /orp – will give message saying if you are inside your own ORP or not. And give ORP info of target.
In-Game Shop
  • /coins – Shows current amount of points.
  • /buy – Buys the item from shop.
  • /kit – Shows all kits.
  • /kit – Redeems the kit.
  • /buykit – Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
  • /shop – Shows a list of available items in the shop.
  • /shophelp – Show custom help message.
Other Commands

Tribe Log Relay
Gives tribe owners the ability to have in-game tribe log events forwarded to a discord channel of their choosing.

  • /TLR < Discord Webhook URL >


  • /stats <1-8> – Shows leaderboard. If no number shows helper message.
  • /mystats – Shows players personal stats.
  • /achievements – Shows players unlock-able and already unlocked achievements.

Vote Rewards

  • /claim – Checks for votes and awards player.
  • /vote – lists vote links to players