Have you ever wondered what it is like to ride around on a T-rex and explore vibrant worlds in an Ark Survival PvE Cluster? In ARK Survival Evolved you can tame a large variety of dinosaurs and creatures along with seeing many worlds whether it is to see the giant trees in the redwood forests of Ragnarok, the deep watery depths of The Center or perhaps the rocky chalk hills of Valguero.

Maybe you can find a note or two from other survivors of ARK to learn about its creatures along with other things while on your adventures. If your pockets get too heavy from all the treasures and resources or you find that you have gathered too many creatures to keep track of then you can always build a house, base or maybe even a castle to store your valuables in, its size is all up to you. Now, if building and exploring isnt your cup of tea then you can always grab your weapons, dinosaurs and bring the fight to the ultimate lifeforms, gain the space like TEK items and learn the real truths about the ARK!

10X Taming
1.5X Harvest
1.0X XP
Max Lvl Dino's 300
10X Egg Hatching
Max Level 180
Rates, Mods & Rules

We understand that not everyone want to grind or has the time for the basic rates as on the Official servers, so we have them increased just to make things a little more enjoyable.
As for the mods, apart from a few ‘quality of life’ mods such as the Death Recovery or Dino storage then we also have a few building mods on to make sure you can decorate and make an awesome looking base!
And of course the Rules, none likes to read alot of rules but they really are important. Those we have for our servers are there for our servers to run smoothly and to keep the community a friendly place for everyone!


Gotten tired of running away from those pesky raptors and watching your crops grow? Why not take a break and have a look at our events to change things up a little bit? There has been everything from treasure hunts, boat races, maze runners to the more creative ones like the Dodo Basketball. Every week you will find something different and hopefully exciting that you can join in on and win a prize or two!

Ingame Shop

Are you missing an ingredient that you really dont want to go out and gather or maybe a creature that lives on another map? Don’t worry, we have a coin system in place just for you! When you play on our servers you gain coins over time which you can spend in our ingame shop, there you can find anything from resources, items and even dinos! (neutered)


If you perhaps like our servers and want to help out then why not make a donation or maybe even subscribe and get some perks aswell? While we understand that spending money for non-essential things is not in the interest for a lot of people, every little penny goes towards the servers to keep them up and running and continue the growth of the community.


We get asked questions.. a lot.. repeatedly. So we made a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for you! Here you can find some rates, mods, dino levels and a few other bits and pieces. If you cant find what you’re looking for here then ask in the community or contact the admins in Discord and we will do our best to help you.

Web Companion

The web companion is a handy personal tool that we offer to our community. With it you can see all kinds of different information, may it be the health of your dinos, how much fuel you have in the generator or even your Tribe Log. These are only a few things it can do and all of this is available without even having to log into game! Lets not forget that you can see all the servers so its especially great if you dont have time to server jump and check on things!


Our team are always looking at ways to help improve our players experience, with this in mind we have written various guides to help improve your ARK Survival game play. Whilst we have a number of guides written already, we are always looking to add more to this section of the website. If you are struggling with a certain mod or a specific aspect of the game this may give us some idea which guides we can write next or you may wish to write your own! In which case, why not submit them to us and our team will happily post them for you under your name.