The final installation in the Lore of ARK. The DLC to rule them all, Genesis 2 takes you out of the Genesis simulation and drops you onto a space shuttle seeking salvation.

With new R variant creatures, dropping in their health pool but gaining in damage % they offer some refreshing changes to the look of some of the ARK’s creatures.

This map was made for builders, with every part of the map being build-able, will you settle in the safety of the Tek City? or venture out into the rolling hills of the Eden biome, where you will find new tek stryders and alphas galore!

This map is boasted to be Wildcards largest map. With a second side matching the size of the tranquil Eden biome. Venturing to the other side comes with its challenges. Shadowmanes, Noglins and vicious carnivores throughout, The corrupted side of the map will test your abilities with danger lurking behind every corner.

But should you find yourself seeking more challenges, the map has missions that take place both on the surface world and in the Genesis simulation. Try your hand at white river canoeing! Or even test your skills on the new hover sail!

This map has beauty, peril and excitement throughout. Will you complete all the missions and go on to face your final foe, to save the ship and all the lives within it? Go survivor, complete your journey, the lifeboat is counting on you!

PvE - Genesis 2

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