ARK PvP Crossplay Genesis Part 2, the second and final installation to Wildcards creation. ARK PvP Crossplay Genesis Part 2 is the most recent of the DLC that brings a close to Arks lore… for now.

Genesis 2 begins with you being thrown out of the genesis simulation to find yourself stuck on a large space shuttle that acts as home to many creatures old and new.

With two huge sections to the map and another ever-changing section in between, this map holds many wonders and secrets.

Wildcard has boasted this map is the largest map to release for Ark. With the Eden biome acting as a safe haven to all, alongside Rockwell’s garden being the exact opposite, there are countless opportunities for base locations.

With the new map comes new challenges, missions that prompt you to re-enter the Genesis Simulation to pick apart Rockwell’s plans, as well as missions spanning across the surface of the map, there is plenty to do and accomplish.

Should you complete those missions you will be able to try your hand at hacking into one of the new creature’s mainframes. The Tek Stryder boasts adaptability for almost any situation; these creatures are one of a kind. Else should you find yourself looking for something to help with sneaking up on your enemies perhaps seeking out the Shadowmane would pique your interest.

This map gives pause for new strategies to be tried and tested in the heat of PvP. Among plenty of creatures holding new abilities, it will be worth your while to find the perfect match for your playstyle.

And the final boss, that brings ARK to its close, is not for the faint of heart. See what Rockwell has finally become and show all you have learnt throughout your survival to best him in battle once and for all…?

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