ARK Survival The Center PvE, originally a modded map, this map was the first map added as an official free DLC to Ark by Wildcard. The map itself is similar in size to the Island upon first impressions, however with hidden cave systems and a deep, taunting ocean this map has many a layer and has plenty of opportunities for exploration on ARK Survival The Center PvE.

Separated into both small and large islands the Center map has many safe and beautiful base spots, ranging from small palm tree covered islands to large forested areas hiding metal, crystal and many other useful resources. Scattered throughout the map are hidden ruins showing a civilisation that once inhabited these lands. The ruins themselves are popular places for base building, provided you are able to find them.

The name itself may cause ponderings of why this name was selected, and it is not why you think. If you are seeking to unlock the secrets of the Center then you must look below the surface. With a large, floating Centre Island as well as a hidden oasis below the map, there is plenty to see and enjoy in the scenery of this beautiful map.

There are many creatures that spawn on this map, from the mighty Spinosaurus to the elusive Thylacoleo and everything in between, there are opportunities for taming around every tree. Furthermore, with an abundance of special resources, this map can cater to those seeking a more laid back approach to surviving.

However, it does not come without its dangers. With a volcano island playing host to Rexes, Gigas, Alphas and other large carnivores and a smaller island holding the nests of Argentavis, travelling across this map still calls for caution! As with all maps that hold it, the Redwoods area provides a challenge should you wish to choose that area to call home. Along with lush swamps filled with Kaprosuchus and Sarcosuchus lining the edges of the Center Island, ensure you have a hardy steed before venturing out of your comfort zone.

A final warning, whilst this map holds beauty, many places for exploration and plenty of resources proceed to the Bosses with caution should you choose to battle them on this map. For they come in pairs!

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