Ark Survival Crystal Isles PvE is an otherworldly Ark Survivor Evolved PvE map mod geared toward a fantasy sci-fi genre.

Ark Survival Crystal Isles PvE has enchanting biomes, bright colours and plenty of scenic appeal. This expansive map is one of a kind. The map features tons of Dinos and variants that do not appear on any other maps such as, Liquified Dinos, Crystal Wyverns and Crystal Griffins. The map also has its own access to most resources such as Element and the aesthetics help it stick with the sci-fi design.

The different areas on the map available give an atmosphere that not many other maps can provide, from the floating islands of Emberfall, the huge cluster of floating islands called Apotheosis to the deadly Eldritch Isle, eternally engulfed in darkness & thunder, and the stunning White Shoals. There are over 20 separate challenging areas so there is definitely a place for everyone, from the Brave, to the smart.

Furthermore, with more content still being added the crystal isles keeps bringing new things to your adventure as you go on.

Being Chosen to be ARKs official DLC, this map is definitely something for everyone to enjoy with a new variety of dinos.

PvE - Crystal Isle

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