InGame Shop

This shop has been updated and new items have been added 17/10/2019

You must be level 5 to claim a level 74, level 40 to claim a level 224 & level 80 to claim a level 359.
All purchases are final and non refundable.
Please ensure you are underwater when claiming water dino’s

Chat Commands

/coins – Shows current amount of points.
/buy – Buys the item from shop.
/trade <'CharacterName'> – Sends points to other player (‘ ‘ – are necessary).
/kit – Shows all kits.
/kit – Redeems the kit.
/buykit – Buys a kit (if kit has a price).
/shop – Shows a list of available items in the shop.
/sell – Sells an item.
/shopsell – Shows a list of available for selling items.
/shophelp – Show custom help message.

ItemIDCostBuy CommandClaim KitMinimum Survivor Level
k0001All Clothing Skins5000/buykit k0001/kit k000110
k0002All Weapon Skins5000/buykit k0002/kit k000210
k0003All Saddle Skins5000/buykit k0003/kit k000310
k0004All Dino Costumes5000/buykit k0004/kit k000410
k0005All Hair/Facial Styles5000/buykit k0005/kit k000510
k0006Cloth Outfit200/buykit k0006/kit k00063
k0007Desert Cloth Outfit300/buykit k0007/kit k00073
k0008Hide Outfit400/buykit k0008/kit k000815
k0009Chitin Armor600/buykit k0009/kit k000937
k0010Fur Outfit650/buykit k0010/kit k001023
k0011Ghillie Outfit800/buykit k0011/kit k001133
k0012Scuba Suit1000/buykit k0012/kit k001281
k0013Flak Armor1000/buykit k0013/kit k001356
k0014Riot Gear4000/buykit k0014/kit k001498
k0015Tek Armor20000/buykit k0015/kit k0015100
k0016Starter Resource Tames1500/buykit k0016/kit k00165
k0017Mid-Range Resource Tames2400/buykit k0017/kit k001735
k0018End-Range Resource Tames5000/buykit k0018/kit k001855
k0019Thatch Starter Base1000/buykit k0019/kit k0019
k0020Wood Starter Base1400/buykit k0020/kit k002010
k0021Stone Starter Base2400/buykit k0021/kit k002120
k0022Adobe Starter Base2600/buykit k0022/kit k0022
k0023Metal Starter Base4000/buykit k0023/kit k002340
k0024Starter Green House2200/buykit k0024/kit k002430
k0025Achatina lvl 74800/buykit k0025/kit k00255
k0026Achatina lvl 2241200/buykit k0026/kit k002640
k0027Achatina lvl 3591600/buykit k0027/kit k002780
k0028Allosaurus lvl 741000/buykit k0028/kit k00285
k0029Allosaurus lvl 2241400/buykit k0029/kit k002940
k0030Allosaurus lvl 3591800/buykit k0030/kit k003080
k0031Anglerfish lvl 74600/buykit k0031/kit k00315
k0032Anglerfish lvl 2241000/buykit k0032/kit k003240
k0033Anglerfish lvl 3591400/buykit k0033/kit k003380
k0034Ankylosaurus lvl 74800/buykit k0034/kit k00345
k0035Ankylosaurus lvl 2241200/buykit k0035/kit k003540
k0036Ankylosaurus lvl 3591600/buykit k0036/kit k003680
k0037Araneo lvl 74800/buykit k0037/kit k00375
k0038Araneo lvl 2241200/buykit k0038/kit k003840
k0039Araneo lvl 3591600/buykit k0039/kit k003980
k0040Archaeopteryx lvl 74400/buykit k0040/kit k00405
k0041Archaeopteryx lvl 224800/buykit k0041/kit k004140
k0042Archaeopteryx lvl 3591200/buykit k0042/kit k004280
k0043Argentavis (lvl 74)1200/buykit k0043/kit k00435
k0044Argentavis (lvl 224)1600/buykit k0044/kit k004440
k0045Argentavis (lvl 359)2000/buykit k0045/kit k004580
k0046Arthropluera (lvl 74)100/buykit k0046/kit k00465
k0047Arthropluera (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0047/kit k004740
k0048Arthropluera (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0048/kit k004880
k0049Baryonyx (lvl 74)800/buykit k0049/kit k00495
k0050Baryonyx (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0050/kit k005040
k0051Baryonyx (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0051/kit k005180
k0052Basilisk (lvl 74)2000/buykit k0052/kit k00525
k0053Basilisk (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0053/kit k005340
k0054Basilisk (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0054/kit k005480
k0055Basilosaurus (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0055/kit k00555
k0056Basilosaurus (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0056/kit k005640
k0057Basilosaurus (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0057/kit k005780
k0058Beelzebufo (lvl 74)800/buykit k0058/kit k00585
k0059Beelzebufo (lvl224)1200/buykit k0059/kit k005940
k0060Beelzebufo (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0060/kit k006080
k0061Brontosaurus (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0061/kit k00615
k0062Brontosaurus (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0062/kit k006240
k0063Brontosaurus (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0063/kit k006380
k0064Carbonemys (lvl 74)600/buykit k0064/kit k00645
k0065Carbonemys (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0065/kit k006540
k0066Carbonemys (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0066/kit k006680
k0067Carnotaurus (lvl 74)800/buykit k0067/kit k00675
k0068Carnotaurus (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0068/kit k006840
k0069Carnotaurus (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0069/kit k006980
k0070Castoroides (lvl 74)800/buykit k0070/kit k00705
k0071Castoroides (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0071/kit k007140
k0072Castoroides (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0072/kit k007280
k0073Chalicotherium (lvl 74)800/buykit k0073/kit k00735
k0074Chalicotherium (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0074/kit k007440
k0075Chalicotherium (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0075/kit k007580
k0076Coelacanth (lvl 74)300/buykit k0076/kit k00765
k0077Coelacanth (lvl 224)700/buykit k0077/kit k007740
k0078Coelacanth (lvl 359)1100/buykit k0078/kit k007880
k0079Compy (lvl 74)400/buykit k0079/kit k00795
k0080Compy (lvl 224)800/buykit k0080/kit k008040
k0081Compy (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0081/kit k008180
k0082Daeodon (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0082/kit k00825
k0083Daeodon (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0083/kit k008340
k0084Daeodon (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0084/kit k008480
k0085Dilophosaur (lvl 74)500/buykit k0085/kit k00855
k0086Dilophosaur (lvl 224)900/buykit k0086/kit k008640
k0087Dilophosaur (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0087/kit k008780
k0088Dimetrodon (lvl 74)400/buykit k0088/kit k00885
k0089Dimetrodon (lvl 224)800/buykit k0089/kit k008940
k0090Dimetrodon (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0090/kit k009080
k0091Dimorphodon (lvl 74)600/buykit k0091/kit k00915
k0092Dimorphodon (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0092/kit k009240
k0093Dimorphodon (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0093/kit k009380
k0094Diplocaulus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0094/kit k00945
k0095Diplocaulus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0095/kit k009540
k0096Diplocaulus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0096/kit k009680
k0097Diplodocus (lvl 74)1700/buykit k0097/kit k00975
k0098Diplodocus (lvl 224)2100/buykit k0098/kit k009840
k0099Diplodocus (lvl 359)2500/buykit k0099/kit k009980
k0100Direbear (lvl 74)900/buykit k0100/kit k01005
k0101Direbear (lvl 224)1300/buykit k0101/kit k010140
k0102Direbear (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0102/kit k010280
k0103Direwolf (lvl 74)600/buykit k0103/kit k01035
k0104Direwolf (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0104/kit k010440
k0105Direwolf (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0105/kit k010580
k0106Doedicurus (lvl 74)800/buykit k0106/kit k01065
k0107Doedicurus (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0107/kit k010740
k0108Doedicurus (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0108/kit k010880
k0109Dung Beetle (lvl 74)700/buykit k0109/kit k01095
k0110Dung Beetle (lvl 224)1100/buykit k0110/kit k011040
k0111Dung Beetle (lvl 359)1500/buykit k0111/kit k011180
k0112Dunkleosteus (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0112/kit k01125
k0113Dunkleosteus (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0113/kit k011340
k0114Dunkleosteus (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0114/kit k011480
k0115Electrophorus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0115/kit k01155
k0116Electrophorus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0116/kit k011640
k0117Electrophorus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0117/kit k011780
k0118Equus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0118/kit k01185
k0119Equus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0119/kit k011940
k0120Equus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0120/kit k012080
k0121Unicorn (lvl 74)8000/buykit k0121/kit k01215
k0122Unicorn (lvl 224)12000/buykit k0122/kit k012240
k0123Unicorn (lvl 359)16000/buykit k0123/kit k012380
k0124Gacha (lvl 74)1200/buykit k0124/kit k01245
k0125Gacha (lvl 224)1600/buykit k0125/kit k012540
k0126Gacha (lvl 359)2000/buykit k0126/kit k012680
k0127Gallimimus (lvl 74)600/buykit k0127/kit k01275
k0128Gallimimus (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0128/kit k012840
k0129Gallimimus (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0129/kit k012980
k0130Giant Bee (lvl 74)600/buykit k0130/kit k01305
k0131Giant Bee (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0131/kit k013140
k0132Giant Bee (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0132/kit k013280
k0133Gasbags (lvl 74)900/buykit k0133/kit k01335
k0134Gasbags (lvl 224)1300/buykit k0134/kit k013440
k0135Gasbags (lvl 359)1700/buykit k0135/kit k013580
k0136Giganotosaurus (lvl 74)2000/buykit k0136/kit k01365
k0137Giganotosaurus (lvl 224)2400/buykit k0137/kit k013740
k0138Giganotosaurus (lvl 359)2800/buykit k0138/kit k013880
k0139Gigantopithecus (lvl 74)600/buykit k0139/kit k01395
k0140Gigantopithecus (lvl 224)100/buykit k0140/kit k014040
k0141Gigantopithecus (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0141/kit k014180
k0142Hesperornis (lvl 74)400/buykit k0142/kit k01425
k0143Hesperornis (lvl 224)800/buykit k0143/kit k014340
k0144Hesperornis (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0144/kit k014480
k0145Hyaenodon (lvl 74)800/buykit k0145/kit k01455
k0146Hyaenodon (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0146/kit k014640
k0147Hyaenodon (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0147/kit k014780
k0148Ichthyornis (lvl 74)400/buykit k0148/kit k01485
k0149Ichthyornis (lvl 224)800/buykit k0149/kit k014940
k0150Ichthyornis (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0150/kit k015080
k0151Ichthyosaurus (lvl 74)600/buykit k0151/kit k01515
k0152Ichthyosaurus (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0152/kit k015240
k0153Ichthyosaurus (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0153/kit k015380
k0154Iguanodon (lvl 74)600/buykit k0154/kit k01545
k0155Iguanodon (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0155/kit k015540
k0156Iguanodon (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0156/kit k015680
k0157Kairuku (lvl 74)400/buykit k0157/kit k01575
k0158Kairuku (lvl 224)800/buykit k0158/kit k015840
k0159Kairuku (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0159/kit k015980
k0160Kaprosuchus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0160/kit k01605
k0161Kaprosuchus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0161/kit k016140
k0162Kaprosuchus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0162/kit k016280
k0163Karkinos (lvl 74)1200/buykit k0163/kit k01635
k0164Karkinos (lvl 224)1600/buykit k0164/kit k016440
k0165Karkinos (lvl 359)2000/buykit k0165/kit k016580
k0166Kentrosaurus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0166/kit k01665
k0167Kentrosaurus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0167/kit k016740
k0168Kentrosaurus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0168/kit k016880
k0169Lymantria (lvl 74)600/buykit k0169/kit k01695
k0170Lymantria (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0170/kit k017040
k0171Lymantria (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0171/kit k017180
k0172Lystrosaurus (lvl 74)400/buykit k0172/kit k01725
k0173Lystrosaurus (lvl 224)800/buykit k0173/kit k017340
k0174Lystrosaurus (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0174/kit k017480
k0175Mammoth (lvl 74)900/buykit k0175/kit k01755
k0176Mammoth (lvl 224)1300/buykit k0176/kit k017640
k0177Mammoth (lvl 359)1700/buykit k0177/kit k017780
k0178Managarmr (lvl 74)1200/buykit k0178/kit k01785
k0179Managarmr (lvl 224)1600/buykit k0179/kit k017940
k0180Managarmr (lvl 359)2000/buykit k0180/kit k018080
k0181Manta (lvl 74)600/buykit k0181/kit k01815
k0182Manta (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0182/kit k018240
k0183Manta (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0183/kit k018380
k0184Mantis (lvl 74)800/buykit k0184/kit k01845
k0185Mantis (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0185/kit k018540
k0186Mantis (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0186/kit k018680
k0187Megalania (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0187/kit k01875
k0188Megalania (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0188/kit k018840
k0189Megalania (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0189/kit k018980
k0190Megaloceros (lvl 74)600/buykit k0190/kit k01905
k0191Megaloceros (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0191/kit k019140
k0192Megaloceros (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0192/kit k019280
k0193Megalodon (lvl 74)800/buykit k0193/kit k01935
k0194Megalodon (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0194/kit k019440
k0195Megalodon (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0195/kit k019580
k0196Megalosaurus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0196/kit k01965
k0197Megalosaurus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0197/kit k019740
k0198Megalosaurus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0198/kit k019880
k0199Megatherium (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0199/kit k01995
k0200Megatherium (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0200/kit k020040
k0201Megatherium (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0201/kit k020180
k0202Mesopithecus (lvl 74)400/buykit k0202/kit k02025
k0203Mesopithecus (lvl 224)800/buykit k0203/kit k020340
k0204Mesopithecus (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0204/kit k020480
k0205Microraptor (lvl 74)400/buykit k0205/kit k02055
k0206Microraptor (lvl 224)800/buykit k0206/kit k020640
k0207Microraptor (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0207/kit k020780
k0208Morellatops (lvl 74)400/buykit k0208/kit k02085
k0209Morellatops (lvl 224)800/buykit k0209/kit k020940
k0210Morellatops (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0210/kit k021080
k0211Mosasaurus (lvl 74)3000/buykit k0211/kit k02115
k0212Mosasaurus (lvl 224)3400/buykit k0212/kit k021240
k0213Mosasaurus (lvl 359)3800/buykit k0213/kit k021380
k0214Moschops (lvl 74)500/buykit k0214/kit k02145
k0215Moschops (lvl 224)900/buykit k0215/kit k021540
k0216Moschops (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0216/kit k021680
k0217Onychonycteris (lvl 74)500/buykit k0217/kit k02175
k0218Onychonycteris (lvl 224)900/buykit k0218/kit k021840
k0219Onychonycteris (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0219/kit k021980
k0220Otter (lvl 74)400/buykit k0220/kit k02205
k0221Otter (lvl 224)800/buykit k0221/kit k022140
k0222Otter (lvl 359)1200/buykit k0222/kit k022280
k0223Oviraptor (lvl 74)500/buykit k0223/kit k02235
k0224Oviraptor (lvl 224)900/buykit k0224/kit k022440
k0225Oviraptor (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0225/kit k022580
k0226Ovis (lvl 74)500/buykit k0226/kit k02265
k0227Ovis (lvl 224)900/buykit k0227/kit k022740
k0228Ovis (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0228/kit k022880
k0229Pachy (lvl 74)500/buykit k0229/kit k02295
k0230Pachy (lvl 224)900/buykit k0230/kit k023040
k0231Pachy (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0231/kit k023180
k0232Pachyrhinosaurus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0232/kit k02325
k0233Pachyrhinosaurus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0233/kit k023340
k0234Pachyrhinosaurus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0234/kit k023480
k0235Paraceratherium (lvl 74)800/buykit k0235/kit k02355
k0236Paraceratherium (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0236/kit k023640
k0237Paraceratherium (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0237/kit k023780
k0238Parasaurolophus (lvl 74)500/buykit k0238/kit k02385
k0239Parasaurolophus (lvl 224)900/buykit k0239/kit k023940
k0240Parasaurolophus (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0240/kit k024080
k0241Pegomastax (lvl 74)500/buykit k0241/kit k02415
k0242Pegomastax (lvl 224)900/buykit k0242/kit k024240
k0243Pegomastax (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0243/kit k024380
k0244Pelagornis (lvl 74)600/buykit k0244/kit k02445
k0245Pelagornis (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0245/kit k024540
k0246Pelagornis (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0246/kit k024680
k0247Phiomia (lvl 74)500/buykit k0247/kit k02475
k0248Phiomia (lvl 224)900/buykit k0248/kit k024840
k0249Phiomia (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0249/kit k024980
k0250Phoenix (lvl 74)8000/buykit k0250/kit k02505
k0251Phoenix (lvl 224)12000/buykit k0251/kit k025140
k0252Phoenix (lvl 359)16000/buykit k0252/kit k025280
k0253Piranha (lvl 74)500/buykit k0253/kit k02535
k0254Piranha (lvl 224)900/buykit k0254/kit k025440
k0255Piranha (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0255/kit k025580
k0256Plesiosaur (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0256/kit k02565
k0257Plesiosaur (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0257/kit k025740
k0258Plesiosaur (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0258/kit k025880
k0259Procoptodon (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0259/kit k02595
k0260Procoptodon (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0260/kit k02605
k0261Procoptodon (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0261/kit k02615
k0262Pteranodon (lvl 74)700/buykit k0262/kit k02625
k0263Pteranodon (lvl 224)1100/buykit k0263/kit k026340
k0264Pteranodon (lvl 359)1500/buykit k0264/kit k026480
k0265Pulmonoscorpius (lvl 74)600/buykit k0265/kit k02655
k0266Pulmonoscorpius (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0266/kit k026640
k0267Pulmonoscorpius (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0267/kit k026780
k0268Purlovia (lvl 74)500/buykit k0268/kit k02685
k0269Purlovia (lvl 224)900/buykit k0269/kit k026940
k0270Purlovia (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0270/kit k027080
k0271Quetzalcoatlus (lvl 74)1400/buykit k0271/kit k02715
k0272Quetzalcoatlus (lvl 224)1800/buykit k0272/kit k027240
k0273Quetzalcoatlus (lvl 359)2200/buykit k0273/kit k027380
k0274Raptor (lvl 74)500/buykit k0274/kit k02745
k0275Raptor (lvl 224)900/buykit k0275/kit k027540
k0276Raptor (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0276/kit k027680
k0277Ravager (lvl 74)800/buykit k0277/kit k02775
k0278Ravager (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0278/kit k027840
k0279Ravager (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0279/kit k027980
k0280Rex (lvl 74)1100/buykit k0280/kit k02805
k0281Rex (lvl 224)1500/buykit k0281/kit k028140
k0282Rex (lvl 359)1900/buykit k0282/kit k028280
k0283Rock Drake (lvl 74)1200/buykit k0283/kit k02835
k0284Rock Drake (lvl 224)1600/buykit k0284/kit k028440
k0285Rock Drake (lvl 359)2000/buykit k0285/kit k028580
k0286Rock Elemental (lvl 74)800/buykit k0286/kit k02865
k0287Rock Elemental (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0287/kit k028740
k0288Rock Elemental (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0288/kit k028880
k0289Roll Rat (lvl 74)1600/buykit k0289/kit k02895
k0290Roll Rat (lvl 224)2000/buykit k0290/kit k029040
k0291Roll Rat (lvl 359)2400/buykit k0291/kit k029180
k0292Sabertooth (lvl 74)800/buykit k0292/kit k02925
k0293Sabertooth (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0293/kit k029340
k0294Sabertooth (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0294/kit k029480
k0295Sabertooth Salmon (lvl 74)500/buykit k0295/kit k02955
k0296Sabertooth Salmon (lvl 224)900/buykit k0296/kit k029640
k0297Sabertooth Salmon (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0297/kit k029780
k0298Sarco (lvl 74)600/buykit k0298/kit k02985
k0299Sarco (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0299/kit k029940
k0300Sarco (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0300/kit k030080
k0301Snow Owl (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0301/kit k03015
k0302Snow Owl (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0302/kit k030240
k0303Snow Owl (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0303/kit k030380
k0304Spinosaur (lvl 74)1200/buykit k0304/kit k03045
k0305Spinosaur (lvl 224)1600/buykit k0305/kit k030540
k0306Spinosaur (lvl 359)2000/buykit k0306/kit k030680
k0307Stegosaurus (lvl 74)600/buykit k0307/kit k03075
k0308Stegosaurus (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0308/kit k030840
k0309Stegosaurus (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0309/kit k030980
k0310Tapejara (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0310/kit k03105
k0311Tapejara (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0311/kit k031140
k0312Tapejara (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0312/kit k031280
k0313Terror Bird (lvl 74)600/buykit k0313/kit k03135
k0314Terror Bird (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0314/kit k031440
k0315Terror Bird (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0315/kit k031580
k0316Therizinosaur (lvl 74)1200/buykit k0316/kit k03165
k0317Therizinosaur (lvl 224)1600/buykit k0317/kit k031740
k0318Therizinosaur (lvl 359)2000/buykit k0318/kit k031880
k0319Thorny Dragon (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0319/kit k03195
k0320Thorny Dragon (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0320/kit k032040
k0321Thorny Dragon (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0321/kit k032180
k0322Thylacoleo (lvl 74)800/buykit k0322/kit k03225
k0323Thylacoleo (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0323/kit k032340
k0324Thylacoleo (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0324/kit k032480
k0325Titanoboa (lvl 74)500/buykit k0325/kit k03255
k0326Titanoboa (lvl 224)900/buykit k0326/kit k032640
k0327Titanoboa (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0327/kit k032780
k0328Triceratops (lvl 74)500/buykit k0328/kit k03285
k0329Triceratops (lvl 224)900/buykit k0329/kit k032940
k0330Triceratops (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0330/kit k033080
k0331Troodon (lvl 74)500/buykit k0331/kit k03315
k0332Troodon (lvl 224)900/buykit k0332/kit k033240
k0333Troodon (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0333/kit k033380
k0334Tusoteuthis (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0334/kit k03345
k0335Tusoteuthis (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0335/kit k033540
k0336Tusoteuthis (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0336/kit k033680
k0337Velonasaur (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0337/kit k03375
k0338Velonasaur (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0338/kit k033840
k0339Velonasaur (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0339/kit k033980
k0340Woolly Rhino (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0340/kit k03405
k0341Woolly Rhino (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0341/kit k034140
k0342Woolly Rhino (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0342/kit k034280
k0343Yutyrannus (lvl 74)1400/buykit k0343/kit k03435
k0344Yutyrannus (lvl 224)1800/buykit k0344/kit k034440
k0345Yutyrannus (lvl 359)2200/buykit k0345/kit k034580
k0346Jerboa (lvl 74)500/buykit k0346/kit k03465
k0347Jerboa (lvl 224)900/buykit k0347/kit k034740
k0348Jerboa (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0348/kit k034880
k0349Vulture (lvl 74)500/buykit k0349/kit k03495
k0350Vulture (lvl 224)900/buykit k0350/kit k035040
k0351Vulture (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0351/kit k035180
k0352Griffin (lvl 74)600/buykit k0352/kit k03525
k0353Griffin (lvl 224)1000/buykit k0353/kit k035340
k0354Griffin (lvl 359)1400/buykit k0354/kit k035480
k0355Bulbdog (lvl 74)500/buykit k0355/kit k03555
k0356Bulbdog (lvl 224)900/buykit k0356/kit k035640
k0357Bulbdog (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0357/kit k035780
k0358Featherlight (lvl 74)500/buykit k0358/kit k03585
k0359Featherlight (lvl 224)900/buykit k0359/kit k035940
k0360Featherlight (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0360/kit k036080
k0361Glowtail (lvl 74)500/buykit k0361/kit k03615
k0362Glowtail (lvl 224)900/buykit k0362/kit k036240
k0363Glowtail (lvl 359)1300/buykit k0363/kit k036380
k0364Deinonychus (lvl 74)800/buykit k0364/kit k03645
k0365Deinonychus (lvl 224)1200/buykit k0365/kit k036540
k0366Deinonychus (lvl 359)1600/buykit k0366/kit k036680
k0367Fire Wyvern (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0367/kit k03675
k0368Fire Wyvern (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0368/kit k036840
k0369Fire Wyvern (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0369/kit k036980
k0370Lightning Wyvern (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0370/kit k03705
k0371Lightning Wyvern (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0371/kit k037140
k0372Lightning Wyvern (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0372/kit k037280
k0373Poison Wyvern (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0373/kit k03735
k0374Poison Wyvern (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0374/kit k037440
k0375Poison Wyvern (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0375/kit k037580
k0376Ice Wyvern (lvl 74)1000/buykit k0376/kit k03765
k0377Ice Wyvern (lvl 224)1400/buykit k0377/kit k037740
k0378Ice Wyvern (lvl 359)1800/buykit k0378/kit k037880
k0379Gamma Broodmother Tribute2000/buykit k0379/kit k037930
k0380Beta Broodmother Tribute4000/buykit k0380/kit k038050
k0381Alpha Broodmother Tribute6000/buykit k0381/kit k038170
k0382Gamma Megapithecus Tribute2000/buykit k0382/kit k038245
k0383Beta Megapithecus Tribute4000/buykit k0383/kit k038365
k0384Alpha Megapithecus Tribute6000/buykit k0384/kit k038485
k0385Gamma Dragon Tribute3000/buykit k0385/kit k038555
k0386Beta Dragon Tribute5000/buykit k0386/kit k038675
k0387Alpha Dragon Tribute7000/buykit k0387/kit k038785
k0388Gamma Manticore Tribute2000/buykit k0388/kit k038855
k0389Beta Manticore Tribute4000/buykit k0389/kit k038970
k0390Alpha Manticore Tribute6000/buykit k0390/kit k039095
k0391Gamma Rockwell Tribute2000/buykit k0391/kit k039160
k0392Beta Rockwell Tribute6000/buykit k0392/kit k039275
k0393Alpha Rockwell Tribute10000/buykit k0393/kit k0393100
k0394Gamma Center Tribute4000/buykit k0394/kit k039470
k0395Beta Center Tribute6000/buykit k0395/kit k039580
k0396Alpha Center Tribute8000/buykit k0396/kit k039690
k0397Gamma Ragnarok Tribute4000/buykit k0397/kit k039770
k0398Beta Ragnarok Tribute6000/buykit k0398/kit k039880
k0399Alpha Ragnarok Tribute10000/buykit k0399/kit k039990
k0400Gamma Forsaken Oasis Tribute2000/buykit k0400/kit k040030
k0401Beta Forsaken Oasis Tribute4000/buykit k0401/kit k040150
k0402Alpha Forsaken Oasis Tribute6000/buykit k0402/kit k040270
k0403Desert Titan Tribute2000/buykit k0403/kit k04031
k0404Ice Titan Tribute2000/buykit k0404/kit k04041
k0405Forest Titan Tribute2000/buykit k0405/kit k04051
k0406Gamma King Titan Tribute5000/buykit k0406/kit k04061
k0407Beta King Titan Tribute10000/buykit k0407/kit k04071
k0408Alpha King Titan Tribute20000/buykit k0408/kit k04081
k0409S+ Vivarium (Limited Purchase)250/buykit k0409/kit k04095
0001Absorbent Substrate (14x)120/buy 0001N/A
0002Ammonite Bile (50x)180/buy 0002N/A
0003Angler Gel (100x)150/buy 0003N/A
0004Black pearls (62x)165/buy 0004N/A
0005Blue Crystalized Sap (100x)250/buy 0005N/A
0006Blue Gems (100x)250/buy 0006N/A
0007Blood Pack (10x)200/buy 0007N/A
0008Cementing Paste (100x)300/buy 0008N/A
0009Charcoal (100x)60/buy 0009N/A
0010Chitin (100x)150/buy 0010N/A
0011Crystal (100x)300/buy 0011N/A
0012Deathworm Horn (1x)100/buy 0012N/A
0013Electronics (10x)300/buy 0013N/A
0014Element(1x)1000/buy 0014N/A
0015Element Dust (100x)100/buy 0015N/A
0016Element Shard (10x)100/buy 0016N/A
0017Fertilizer (1x)50/buy 0017N/A
0018Fiber (100x)100/buy 0018N/A
0019Flint (100x)150/buy 0019N/A
0020Fungal Wood (100x)150/buy 0020N/A
0021Gasoline (62x)300/buy 0021N/A
0022Green Gems (100x)300/buy 0022N/A
0023Gunpowder (100x)150/buy 0023N/A
0024Hide (200x)200/buy 0024N/A
0025Human Hair (50x)400/buy 0025N/A
0026Keratin (100x)150/buy 0026N/A
0027Leech Blood (10x)150/buy 0027N/A
0028Metal (200x)200/buy 0028N/A
0029Metal Ingots (200x)400/buy 0029N/A
0030Narcotic (100x)300/buy 0030N/A
0031Obsidian (100x)400/buy 0031N/A
0032Oil (100x)300/buy 0032N/A
0033Organic Polymer (10x)100/buy 0033N/A
0034Pelt (200x)500/buy 0034N/A
0035Polymer (10x)100/buy 0035N/A
0036Preserving Salts (6x)100/buy 0036N/A
0037Propellant (100x)300/buy 0037N/A
0038Rare Flowers (100x)400/buy 0038N/A
0039Rare Mushroom (100x)400/buy 0039N/A
0040Raw Salt (100x)100/buy 0040N/A
0041Re-Fertilizer (100x)600/buy 0041N/A
0042Red Gem (62x)300/buy 0042N/A
0043Sand (100x)100/buy 0043N/A
0044Sap (20x)70/buy 0044N/A
0045Silica Pearls (100x)300/buy 0045N/A
0046Silk (200x)200/buy 0046N/A
0047Spark Powder (100x)250/buy 0047N/A
0048Stimulant (100x)300/buy 0048N/A
0049Stone (100x)150/buy 0049N/A
0050Sulphur (100x)100/buy 0050N/A
0051Thatch (100x)100/buy 0051N/A
0052Wood (100x)150/buy 0052N/A
0053Wooly Rhino Horn (10x)300/buy 0053N/A
0054Raw Meat (20x)50/buy 0054N/A
0055Spoiled Meat (100x)200/buy 0055N/A
0056Cooked Meat (30x)150/buy 0056N/A
0057Raw Prime Meat (1x)30/buy 0057N/A
0058Cooked Prime Meat (30x)500/buy 0058N/A
0059Cooked Meat Jerky (30x)600/buy 0059N/A
0060Prime Meat Jerky (30x)700/buy 0060N/A
0061Raw Fish Meat (20x)50/buy 0061N/A
0062Cooked Fish Meat (30x)80/buy 0062N/A
0063Raw Prime Fish Meat (1x)30/buy 0063N/A
0064Cooked Prime Fish Meat (30x)300/buy 0064N/A
0065Raw Mutton (1x)40/buy 0065N/A
0066Cooked Lamb Chop (30x)500/buy 0066N/A
0067Wyvern Milk (1x)75/buy 0067N/A
0068Amarberry (Yellow) (100x)100/buy 0068N/A
0069Azulberry (Blue) (100x)100/buy 0069N/A
0070Mejoberry (Purple) (100x)100/buy 0070N/A
0071Narcoberry (100x)250/buy 0071N/A
0072Stimberry (100x)250/buy 0072N/A
0073Tintoberry (Red) (100x)100/buy 0073N/A
0074Cactus Sap (100x)100/buy 0074N/A
0075Citronal (20x)150/buy 0075N/A
0076Longrass (20x)150/buy 0076N/A
0077Rockarrot (20x)150/buy 0077N/A
0078Savoroot (20x)150/buy 0078N/A
0079Aggeravic Mushroom (20x)150/buy 0079N/A
0080Aquatic Mushroom (20x)150/buy 0080N/A
0081Ascerbic Mushroom (20x)150/buy 0081N/A
0082Auric Mushroom (20x)150/buy 0082N/A
0083Mushroom Brew (5x)200/buy 0083N/A
0084Canteen (Full)100/buy 0084N/A
0085Beer Jar (1x)100/buy 0085N/A
0086Bio Toxin (20x)150/buy 0086N/A
0087Medical Brew (5x)200/buy 0087N/A
0088Energy Brew (5x)200/buy 0088N/A
0089Battle Tartare (5x)200/buy 0089N/A
0090Broth of Enlightenment (5x)500/buy 0090N/A
0091Bug Repellant (5x)150/buy 0091N/A
0092Cactus Broth (5x)150/buy 0092N/A
0093Calien Soup (5x)200/buy 0093N/A
0094Enduro Stew (5x)200/buy 0094N/A
0095Focal Chilli (5x)200/buy 0095N/A
0096Fria Curry (5x)200/buy 0096N/A
0097Lazarus Chowder (5x)200/buy 0097N/A
0098Lesser Antidote (5x)150/buy 0098N/A
0099Mindwipe Tonic (5x)500/buy 0099N/A
0100Shadow Steak Saute (5x)200/buy 0100N/A
0101Soap (5x)100/buy 0101N/A
0102Sweet Vegetable Cake (5x)500/buy 0102N/A
0103Giant Bee Honey (5x)250/buy 0103N/A
0104Basic Kibble (5x)1000/buy 0104N/A
0105Simple kibble (5x)2000/buy 0105N/A
0106Regular Kibble (5x)3000/buy 0106N/A
0107Superior Kibble (5x)3500/buy 0107N/A
0108Exceptional Kibble (5x)4000/buy 0108N/A
0109Extraordinary Kibble (5x)5000/buy 0109N/A
0110Amarberry Seed (5x)50/buy 0110N/A
0111Azulberry Seed (5x)50/buy 0111N/A
0112Citronal Seed (5x)100/buy 0112N/A
0113Longrass Seed (5x)100/buy 0113N/A
0114Mejoberry Seed (5x)50/buy 0114N/A
0115Narcoberry Seed (5x)100/buy 0115N/A
0116S+ Plant Species X Seed (5x)100/buy 0116N/A
0117Plant Species Y Seed (5x)100/buy 0117N/A
0118Plant Species Z (5x)100/buy 0118N/A
0119Rockarrot Seed(5x)100/buy 0119N/A
0120Savoroot Seed (5x)100/buy 0120N/A
0121Stimberry Seed (5x)100/buy 0121N/A
0122Tintoberry Seed (5x)50/buy 0122N/A
0123Blood Extraction Syringe50/buy 0123N/A
0124Camera300/buy 0124N/A
0125Chainsaw300/buy 0125N/A45
0126Compass50/buy 0126N/A
0127Empty Cryopod150/buy 0127N/A45
0128Fishing Rod100/buy 0128N/A
0129GPS100/buy 0129N/A
0130Magnifying Glass50/buy 0130N/A
0131Metal Hatchet100/buy 0131N/A
0132Metal Pick100/buy 0132N/A
0133Metal Sickle150/buy 0133N/A
0134Paintbrush50/buy 0134N/A
0135Pliers75/buy 0135N/A
0136Radio150/buy 0136N/A
0137Scissors70/buy 0137N/A
0138Spyglass75/buy 0138N/A
0139Stone Hatchet50/buy 0139N/A
0140Stone Pick50/buy 0140N/A
0141Taxidermy Tool100/buy 0141N/A
0142Torch25/buy 0142N/A
0143Whip150/buy 0143N/A
0144Zip-Line Motor Attachment Skin300/buy 0144N/A
0145Assault Rifle400/buy 0145N/A45
0146Bear Trap80/buy 0146N/A15
0147Bola (10x)150/buy 0147N/A
0148Boomerang (10x)150/buy 0148N/A
0149Bow50/buy 0149N/A
0150C4 Detonator200/buy 0150N/A55
0151Chain Bola300/buy 0151N/A55
0152Charge Lantern800/buy 0152N/A70
0153Climbing Pick150/buy 0153N/A24
0154Cluster Grenade150/buy 0154N/A70
0155Compound Bow400/buy 0155N/A69
0156Crossbow150/buy 0156N/A15
0157Electric Prod1000/buy 0157N/A85
0158Fabricated Pistol250/buy 0158N/A45
0159Fabricated Sniper Rifle500/buy 0159N/A73
0160Flamethrower400/buy 0160N/A55
0161Flare Gun100/buy 0161N/A5
0162Glow Stick85/buy 0162N/A1
0163Grenade100/buy 0163N/A28
0164Handcuffs200/buy 0164N/A18
0165Harpoon Launcher700/buy 0165N/A33
0166Improvised Explosive Device100/buy 0166N/A34
0167Lance800/buy 0167N/A22
0168Large Bear Trap75/buy 0168N/A21
0169Lasso100/buy 0169N/A1
0170Longneck Rifle300/buy 0170N/A25
0171Oil Jar50/buy 0171N/A14
0172Pike150/buy 0172N/A15
0173Poison Grenade80/buy 0173N/A30
0174Pump-Action Shotgun400/buy 0174N/A45
0175Rocket Launcher500/buy 0175N/A77
0176Shotgun250/buy 0176N/A29
0177Simple Pistol200/buy 0177N/A24
0178Slingshot50/buy 0178N/A1
0179Smoke Grenade50/buy 0179N/A14
0180Spear (10x)75/buy 0180N/A
0181Spray Painter500/buy 0181N/A43
0182Sword200/buy 0182N/A20
0183Tek Gravity Grenade500/buy 0183N/A69
0184Tek Grenade1200/buy 0184N/A100
0185Tek Railgun1600/buy 0185N/A100
0186Tek Rifle2400/buy 0186N/A100
0187Tek Sword4000/buy 0187N/A100
0188Transponder Tracker500/buy 0188N/A56
0189Tripwire Alarm Trap50/buy 0189N/A12
0190Tripwire Narcoti Trap75/buy 0190N/A19
0191Wooden Club25/buy 0191N/A1
0192Flashlight Attachment250/buy 0192N/A42
0193Holo-Scope Attachment250/buy 0193N/A67
0194Laser Attachment250/buy 0194N/A49
0195Scope Attachment250/buy 0195N/A25
0196Silencer Attachment250/buy 0196N/A31
0197Advanced Bullet (100x)300/buy 0197N/A
0198Advanced Rifle Bullet (100x)400/buy 0198N/A
0199Advanced Sniper Bullet (100x)500/buy 0199N/A
0200Boulder (100x)800/buy 0200N/A
0201C4 Charge (20x)800/buy 0201N/A
0202Cannon Ball (1x)200/buy 0202N/A
0203Cannon Shell (1x)800/buy 0203N/A
0204Flame Arrow (100x)400/buy 0204N/A
0205Flamethrower Ammo (30x)1200/buy 0205N/A
0206Grappling Hook (10x)400/buy 0206N/A
0207Metal Arrow800/buy 0207N/A
0208Pheromone Dart (x20)400/buy 0208N/A
0209Rocket Homing Missle (1x)250/buy 0209N/A
0210Rocket Pod (1x)700/buy 0210N/A
0211Rocket Propelled Grenade (1x)150/buy 0211N/A
0212Shocking Tranquilizer Dart (20x)250/buy 0212N/A
0213Simple Bullet (100x)250/buy 0213N/A
0214Simple Rifle Ammo (100x)500/buy 0214N/A
0215Simple Shotgun Ammo (100x)1000/buy 0215N/A
0216Spear Bolt (20x)770/buy 0216N/A
0217Stone Arrow (100x)150/buy 0217N/A
0218Tranq Arrow (100x)300/buy 0218N/A
0219Tranquilizer Dart (100x)1000/buy 0219N/A
0220Tranq Spear Bolt (20x)1000/buy 0220N/A
0221Transponder Node (1x)150/buy 0221N/A
0222Zip-Line Anchor (1x)100/buy 0222N/A
0223Black Dye (25x)100/buy 0223N/A
0224Blue Dye (25x)100/buy 0224N/A
0225Brick Dye (25x)100/buy 0225N/A
0226Brown Dye (25x)100/buy 0226N/A
0227Cantaloupe Dye (25x)100/buy 0227N/A
0228Cyan Dye (25x)100/buy 0228N/A
0229Forest Dye (25x)100/buy 0229N/A
0230Green Dye (25x)100/buy 0230N/A
0231Magenta Dye (25x)100/buy 0231N/A
0232Mud Dye (25x)100/buy 0232N/A
0233Navy Dye (25x)100/buy 0233N/A
0234Olive Dye (25x)100/buy 0234N/A
0235Orange Dye (25x)100/buy 0235N/A
0236Parchment Dye (25x)100/buy 0236N/A
0237Pink Dye (25x)100/buy 0237N/A
0238Purple Dye (25x)100/buy 0238N/A
0239Red Dye (25x)100/buy 0239N/A
0240Royalty Dye (25x)100/buy 0240N/A
0241Silver Dye (25x)100/buy 0241N/A
0242Sky Dye (25x)100/buy 0242N/A
0243Slate Dye (25x)100/buy 0243N/A
0244Tan Dye (25x)100/buy 0244N/A
0245Tangerine Dye (25x)100/buy 0245N/A
0246White Dye (25x)100/buy 0246N/A
0247Yellow Dye (25x)100/buy 0247N/A
0248Allosaurus Saddle100/buy 0248N/A5
0249Ankylosaurus Saddle300/buy 0249N/A5
0250Araneo Saddle500/buy 0250N/A5
0251Argentavis Saddle600/buy 0251N/A5
0252Arthropluera Saddle500/buy 0252N/A5
0253Baryonyx Saddle300/buy 0253N/A5
0254Basilisk Saddle1100/buy 0254N/A5
0255Basilosaurus Saddle500/buy 0255N/A5
0256Beelzebufo Saddle300/buy 0256N/A5
0257Brontosaurus Saddle750/buy 0257N/A5
0258Brontosaurus Platform Saddle1200/buy 0258N/A5
0259Carbonemys Saddle300/buy 0259N/A5
0260Carnotaurus Saddle500/buy 0260N/A5
0261Castoroides Saddle500/buy 0261N/A5
0262Chalicotherium Saddle400/buy 0262N/A5
0263Daeodon Saddle500/buy 0263N/A5
0264Diplodocus Saddle1400/buy 0264N/A5
0265Direbear Saddle500/buy 0265N/A5
0266Doedicurus Saddle500/buy 0266N/A5
0267Dunkleosteus Saddle500/buy 0267N/A5
0268Equus Saddle500/buy 0268N/A5
0269Gacha Saddle500/buy 0269N/A5
0270Gallimimus Saddle500/buy 0270N/A5
0271Gasbags Saddle600/buy 0271N/A5
0272Giganotosaurus Saddle1100/buy 0272N/A5
0273Hyaenodon Meatpack400/buy 0273N/A5
0274Ichthyosaurus Saddle300/buy 0274N/A5
0275Iguanodon Saddle300/buy 0275N/A5
0276Kaprosuchus Saddle500/buy 0276N/A5
0277Karkinos Saddle500/buy 0277N/A5
0278Lymantria Saddle300/buy 0278N/A5
0279Mammoth Saddle500/buy 0279N/A5
0280Managarmr Saddle700/buy 0280N/A5
0281Manta Saddle300/buy 0281N/A5
0282Mantis Saddle500/buy 0282N/A5
0283Megalania Saddle500/buy 0283N/A5
0284Megaloceros Saddle500/buy 0284N/A5
0285Megalodon Saddle500/buy 0285N/A5
0286Megalosaurus Saddle500/buy 0286N/A5
0287Megatherium Saddle600/buy 0287N/A5
0288Morellatops Saddle300/buy 0288N/A5
0289Mosasaurus Saddle2000/buy 0289N/A5
0290Mosasaurus Platform Saddle5000/buy 0290N/A5
0291Pachy Saddle300/buy 0291N/A5
0292Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle300/buy 0292N/A5
0293Paraceratherium Saddle300/buy 0293N/A5
0294Paraceratherium Platform Saddle700/buy 0294N/A5
0295Parasaurolophus Saddle300/buy 0295N/A5
0296Pelagornis Saddle500/buy 0296N/A5
0297Phiomia Saddle300/buy 0297N/A5
0298Plesiosaur Saddle700/buy 0298N/A5
0299Plesiosaur Platform Saddle1500/buy 0299N/A5
0300Procoptodon Saddle700/buy 0300N/A5
0301Pteranodon Saddle500/buy 0301N/A5
0302Pulmonoscorpius Saddle300/buy 0302N/A5
0303Quetzalcoatlus Saddle1200/buy 0303N/A5
0304Quetzalcoatlus Platform Saddle2000/buy 0304N/A5
0305Raptor Saddle300/buy 0305N/A5
0306Ravager Saddle400/buy 0306N/A5
0307Rex Saddle700/buy 0307N/A5
0308Rock Drake Saddle1000/buy 0308N/A5
0309Rock Golem Saddle500/buy 0309N/A5
0310Roll Rat Saddle1200/buy 0310N/A5
0311Sabertooth Saddle500/buy 0311N/A5
0312Sarco Saddle500/buy 0312N/A5
0313Snow Owl Saddle700/buy 0313N/A5
0314Spinosaur Saddle600/buy 0314N/A5
0315Stegosaurus Saddle300/buy 0315N/A5
0316Tapejara Saddle500/buy 0316N/A5
0317Terror Bird Saddle300/buy 0317N/A5
0318Therizinosaur Saddle700/buy 0318N/A5
0319Thorny Dragon Saddle400/buy 0319N/A5
0320Thylacoleo Saddle500/buy 0320N/A5
0321Titanosaur Platform Saddle15000/buy 0321N/A5
0322Triceratops Saddle300/buy 0322N/A5
0323Tusoteuthis Saddle700/buy 0323N/A5
0324Velonasaur Saddle600/buy 0324N/A5
0325Woolly Rhino Saddle500/buy 0325N/A5
0326Yutyrannus Saddle1000/buy 0326N/A5
0327Deinonychus Saddle300/buy 0327N/A5
0328Clay (100x)250/buy 0328N/A5
a0001Artifact of the Brute700/buy a0001N/A5
a0002Artifact of the Clever700/buy a0002N/A5
a0003Artifact of the Cunning700/buy a0003N/A5
a0004Artifact of the Devious700/buy a0004N/A5
a0005Artifact of the Devourer700/buy a0005N/A5
a0006Artifact of the Hunter700/buy a0006N/A5
a0007Artifact of the Immune700/buy a0007N/A5
a0008Artifact of the Massive700/buy a0008N/A5
a0009Artifact of the Pack700/buy a0009N/A5
a0010Artifact of the Skylord700/buy a0010N/A5
a0011Artifact of the Strong700/buy a0011N/A5
a0012Artifact of the Gatekeeper (SE)700/buy a0012N/A5
a0013Artifact of the Crag (SE)700/buy a0013N/A5
a0014Artifact of the Destroyer (SE)700/buy a0014N/A5
a0015Artifact of the Depths (Ab)700/buy a0015N/A5
a0016Artifact of the Shadows (Ab)700/buy a0016N/A5
a0017Artifact of the Stalker (Ab)700/buy a0017N/A5
a0018Artifact of the Chaos (Ext)700/buy a0018N/A5
a0019Artifact of the Growth (Ext)700/buy a0019N/A5
a0020Artifact of the Void (Ext)700/buy a0020N/A5
a0021Allosaurus Brain100/buy a0021N/A5
a0022Alpha Basilisk Fang200/buy a0022N/A5
a0023Alpha Carnotaurus Arm200/buy a0023N/A5
a0024Alpha Karkinos Claw200/buy a0024N/A5
a0025Alpha Leedsichthys Blubber200/buy a0025N/A5
a0026Alpha Megalodon Fin200/buy a0026N/A5
a0027Alpha Mosasaur Tooth200/buy a0027N/A5
a0028Alpha Raptor Claw200/buy a0028N/A5
a0029Alpha Reaper King Barb200/buy a0029N/A5
a0030Alpha Tusoteuthis Eye200/buy a0030N/A5
a0031Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth200/buy a0031N/A5
a0032Argentavis Talon100/buy a0032N/A5
a0033Basilisk Scale100/buy a0033N/A5
a0034Basilosaurus Blubber100/buy a0034N/A5
a0035Corrupt Heart10/buy a0035N/A5
a0036Fire Talon100/buy a0036N/A5
a0037Gasbags Bladder100/buy a0037N/A5
a0038Giganotosaurus Heart100/buy a0038N/A5
a0039Lightning Talon100/buy a0039N/A5
a0040Megalania Toxin100/buy a0040N/A5
a0041Megalodon Tooth100/buy a0041N/A5
a0042Nameless Venom100/buy a0042N/A5
a0043Poison Talon100/buy a0043N/A5
a0044Reaper Pheromone Gland100/buy a0044N/A5
a0045Rock Drake Feather100/buy a0045N/A5
a0046Sarcosuchus Skin100/buy a0046N/A5
a0047Sauropod Vertebra100/buy a0047N/A5
a0048Spinosaurus Sail100/buy a0048N/A5
a0049Therizino Claws100/buy a0049N/A5
a0050Thylacoleo Hook-Claw100/buy a0050N/A5
a0051Titanboa Venom100/buy a0051N/A5
a0052Tusoteuthis Tentacle100/buy a0052N/A5
a0053Tyrannosaurus Arm100/buy a0053N/A5
a0054Yutyrannus Lungs100/buy a0054N/A5
a0055Alpha Deathworm Trophy1000/buy a0055N/A5
a0056Alpha Rex Trohpy1000/buy a0056N/A5
a0057Alpha Wyvern Trophy1000/buy a0057N/A5
a0058Alpha Broodmother Trophy2000/buy a0058N/A5
a0059Beta Broodmother Trophy1500/buy a0059N/A5
a0060Gamma Broodmother Trophy1000/buy a0060N/A5
a0061Alpha Megapithecus Trophy2000/buy a0061N/A5
a0062Beta Megapithecus Trophy1500/buy a0062N/A5
a0063Gamma Megapithecus Trophy1000/buy a0063N/A5
a0064Alpha Dragon Trophy2000/buy a0064N/A5
a0065Beta Dragon Trophy1500/buy a0065N/A5
a0066Gamma Dragon Trophy1000/buy a0066N/A5
a0067Alpha Manticore Trophy2000/buy a0067N/A5
a0068Beta Manticore Trophy1500/buy a0068N/A5
a0069Gamma Manticore Trophy1000/buy a0069N/A5
a0070Alpha Rockwell Trophy2000/buy a0070N/A5
a0071Beta Rockwell Trophy1500/buy a0071N/A5
a0072Gamma Rockwell Trophy1000/buy a0072N/A5
a0073Desert Titan Trophy1500/buy a0073N/A5
a0074Forest Titan Trophy1500/buy a0074N/A5
a0075Ice Titan Trophy1500/buy a0075N/A5
a0076Alpha King Titan Trophy10000/buy a0076N/A5
a0077Beta King Titan Trophy5000/buy a0077N/A5
a0078Gamma King Titan Trophy2500/buy a0078N/A5
v0001Adobe Ceiling200/buy v0001N/A5
v0002Adobe Dinosaur Gate200/buy v0002N/A5
v0003Adobe Dinosaur Gateway300/buy v0003N/A5
v0004Adobe Door40/buy v0004N/A5
v0005Adobe Doorframe50/buy v0005N/A5
v0006Adobe Double Doorframe50/buy v0006N/A5
v0007Adobe Double Door40/buy v0007N/A5
v0008Adobe Fence Foundation40/buy v0008N/A5
v0009Adobe Fence Support40/buy v0009N/A5
v0010Adobe Foundation250/buy v0010N/A5
v0011Adobe Hatchframe125/buy v0011N/A5
v0012Adobe Ladder15/buy v0012N/A5
v0013Adobe Pillar100/buy v0013N/A5
v0014Adobe Railing40/buy v0014N/A5
v0015Adobe Ramp150/buy v0015N/A5
v0016Adobe Staircase500/buy v0016N/A5
v0017Adobe Stairs150/buy v0017N/A5
v0018Adobe Trapdoor40/buy v0018N/A5
v0019Adobe Triangle Ceiling50/buy v0019N/A5
v0020Adobe Triangle Foundation100/buy v0020N/A5
v0021Adobe Triangle Roof100/buy v0021N/A5
v0022Adobe Wall100/buy v0022N/A5
v0023Adobe Window20/buy v0023N/A5
v0024Adobe Windowframe100/buy v0024N/A5
v0025Air Conditioner200/buy v0025N/A5
v0026Artifact Pedastal350/buy v0026N/A5
v0027Auto Turret2500/buy v0027N/A5
v0028Ballista Turret1000/buy v0028N/A5
v0029Bee Hive600/buy v0029N/A5
v0030Beer Barrel400/buy v0030N/A5
v0031Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gate1000/buy v0031N/A5
v0032Behemoth Adobe Dinosaur Gateway2000/buy v0032N/A5
v0033Behemoth Metal Gateway5000/buy v0033N/A5
v0034Behemoth Metal Gate2500/buy v0034N/A5
v0035Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate1000/buy v0035N/A5
v0036Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway1500/buy v0036N/A5
v0037Behemoth Tek Gateway42500/buy v0037N/A5
v0038Behemoth Tek Gate21000/buy v0038N/A5
v0039Bookshelf200/buy v0039N/A5
v0040Bunk Bed800/buy v0040N/A5
v0041Campfire10/buy v0041N/A5
v0042Cannon2250/buy v0042N/A5
v0043Catapult Turret1200/buy v0043N/A5
v0044Chemistry Bench7500/buy v0044N/A5
v0045Cloning Chamber120000/buy v0045N/A5
v0046Compost Bin100/buy v0046N/A5
v0047Cooking Pot150/buy v0047N/A5
v0048Cryofridge500/buy v0048N/A5
v0049Delivery Crate1000/buy v0049N/A5
v0050Dino Leash200/buy v0050N/A5
v0051Dinosaur Gateway300/buy v0051N/A5
v0052Dinosaur Gate150/buy v0052N/A5
v0053Dragon Flag500/buy v0053N/A5
v0054Electrical Cable Intersection10/buy v0054N/A5
v0055Electrical Generator350/buy v0055N/A5
v0056Electrical Outlet20/buy v0056N/A5
v0057Elevator Track600/buy v0057N/A5
v0058Fabricator350/buy v0058N/A5
v0059Feeding Trough100/buy v0059N/A5
v0060Fish Basket150/buy v0060N/A5
v0061Flexible Electrical Cable10/buy v0061N/A5
v0062Gas Collector250/buy v0062N/A5
v0063Giant Adobe Hatchframe250/buy v0063N/A5
v0064Giant Adobe Trapdoor300/buy v0064N/A5
v0065Giant Metal Hatchframe550/buy v0065N/A5
v0066Giant Metal Trapdoor800/buy v0066N/A5
v0067Giant Reinforced Trapdoor500/buy v0067N/A5
v0068Giant Stone Hatchframe600/buy v0068N/A5
v0069Gorilla Flag500/buy v0069N/A5
v0070Gravestone100/buy v0070N/A5
v0071Greenhouse Ceiling150/buy v0071N/A5
v0072Greenhouse Doorframe100/buy v0072N/A5
v0073Greenhouse Door80/buy v0073N/A5
v0074Greenhouse Double Doorframe100/buy v0074N/A5
v0075Greenhouse Double Door80/buy v0075N/A5
v0076Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling80/buy v0076N/A5
v0077Greenhouse Triangle Roof125/buy v0077N/A5
v0078Greenhouse Wall120/buy v0078N/A5
v0079Greenhouse Window50/buy v0079N/A5
v0080Heavy Auto Turret10000/buy v0080N/A5
v0081Hide Sleeping Bag50/buy v0081N/A5
v0082Homing Underwater Mine4000/buy v0082N/A5
v0083Inclined Electrical Cable10/buy v0083N/A5
v0084Industrial Cooker6000/buy v0084N/A5
v0085Industrial Forge8000/buy v0085N/A5
v0086Industrial Grill600/buy v0086N/A5
v0087Industrial Grinder12000/buy v0087N/A5
v0088King Titan Flag1000/buy v0088N/A5
v0089Lamppost150/buy v0089N/A5
v0090Large Adobe Wall400/buy v0090N/A5
v0091Large Crop Plot250/buy v0091N/A5
v0092Large Elevator Platform2500/buy v0092N/A5
v0093Large Metal Wall400/buy v0093N/A5
v0094Large Stone Wall200/buy v0094N/A5
v0095Large Storage Box100/buy v0095N/A5
v0096Large Taxidermy Base1000/buy v0096N/A5
v0097Large Tek Wall4500/buy v0097N/A5
v0098Large Wood Elevator Platform800/buy v0098N/A5
v0099Large Wooden Wall200/buy v0099N/A5
v0100Manticore Flag500/buy v0100N/A5
v0101Medium Crop Plot200/buy v0101N/A5
v0102Medium Elevator Platform1000/buy v0102N/A5
v0103Medium Taxidermy Base400/buy v0103N/A5
v0104Medium Wood Elevator Platform360/buy v0104N/A5
v0105Metal Billboard100/buy v0105N/A5
v0106Metal Catwalk40/buy v0106N/A5
v0107Metal Ceiling100/buy v0107N/A5
v0108Metal Cliff Platform3000/buy v0108N/A5
v0109Metal Dinosaur Gateway100/buy v0109N/A5
v0110Metal Dinosaur Gate400/buy v0110N/A5
v0111Metal Doorframe50/buy v0111N/A5
v0112Metal Door40/buy v0112N/A5
v0113Metal Double Doorframe50/buy v0113N/A5
v0114Metal Double Door50/buy v0114N/A5
v0115Metal Fence Foundation20/buy v0115N/A5
v0116Metal Fence Support20/buy v0116N/A5
v0117Metal Foundation250/buy v0117N/A5
v0118Metal Hatchframe100/buy v0118N/A5
v0119Metal Irrigation Pipe – Flexible10/buy v0119N/A5
v0120Metal Irrigation Pipe – Inclined20/buy v0120N/A5
v0121Metal Irrigation Pipe – Intake50/buy v0121N/A5
v0122Metal Irrigation Pipe – Intersection30/buy v0122N/A5
v0123Metal Irrigation Pipe – Straight20/buy v0123N/A5
v0124Metal Irrigation Pipe – Tap40/buy v0124N/A5
v0125Metal Irrigation Pipe – Vertical20/buy v0125N/A5
v0126Metal Ladder50/buy v0126N/A5
v0127Metal Pillar80/buy v0127N/A5
v0128Metal Railing50/buy v0128N/A5
v0129Metal Ramp100/buy v0129N/A5
v0130Metal Sign20/buy v0130N/A5
v0131Metal Spike Wall100/buy v0131N/A5
v0132Metal Staircase300/buy v0132N/A5
v0133Metal Stairs100/buy v0133N/A5
v0134Metal Trapdoor50/buy v0134N/A5
v0135Metal Tree Platform5000/buy v0135N/A5
v0136Metal Triangle Ceiling75/buy v0136N/A5
v0137Metal Triangle Foundation100/buy v0137N/A5
v0138Metal Triangle Roof100/buy v0138N/A5
v0139Metal Wall Sign20/buy v0139N/A5
v0140Metal Wall100/buy v0140N/A5
v0141Metal Water Reservoir200/buy v0141N/A5
v0142Metal Windowframe70/buy v0142N/A5
v0143Metal Window30/buy v0143N/A5
v0144Minigun Turret2000/buy v0144N/A5
v0145Mirror400/buy v0145N/A5
v0146Mortar and Pestle40/buy v0146N/A5
v0147Motorboat3000/buy v0147N/A5
v0148Multi-Panel Flag20/buy v0148N/A5
v0149Oil Pump250/buy v0149N/A5
v0150Omnidirectional Lamppost100/buy v0150N/A5
v0151Painting Canvas10/buy v0151N/A5
v0152Portable Rope Ladder90/buy v0152N/A5
v0153Preserving Bin50/buy v0153N/A5
v0154Refining Forge100/buy v0154N/A5
v0155Refrigerator400/buy v0155N/A5
v0156Reinforced Dinosaur Gate90/buy v0156N/A5
v0157Reinforced Double Door50/buy v0157N/A5
v0158Reinforced Trapdoor30/buy v0158N/A5
v0159Reinforced Window20/buy v0159N/A5
v0160Reinforced Wooden Door40/buy v0160N/A5
v0161Remote Keypad700/buy v0161N/A5
v0162Rocket Turret15000/buy v0162N/A5
v0163Rockwell Flag500/buy v0163N/A5
v0164Rope Ladder70/buy v0164N/A5
v0165Shag Rug400/buy v0165N/A5
v0166Simple Bed90/buy v0166N/A5
v0167Single Panel Flag50/buy v0167N/A5
v0168Sloped Adobe Roof200/buy v0168N/A5
v0169Sloped Adobe Wall Left100/buy v0169N/A5
v0170Sloped Adobe Wall Right100/buy v0170N/A5
v0171Sloped Greenhouse Roof50/buy v0171N/A5
v0172Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left40/buy v0172N/A5
v0173Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right40/buy v0173N/A5
v0174Sloped Metal Roof100/buy v0174N/A5
v0175Sloped Metal Wall Left50/buy v0175N/A5
v0176Sloped Metal Wall Right50/buy v0176N/A5
v0177Sloped Stone Roof80/buy v0177N/A5
v0178Sloped Stone Wall Left40/buy v0178N/A5
v0179Sloped Stone Wall Right40/buy v0179N/A5
v0180Sloped Tek Roof550/buy v0180N/A5
v0181Sloped Tek Wall Left300/buy v0181N/A5
v0182Sloped Tek Wall Right300/buy v0182N/A5
v0183Sloped Thatch Roof20/buy v0183N/A5
v0184Sloped Thatch Wall Left10/buy v0184N/A5
v0185Sloped Thatch Wall Right10/buy v0185N/A5
v0186Sloped Wood Wall Left50/buy v0186N/A5
v0187Sloped Wood Wall Right25/buy v0187N/A5
v0188Sloped Wooden Roof25/buy v0188N/A5
v0189Small Crop Plot50/buy v0189N/A5
v0190Small Elevator Platform600/buy v0190N/A5
v0191Small Taxidermy Base100/buy v0191N/A5
v0192Small Wood Elevator Platform200/buy v0192N/A5
v0193Smithy90/buy v0193N/A5
v0194Spider Flag500/buy v0194N/A5
v0195Standing Torch10/buy v0195N/A5
v0196Stone Ceiling100/buy v0196N/A5
v0197Stone Cliff Platform1200/buy v0197N/A5
v0198Stone Dinosaur Gateway400/buy v0198N/A5
v0199Stone Doorframe90/buy v0199N/A5
v0200Stone Double Doorframe90/buy v0200N/A5
v0201Stone Fence Foundation20/buy v0201N/A5
v0202Stone Fence Support20/buy v0202N/A5
v0203Stone Fireplace600/buy v0203N/A5
v0204Stone Foundation100/buy v0204N/A5
v0205Stone Irrigation Pipe – Flexible10/buy v0205N/A5
v0206Stone Irrigation Pipe – Inclined10/buy v0206N/A5
v0207Stone Irrigation Pipe – Intake10/buy v0207N/A5
v0208Stone Irrigation Pipe – Intersection10/buy v0208N/A5
v0209Stone Irrigation Pipe – Straight10/buy v0209N/A5
v0210Stone Irrigation Pipe – Tap20/buy v0210N/A5
v0211Stone Irrigation Pipe – Vertical10/buy v0211N/A5
v0212Stone Pillar30/buy v0212N/A5
v0213Stone Railing20/buy v0213N/A5
v0214Stone Staircase200/buy v0214N/A5
v0215Stone Stairs80/buy v0215N/A5
v0216Stone Triangle Ceiling50/buy v0216N/A5
v0217Stone Triangle Foundation50/buy v0217N/A5
v0218Stone Trianlge Roof50/buy v0218N/A5
v0219Stone Wall50/buy v0219N/A5
v0220Stone Windowframe40/buy v0220N/A5
v0221Storage Box30/buy v0221N/A5
v0222Straight Electrical Cable10/buy v0222N/A5
v0223Tek Bridge3500/buy v0223N/A5
v0224Tek Catwalk1200/buy v0224N/A5
v0225Tek Ceiling1000/buy v0225N/A5
v0226Tek Dedicated Storage3500/buy v0226N/A5
v0227Tek Dinosaur Gateway2500/buy v0227N/A5
v0228Tek Dinosaur Gate2000/buy v0228N/A5
v0229Tek Doorframe1500/buy v0229N/A5
v0230Tek Door1000/buy v0230N/A5
v0231Tek Double Doorframe1500/buy v0231N/A5
v0232Tek Double Door2000/buy v0232N/A5
v0233Tek Fence Foundation300/buy v0233N/A5
v0234Tek Fence Support300/buy v0234N/A5
v0235Tek Shield100000/buy v0235N/A5
v0236Tek Foundation1400/buy v0236N/A5
v0237Tek Generator40000/buy v0237N/A5
v0238Tek Hatchframe1100/buy v0238N/A5
v0239Tek Ladder1000/buy v0239N/A5
v0240Tek Light2100/buy v0240N/A5
v0241Tek Pillar1000/buy v0241N/A5
v0242Tek Railing300/buy v0242N/A5
v0243Tek Ramp1000/buy v0243N/A5
v0244Tek Replicator110000/buy v0244N/A5
v0245Tek Sleeping Pod1200/buy v0245N/A5
v0246Tek Staircase700/buy v0246N/A5
v0247Tek Stairs1000/buy v0247N/A5
v0248Tek Teleporter100000/buy v0248N/A5
v0249Tek Transmitter50000/buy v0249N/A5
v0250Tek Trapdoor1000/buy v0250N/A5
v0251Tek Triangle Ceiling600/buy v0251N/A5
v0252Tek Triangle Foundation700/buy v0252N/A5
v0253Tek Triangle Roof4000/buy v0253N/A5
v0254Tek Trough20000/buy v0254N/A5
v0255Tek Turret10000/buy v0255N/A5
v0256Tek Wall1100/buy v0256N/A5
v0257Tek Windowframe1000/buy v0257N/A5
v0258Tek Window1000/buy v0258N/A5
v0259Tent100/buy v0259N/A5
v0260Thatch Ceiling20/buy v0260N/A5
v0261Thatch Doorframe15/buy v0261N/A5
v0262Thatch Door10/buy v0262N/A5
v0263Thatch Foundation20/buy v0263N/A5
v0264Thatch Wall15/buy v0264N/A5
v0265Toilet350/buy v0265N/A5
v0266Training Dummy100/buy v0266N/A5
v0267Tree Sap Tap250/buy v0267N/A5
v0268Trophy Wall-Mount300/buy v0268N/A5
v0269Vacuum Compartment Moonpool2500/buy v0269N/A5
v0270Vacuum Compartment2500/buy v0270N/A5
v0271Vault1500/buy v0271N/A5
v0272Verticle Electrical Cable10/buy v0272N/A5
v0273Vessel50/buy v0273N/A5
v0274Wall Torch10/buy v0274N/A5
v0275War Map10/buy v0275N/A5
v0276Wardrums450/buy v0276N/A5
v0277Water Reservoir20/buy v0277N/A5
v0278Water Well150/buy v0278N/A5
v0279Wind Turbine800/buy v0279N/A5
v0280Wood Elevator Top Switch300/buy v0280N/A5
v0281Wood Elevator Track150/buy v0281N/A5
v0282Wooden Bench200/buy v0282N/A5
v0283Wooden Billboard100/buy v0283N/A5
v0284Wooden Cage150/buy v0284N/A5
v0285Wooden Catwalk30/buy v0285N/A5
v0286Wooden Ceiling80/buy v0286N/A5
v0287Wooden Chair30/buy v0287N/A5
v0288Wooden Doorframe30/buy v0288N/A5
v0289Wooden Door20/buy v0289N/A5
v0290Wooden Double Doorframe30/buy v0290N/A5
v0291Wooden Double Door40/buy v0291N/A5
v0292Wooden Fence Foundation10/buy v0292N/A5
v0293Wooden Fence Support10/buy v0293N/A5
v0294Wooden Foundation80/buy v0294N/A5
v0295Wooden Hatchframe50/buy v0295N/A5
v0296Wooden Ladder10/buy v0296N/A5
v0297Wooden Pillar40/buy v0297N/A5
v0298Wooden Raft400/buy v0298N/A5
v0299Wooden Railing20/buy v0299N/A5
v0300Wooden Ramp60/buy v0300N/A5
v0301Wooden Sign10/buy v0301N/A5
v0302Wooden Spike Wall40/buy v0302N/A5
v0303Wooden Staircase300/buy v0303N/A5
v0304Wooden Stairs60/buy v0304N/A5
v0305Wooden Table100/buy v0305N/A5
v0306Wooden Trapdoor20/buy v0306N/A5
v0307Wooden Tree Platform1500/buy v0307N/A5
v0308Wooden Triangle Ceiling30/buy v0308N/A5
v0309Wooden Triangle Foundation40/buy v0309N/A5
v0310Wooden Triangle Roof40/buy v0310N/A5
v0311Wooden Wall Sign10/buy v0311N/A5
v0312Wooden Wall40/buy v0312N/A5
v0313Wooden Windowframe40/buy v0313N/A5
v0314Wooden Window10/buy v0314N/A5
v0315Stone Hatchframe75/buy v0315N/A5
s0001S+ Adobe Ceiling200/buy s0001N/A5
s0002S+ Adobe Gate200/buy s0002N/A5
s0003S+ Adobe Gateway300/buy s0003N/A5
s0004S+ Behemoth Adobe Gate1000/buy s0004N/A5
s0005S+ Behemoth Adobe Gateway2000/buy s0005N/A5
s0006S+ Adobe Door40/buy s0006N/A5
s0007S+ Adobe Doorframe50/buy s0007N/A5
s0008S+ Adobe Double Doorframe50/buy s0008N/A5
s0009S+ Adobe Double Door40/buy s0009N/A5
s0010S+ Adobe Fence Foundation40/buy s0010N/A5
s0011S+ Adobe Fence Support40/buy s0011N/A5
s0012S+ Adobe Foundation250/buy s0012N/A5
s0013S+ Adobe Hatchframe125/buy s0013N/A5
s0014S+ Large Adobe Hatchframe250/buy s0014N/A5
s0015S+ Large Sloped Adobe Hatchframe250/buy s0015N/A5
s0016S+ Behemoth Adobe Hatchframe500/buy s0016N/A5
s0017S+ Behemoth Sloped Adobe Hatchframe500/buy s0017N/A5
s0018S+ Adobe Ladder15/buy s0018N/A5
s0019S+ Small Adobe Pillar100/buy s0019N/A5
s0020S+ Medium Adobe Pillar400/buy s0020N/A5
s0021S+ Large Adobe Pillar1200/buy s0021N/A5
s0022S+ Dynamic Adobe Pillar100/buy s0022N/A5
s0023S+ Adobe Railing40/buy s0023N/A5
s0024S+ Adobe Ramp150/buy s0024N/A5
s0025S+ Adobe Staircase500/buy s0025N/A5
s0026S+ Adobe Trapdoor40/buy s0026N/A5
s0027S+ Large Adobe Trapdoor200/buy s0027N/A5
s0028S+ Behemoth Adobe Trapdoor400/buy s0028N/A5
s0029S+ Adobe Triangle Ceiling50/buy s0029N/A5
s0030S+ Adobe Triangle Foundation100/buy s0030N/A5
s0031S+ Adobe Triangle Roof100/buy s0031N/A5
s0032S+ Adobe Wall100/buy s0032N/A5
s0033S+ Large Adobe Wall400/buy s0033N/A5
s0034S+ XL Adobe Wall1200/buy s0034N/A5
s0035S+ Adobe Window20/buy s0035N/A5
s0036S+ Adobe Windowframe100/buy s0036N/A5
s0037S+ Sloped Adobe Roof200/buy s0037N/A5
s0038S+ Sloped Adobe Wall Left100/buy s0038N/A5
s0039S+ Sloped Adobe Wall Right100/buy s0039N/A5
s0040S+ Air Conditioner200/buy s0040N/A5
s0041S+ Auto Turret2500/buy s0041N/A5
s0042S+ Ballista Turret1000/buy s0042N/A5
s0043S+ Domesticated Bee Hive600/buy s0043N/A5
s0044S+ Beer Barrel400/buy s0044N/A5
s0045S+ Bookshelf200/buy s0045N/A5
s0046S+ Bunk Bed800/buy s0046N/A5
s0047S+ Campfire10/buy s0047N/A5
s0048S+ Cannon Turret5500/buy s0048N/A5
s0049S+ Chemistry Bench7500/buy s0049N/A5
s0050S+ Cloning Chamber120000/buy s0050N/A5
s0051S+ Compost Bin100/buy s0051N/A5
s0052S+ Cooking Pot150/buy s0052N/A5
s0053S+ Tek Leash200/buy s0053N/A5
s0054S+ Electrical Cable – Intersection10/buy s0054N/A5
s0055S+ Electrical Cable – Horizontal10/buy s0055N/A5
s0056S+ Electrical Cable – Incline10/buy s0056N/A5
s0057S+ Electrical Cable – Vertical10/buy s0057N/A5
s0058S+ Electrical Cable – Flexible10/buy s0058N/A5
s0059S+ Electrical Cable – Internal Square10/buy s0059N/A5
s0060S+ Electrical Cable – Internal Wall10/buy s0060N/A5
s0061S+ Electrical Cable – Internal Triangle10/buy s0061N/A5
s0062S+ Electrical Cable – Internal Pillar10/buy s0062N/A5
s0063S+ Electrical Generator350/buy s0063N/A5
s0064S+ Electrical Outlet20/buy s0064N/A5
s0065S+ Elevator Track600/buy s0065N/A5
s0066S+ Small Elevator Platform600/buy s0066N/A5
s0067S+ Medium Elevator Platform1000/buy s0067N/A5
s0068S+ Large Elevator Platform2500/buy s0068N/A5
s0069S+ Tek Elevator – Square3500/buy s0069N/A5
s0070S+ Tek Elevator – Triangle2500/buy s0070N/A5
s0071S+ Fabricator350/buy s0071N/A5
s0072S+ Feeding Trough100/buy s0072N/A5
s0073S+ Tek Gas Collector250/buy s0073N/A5
s0074S+ Greenhouse Ceiling150/buy s0074N/A5
s0075S+ Greenhouse Doorframe100/buy s0075N/A5
s0076S+ Greenhouse Door80/buy s0076N/A5
s0077S+ Greenhouse Double Doorframe100/buy s0077N/A5
s0078S+ Greenhouse Double Door80/buy s0078N/A5
s0079S+ Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling80/buy s0079N/A5
s0080S+ Greenhouse Triangle Roof125/buy s0080N/A5
s0081S+ Greenhouse Wall120/buy s0081N/A5
s0082S+ Greenhouse Window50/buy s0082N/A5
s0083S+ Sloped Greenhouse Roof50/buy s0083N/A5
s0084S+ Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left40/buy s0084N/A5
s0085S+ Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right40/buy s0085N/A5
s0086S+ Heavy Auto Turret10000/buy s0086N/A5
s0087S+ Industrial Cooker6000/buy s0087N/A5
s0088S+ Industrial Forge8000/buy s0088N/A5
s0089S+ Industrial Grill600/buy s0089N/A5
s0090S+ Industrial Grinder12000/buy s0090N/A5
s0091S+ Multilamp150/buy s0091N/A5
s0092S+ Large Crop Plot250/buy s0092N/A5
s0093S+ Medium Crop Plot200/buy s0093N/A5
s0094S+ Small Crop Plot50/buy s0094N/A5
s0095S+ Seamless Crop Plot – Square500/buy s0095N/A5
s0096S+ Seamless Crop Plot – Triangle250/buy s0096N/A5
s0097S+ Large Storage Box100/buy s0097N/A5
s0098S+ Large Taxidermy Base1000/buy s0098N/A5
s0099S+ Medium Taxidermy Base400/buy s0099N/A5
s0100S+ Metal Catwalk40/buy s0100N/A5
s0101S+ Metal Ceiling100/buy s0101N/A5
s0102S+ Metal Dinosaur Gateway400/buy s0102N/A5
s0103S+ Behemoth Metal Dinosaur Gate2500/buy s0103N/A5
s0104S+ Behemoth Metal Dinosaur Gateway5000/buy s0104N/A5
s0105S+ Metal Dinosaur Gate200/buy s0105N/A5
s0106S+ Metal Doorframe50/buy s0106N/A5
s0107S+ Metal Door40/buy s0107N/A5
s0108S+ Metal Double Doorframe50/buy s0108N/A5
s0109S+ Metal Double Door50/buy s0109N/A5
s0110S+ Metal Fence Foundation20/buy s0110N/A5
s0111S+ Metal Fence Support20/buy s0111N/A5
s0112S+ Metal Foundation250/buy s0112N/A5
s0113S+ Metal Hatchframe100/buy s0113N/A5
s0114S+ Large Metal Hatchframe550/buy s0114N/A5
s0115S+ Large Sloped Metal Hatchframe550/buy s0115N/A5
s0116S+ Behemoth Metal Hatchframe1100/buy s0116N/A5
s0117S+ Behemoth Sloped Metal Hatchframe1100/buy s0117N/A5
s0118S+ Metal Irrigation Pipe – Flexible10/buy s0118N/A5
s0119S+ Metal Irrigation Pipe – Inclined20/buy s0119N/A5
s0120S+ Metal Irrigation Pipe – Intake50/buy s0120N/A5
s0121S+ Metal Irrigation Pipe – Intersection30/buy s0121N/A5
s0122S+ Metal Irrigation Pipe – Straight20/buy s0122N/A5
s0123S+ Metal Irrigation Pipe – Tap40/buy s0123N/A5
s0124S+ Metal Irrigation Pipe – Vertical20/buy s0124N/A5
s0125S+ Metal Ladder50/buy s0125N/A5
s0126S+ Small Metal Pillar80/buy s0126N/A5
s0127S+ Medium Metal Pillar320/buy s0127N/A5
s0128S+ Large Metal Pillar960/buy s0128N/A5
s0129S+ Dynamic Metal Pillar80/buy s0129N/A5
s0130S+ Metal Railing50/buy s0130N/A5
s0131S+ Metal Ramp100/buy s0131N/A5
s0132S+ Metal Spike Wall100/buy s0132N/A5
s0133S+ Metal Staircase300/buy s0133N/A5
s0134S+ Metal Trapdoor50/buy s0134N/A5
s0135S+ Large Metal Trapdoor800/buy s0135N/A5
s0136S+ Behemoth Metal Trapdoor1600/buy s0136N/A5
s0137S+ Metal Triangle Ceiling75/buy s0137N/A5
s0138S+ Metal Triangle Foundation100/buy s0138N/A5
s0139S+ Metal Triangle Roof100/buy s0139N/A5
s0140S+ Metal Wall100/buy s0140N/A5
s0141S+ Large Metal Wall100/buy s0141N/A5
s0142S+ XL Metal Wall100/buy s0142N/A5
s0143S+ Metal Water Reservoir200/buy s0143N/A5
s0144S+ Metal Windowframe70/buy s0144N/A5
s0145S+ Metal Window30/buy s0145N/A5
s0146S+ Sloped Metal Roof100/buy s0146N/A5
s0147S+ Sloped Metal Wall Left50/buy s0147N/A5
s0148S+ Sloped Metal Wall Right50/buy s0148N/A5
s0149S+ Minigun Turret2000/buy s0149N/A5
s0150S+ Mortar and Pestle40/buy s0150N/A5
s0151S+ Preserving Bin50/buy s0151N/A5
s0152S+ Refining Forge100/buy s0152N/A5
s0153S+ Refrigerator400/buy s0153N/A5
s0154S+ Rocket Turret15000/buy s0154N/A5
s0155S+ Rope Ladder70/buy s0155N/A5
s0156S+ Simple Bed90/buy s0156N/A5
s0157S+ Small Taxidermy Base100/buy s0157N/A5
s0158S+ Smithy90/buy s0158N/A5
s0159S+ Standing Torch10/buy s0159N/A5
s0160S+ Stone Ceiling100/buy s0160N/A5
s0161S+ Stone Dinosaur Gateway400/buy s0161N/A5
s0162S+ Reinforced Gate90/buy s0162N/A5
s0163S+ Behemoth Reinforced Gate1000/buy s0163N/A5
s0164S+ Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway1500/buy s0164N/A5
s0165S+ Stone Doorframe90/buy s0165N/A5
s0166S+ Reinforced Door90/buy s0166N/A5
s0167S+ Stone Double Doorframe90/buy s0167N/A5
s0168S+ Reinforced Double Door90/buy s0168N/A5
s0169S+ Stone Fence Foundation20/buy s0169N/A5
s0170S+ Stone Fence Support20/buy s0170N/A5
s0171S+ Stone Fireplace600/buy s0171N/A5
s0172S+ Stone Foundation100/buy s0172N/A5
s0173S+ Stone Hatchframe100/buy s0173N/A5
s0174S+ Large Stone Hatchframe600/buy s0174N/A5
s0175S+ Large Sloped Stone Hatchframe600/buy s0175N/A5
s0176S+ Behemoth Stone Hatchframe1200/buy s0176N/A5
s0177S+ Behemoth Sloped Stone Hatchframe1200/buy s0177N/A5
s0178S+ Reinforced Trapdoor50/buy s0178N/A5
s0179S+ Large Reinforced Trapdoor500/buy s0179N/A5
s0180S+ Behemoth Reinforced Trapdoor1000/buy s0180N/A5
s0181S+ Stone Irrigation Pipe – Flexible10/buy s0181N/A5
s0182S+ Stone Irrigation Pipe – Inclined10/buy s0182N/A5
s0183S+ Stone Irrigation Pipe – Intake10/buy s0183N/A5
s0184S+ Stone Irrigation Pipe – Intersection10/buy s0184N/A5
s0185S+ Stone Irrigation Pipe – Straight10/buy s0185N/A5
s0186S+ Stone Irrigation Pipe – Tap20/buy s0186N/A5
s0187S+ Stone Irrigation Pipe – Vertical10/buy s0187N/A5
s0188S+ Small Stone Pillar30/buy s0188N/A5
s0189S+ Medium Stone Pillar120/buy s0189N/A5
s0190S+ Large Stone Pillar360/buy s0190N/A5
s0191S+ Dynamic Stone Pillar30/buy s0191N/A5
s0192S+ Stone Railing20/buy s0192N/A5
s0193S+ Stone Staircase200/buy s0193N/A5
s0194S+ Stone Triangle Ceiling50/buy s0194N/A5
s0195S+ Stone Triangle Foundation50/buy s0195N/A5
s0196S+ Stone Triangle Roof50/buy s0196N/A5
s0197S+ Stone Wall50/buy s0197N/A5
s0198S+ Large Stone Wall200/buy s0198N/A5
s0199S+ XL Stone Wall600/buy s0199N/A5
s0200S+ Stone Windowframe40/buy s0200N/A5
s0201S+ Reinforced Window40/buy s0201N/A5
s0202S+ Sloped Stone Roof80/buy s0202N/A5
s0203S+ Sloped Stone Wall Right40/buy s0203N/A5
s0204S+ Sloped Stone Wall Left40/buy s0204N/A5
s0205S+ Storage Box30/buy s0205N/A5
s0206S+ Metal Storage Box150/buy s0206N/A5
s0207S+ Tek Bridge3500/buy s0207N/A5
s0208S+ Tek Catwalk1200/buy s0208N/A5
s0209S+ Tek Ceiling1000/buy s0209N/A5
s0210S+ Tek Glass Ceiling1000/buy s0210N/A5
s0211S+ Tek Dedicated Storage7000/buy s0211N/A5
s0212S+ Tek Dedicated Storage Intake42000/buy s0212N/A5
s0213S+ Tek Dinosaur Gateway2500/buy s0213N/A5
s0214S+ Tek Dinosaur Gate2000/buy s0214N/A5
s0215S+ Behemoth Tek Dinosaur Gateway42500/buy s0215N/A5
s0216S+ Behemoth Tek Dinosaur Gate21000/buy s0216N/A5
s0217S+ Tek Doorframe1500/buy s0217N/A5
s0218S+ Tek Door1000/buy s0218N/A5
s0219S+ Tek Double Doorframe1500/buy s0219N/A5
s0220S+ Tek Double Door2000/buy s0220N/A5
s0221S+ Tek Fence Foundation300/buy s0221N/A5
s0222S+ Tek Fence Support300/buy s0222N/A5
s0223S+ Tek Shield100000/buy s0223N/A5
s0224S+ Tek Foundation1400/buy s0224N/A5
s0225S+ Tek Generator40000/buy s0225N/A5
s0226S+ Tek Hatchframe1100/buy s0226N/A5
s0227S+ Large Tek Hatchframe2100/buy s0227N/A5
s0228S+ Large Sloped Tek Hatchframe2100/buy s0228N/A5
s0229S+ Behemoth Tek Hatchframe4100/buy s0229N/A5
s0230S+ Behemoth Sloped Tek Hatchframe4100/buy s0230N/A5
s0231S+ Tek Ladder1000/buy s0231N/A5
s0232S+ Tek Light2100/buy s0232N/A5
s0233S+ Small Tek Pillar1000/buy s0233N/A5
s0234S+ Medium Tek Pillar4000/buy s0234N/A5
s0235S+ Large Tek Pillar12000/buy s0235N/A5
s0236S+ Dynamic Tek Pillar1000/buy s0236N/A5
s0237S+ Tek Railing300/buy s0237N/A5
s0238S+ Tek Ramp1000/buy s0238N/A5
s0239S+ Tek Replicator110000/buy s0239N/A5
s0240S+ Tek Sleeping Pod1200/buy s0240N/A5
s0241S+ Tek Staircase700/buy s0241N/A5
s0242S+ Tek Teleporter100000/buy s0242N/A5
s0243S+ Tek Transmitter50000/buy s0243N/A5
s0244S+ Tek Trapdoor1000/buy s0244N/A5
s0245S+ Large Tek Trapdoor1000/buy s0245N/A5
s0246S+ Behemoth Tek Trapdoor2000/buy s0246N/A5
s0247S+ Tek Triangle Ceiling600/buy s0247N/A5
s0248S+ Tek Triangle Foundation700/buy s0248N/A5
s0249S+ Tek Triangle Roof4000/buy s0249N/A5
s0250S+ Tek Trough20000/buy s0250N/A5
s0251S+ Tek Turret10000/buy s0251N/A5
s0252S+ Tek Wall1100/buy s0252N/A5
s0253S+ Large Tek Wall4400/buy s0253N/A5
s0254S+ XL Tek Wall13200/buy s0254N/A5
s0255S+ Tek Forcefield Wall1500/buy s0255N/A5
s0256S+ Large Tek Forcefield Wall6000/buy s0256N/A5
s0257S+ XL Tek Forcefield Wall18000/buy s0257N/A5
s0258S+ Tek Glass Wall1100/buy s0258N/A5
s0259S+ Tek Windowframe1000/buy s0259N/A5
s0260S+ Tek Window1000/buy s0260N/A5
s0261S+ Sloped Tek Roof550/buy s0261N/A5
s0262S+ Sloped Glass Tek Roof700/buy s0262N/A5
s0263S+ Sloped Tek Wall Left300/buy s0263N/A5
s0264S+ Sloped Tek Wall Right300/buy s0264N/A5
s0265S+ Thatch Ceiling20/buy s0265N/A5
s0266S+ Thatch Doorframe15/buy s0266N/A5
s0267S+ Thatch Door10/buy s0267N/A5
s0268S+ Thatch Foundation20/buy s0268N/A5
s0269S+ Thatch Wall15/buy s0269N/A5
s0270S+ Tree Sap Tap250/buy s0270N/A5
s0271S+ Vacuum Compartment Moonpool2500/buy s0271N/A5
s0272S+ Vacuum Compartment2500/buy s0272N/A5
s0273S+ Sloped Vacuum Compartment1250/buy s0273N/A5
s0274S+ Vacuum Compartment Door1250/buy s0274N/A5
s0275S+ Moonpool Trapdoor1250/buy s0275N/A5
s0276S+ Vault1500/buy s0276N/A5
s0277S+ Vessel50/buy s0277N/A5
s0278S+ Wall Torch10/buy s0278N/A5
s0279S+ Stone Water Reservoir20/buy s0279N/A5
s0280S+ Wind Turbine800/buy s0280N/A5
s0281S+ Wooden Catwalk30/buy s0281N/A5
s0282S+ Wooden Ceiling80/buy s0282N/A5
s0283S+ Wooden Doorframe30/buy s0283N/A5
s0284S+ Wooden Door20/buy s0284N/A5
s0285S+ Wooden Double Doorframe30/buy s0285N/A5
s0286S+ Wooden Double Door40/buy s0286N/A5
s0287S+ Wooden Fence Foundation10/buy s0287N/A5
s0288S+ Wooden Fence Support10/buy s0288N/A5
s0289S+ Wooden Foundation80/buy s0289N/A5
s0290S+ Wooden Dinosaur Gateway80/buy s0290N/A5
s0291S+ Wooden Dinosaur Gate80/buy s0291N/A5
s0292S+ Wooden Hatchframe50/buy s0292N/A5
s0293S+ Wooden Ladder10/buy s0293N/A5
s0294S+ Small Wooden Pillar40/buy s0294N/A5
s0295S+ Medium Wooden Pillar160/buy s0295N/A5
s0296S+ Large Wooden Pillar480/buy s0296N/A5
s0297S+ Dynamic Wooden Pillar40/buy s0297N/A5
s0298S+ Wooden Railing20/buy s0298N/A5
s0299S+ Wooden Ramp60/buy s0299N/A5
s0300S+ Wooden Spike Wall40/buy s0300N/A5
s0301S+ Wooden Staircase300/buy s0301N/A5
s0302S+ Wooden Trapdoor20/buy s0302N/A5
s0303S+ Wooden Triangle Ceiling30/buy s0303N/A5
s0304S+ Wooden Triangle Foundation40/buy s0304N/A5
s0305S+ Wooden Triangle Roof40/buy s0305N/A5
s0306S+ Wooden Wall40/buy s0306N/A5
s0307S+ Large Wooden Wall160/buy s0307N/A5
s0308S+ XL Wooden Wall780/buy s0308N/A5
s0309S+ Wooden Windowframe40/buy s0309N/A5
s0310S+ Wooden Window10/buy s0310N/A5
s0311S+ Sloped Wooden Roof40/buy s0311N/A5
s0312S+ Sloped Wooden Wall Left20/buy s0312N/A5
s0313S+ Sloped Wooden Wall Right20/buy s0313N/A5
s0314S+ Dynamic Gateway20/buy s0314N/A5
s0315S+ Dynamic Gate20/buy s0315N/A5
s0316S+ Glass Catwalk40/buy s0316N/A5
s0317S+ Glass Ceiling100/buy s0317N/A5
s0318S+ Glass Triangle Ceiling75/buy s0318N/A5
s0319S+ Glass Door50/buy s0319N/A5
s0320S+ Glass Double Door50/buy s0320N/A5
s0321S+ Glass Foundation250/buy s0321N/A5
s0322S+ Glass Triangle Foundation200/buy s0322N/A5
s0323S+ Glass Dinosaur Gate200/buy s0323N/A5
s0324S+ Behemoth Glass Dinosaur Gate2500/buy s0324N/A5
s0325S+ Glass Hatchframe50/buy s0325N/A5
s0326S+ Glass Railing50/buy s0326N/A5
s0327S+ Glass Ramp100/buy s0327N/A5
s0328S+ Sloped Glass Roof100/buy s0328N/A5
s0329S+ Glass Triangle Roof75/buy s0329N/A5
s0330S+ Glass Staircase300/buy s0330N/A5
s0331S+ Glass Trapdoor50/buy s0331N/A5
s0332S+ Large Glass Trapdoor800/buy s0332N/A5
s0333S+ Behemoth Glass Trapdoor1600/buy s0333N/A5
s0334S+ Glass Wall100/buy s0334N/A5
s0335S+ Large Glass Wall400/buy s0335N/A5
s0336S+ XL Glass Wall1200/buy s0336N/A5
s0337S+ Glass Doorway50/buy s0337N/A5
s0338S+ Glass Double Doorway50/buy s0338N/A5
s0339S+ Sloped Glass Wall Left50/buy s0339N/A5
s0340S+ Sloped Glass Wall Right50/buy s0340N/A5
s0341S+ Glass Window20/buy s0341N/A5
s0342S+ Internal Piping – Square20/buy s0342N/A5
s0343S+ Internal Piping – Wall20/buy s0343N/A5
s0344S+ Internal Piping – Triangle20/buy s0344N/A5
s0345S+ Internal Piping – Pillar20/buy s0345N/A5
s0346S+ Tek Storage6750/buy s0346N/A5
s0347S+ Flame Turret3000/buy s0347N/A5
s0348S+ Tranq Turret4000/buy s0348N/A5
s0349S+ Gardener100/buy s0349N/A5
s0350S+ Item Collector200/buy s0350N/A5
s0351S+ Sheep Herder100/buy s0351N/A5
s0352S+ Farmer100/buy s0352N/A5
s0353S+ Hatchery500/buy s0353N/A5
s0354S+ Blueprint Maker10/buy s0354N/A5
s0355S+ Converter10/buy s0355N/A5
s0356S+ Animal Tender1000/buy s0356N/A5
s0357S+ Hitching Post100/buy s0357N/A5
s0358S+ Nanny500/buy s0358N/A5
s0359S+ Elevator Call Button100/buy s0359N/A5
s0360S+ Charge Injector1000/buy s0360N/A5
s0361S+ Element Catalyzer4000/buy s0361N/A5
s0362S+ Vivarium1200/buy s0362N/A5
s0363S+ Autocrafter100000/buy s0363N/A5
s0364S+ Mannequin100/buy s0364N/A5
s0365S+ Repulser Plate4000/buy s0365N/A5
s0366S+ Planetary Shield100000/buy s0366N/A5
s0367S+ Incinerator4000/buy s0367N/A5
s0368S+ Repair Station10000/buy s0368N/A5
s0369S+ Item Translocator15000/buy s0369N/A5
s0370S+ Drone Terminal4000/buy s0370N/A5
s0371S+ Tek Hitching Post2000/buy s0371N/A5
s0372S+ Gacha Gavager40000/buy s0372N/A5
s0373S+ Crystal Cracker20000/buy s0373N/A5
s0374S+ Mutator30000/buy s0374N/A5