ARK PvE Scorched Earth a barren wasteland swept across desert sands. With perilous beasts creeping around each deep canyon and tall mountain. Will you find the heart in these lands and steal the mighty treasure from the clutches of the deadly, venomous Manticore? Welcome to ARK PvE Scorched Earth, where the oases are few and far between but where it lacks in safety it makes up for in raw, tough, survival.

This was the first official DLC map released by Wildcard. The map itself is set in a giant desert with small patches of oases spread throughout. This map is not for the faint of heart! With unpredictable weather patterns, severe heat and dangerous creatures lurking below and above ground, it will truly test your survival skills.

The weather systems are harsh and without a tent to hand or a helpful Jerboa buddy, they will often take you by surprise leaving you to fend for yourself amidst a sandstorm, or helplessly searching for water through a heatwave. The weather is dynamic and brutal, don’t underestimate the damage it can do.

With the dangers the map already holds, it brings some menacing critters ready to test your taming prowess. Morellatops, Thorny Dragons and the mighty Wyverns living in the heart of the map, these creatures will trial your ability to adapt to new taming methods and provide ways to truly travel in style.

The map on the surface looks like a wasteland, however, when you delve into exploration you will find this barren looking place is full of beautiful base spots and hidden gems in scenery and expanse. It is a map that calls for those who like to be prepared for every eventuality, so pack your kitchen sink and delve into this extraordinary world of new mechanics and test yourself, Survivor!

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