The Lost Isle is the latest official (non-Canon) map from Studio Wildcard.
From the foreboding Monkey Temple in the North to the Scorching Deserts of the South. Traversing Snow topped mountains & open plains, the Lost Isle is bound to have something for every ARK player.
Inspired by the incredible Tamriel area from Bethesda’s sward winning RPG franchise.

It features a massive 150km playable area and 3 brand new creatures;

Dinopithecus – An ape-like creature that believes in strength in numbers and can disable Tek Armour.
Amargasaurus – A giant member of the Sauropod family covered in very special spines. Able to be charged with extreme heat or extreme cold, it can tear through sophisticated armour with ease.
Sinomacrops – Easy to see why this is rapidly growing in popularity with the ARK players. Multiple utilities including gliding, basic flight & an AoE fear attack on predators.

All the biomes you have come to expect are here with extensive oceans, lush plains, inhospitable deserts & the eerie aberrant zone.

Those few who are brave enough can try their strength against the Dinopithecus King Boss fight (Gamma, Beta & Alpha) to learn its treasured secrets!

Come along and join the members of the Merric Community as we try our luck on The Lost Isle.

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