PvP Rules
  1. English only in global.
  2. No building on or near obelisks or in artifact caves that would obstruct obtaining said artifact. (for transferring and boss fights)
  3. No claiming land with pillars and base defense spam must be within medium render distance of the center of your base (caters for lag/render loading issues)
  4. No building beyond the mesh
  5. All fobs to be removed after every raid successful or not
  6. No spamming turrets around the map turrets should be on and within render distance of your own base/fob (to make clear render distance set from medium view distance)
  7. All platform saddles must allow 2 visible sides to the dino no boxing in to c4 turrets
  8. Using cannons on enemy bases during raid is forbidden
  9. Excessive griefing is not allowed i.e killing passive tames etc if you do not intent to raid that base within the next 48 hours (clearing passive tames with the intention of raiding is permitted)
  10. No racist / sexist or vulgar language used across global chat. (trash talk each other all you like in local but try and keep it modest)
  11. De-Spawning loot during or right before a raid will get your entire tribe wiped by admin (nobody wants to raid for no profit)
  12. Tribe alliances are strictly forbidden.
  13. Anyone found to be exploiting non intended game mechanics i.e placing turrets to shoot through objects etc will be tribe wiped.
  14. You are required to have the same tribe members and tribe name across the cluster, using multiple names to hide identity, rotating members, account sharing or utilising alt accounts is strictly forbidden.
  15. Characters can not be named 123 / ....../ human or any various similar to these (this helps the admin identify different players when they need help)
  16. Do not bully or raid the same tribe everyday i.e to stop players building up and keeping them knocked down
  17. Maximum cage timer is 4 hours. (Rule does not apply if you are raiding, you can keep a player caged during the entire duration of the raid if it exceeds 4 hours.)
  18. Do not prison or cage offline players.
  19. No impersonation of Merric Staff members.
  20. You may not reveal other tribes base locations over Global Chat or Discord.
  21. Ensure you do not inflict any form of misconduct. Do not try and force dictatorship, blackmail others, create toxicity and ruin the game for other players in the community.