As many of you are aware, Merric Gaming Community is a non-profit organisation, therefore none of our admins or founders are paid for the work they do, but saying that everyone welcomes a little tip for all their hard efforts.

So if you would like to thank one of our admins for all of their work please click one of the links below.


What I do for Merric
Normally hidden in a dark room with just the glare of monitors as my only light source. You will find me working away implementing community ideas into the Merric network along with picking my brains on what we can do to improve the servers for you.

Day to Day
Day to day I work for a website design company supporting our customers and looking after the companies servers along with the internal infrastructure. I have 4 beautiful children and this is why at the weekends you will not find me around during the day as this is the time for my family.

Now down to the nitty gritty that I am sure you want to know. What games do I play? Like in life, I tend to find something I like and stick to it (been in my job for 10 years, played the games for more than 10 years). I am a man that doesn’t like changes surprise surprise. So with that being said when I do have a chance to play, you will normally find me playing Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft and on occasion’s ARK & on a Rust Aim Training Server.

Favourite Server
Its so hard to pick but for me it has to be the Rust Aim Servers simply because it really feels like I have put a bit of my personality into them, building these servers was really fun and with still so much more planned I cant wait to add and build upon them.

My Setup
My computer is my hobby, so I spend rather a large amount of time and money to make it the best it possibly can be. My current build list can be found here on Pc Part Picker. My next plan for my computer is to build two separate water cooling loops one for the CPU and a 2nd for the GFX card but this is an expensive upgrade.

Other Hobbies
When not working on the community or spending time with the family, you will find me on the bank of a river or on the coast fishing, this has been a hobby of mine since childhood and something all my family are interested in. Recently, I have found interest in match fishing and therefore have spent a lot of time on commercial lakes practicing with a pole.