What I do for Merric
That is a very good question, like it says Discord Manager so I spend most of my time in Discord chatting and taking tickets when they come in and try to get people the help they need in one of the games Merric is hosting. I keep an eye on Discord to see how things are going and if there are question I will try to answer them and if I can’t, the advice will be to make a ticket so the admins with the knowledge can take a look.

Day to day
At the moment I am a stay at home dog mom and I spend my time taking care of my partner in life, our two dogs (3 and 6 years old), our birds and I am primary caregiver for my parents. I start my days early as well. usually between 4 am and 6 am with wishing people a good morning or a good night, asking how those who respond are doing and so on and so forth. My off time from the pc is usually between 12 till 3 pm but if I am online it doesn’t mean I am really online. Household and all those things still continue and of course dinner needs to be served in the evening when my partner comes home from work. After my rest I will usually hop on until dinner time and after dinner my partner and I spend our evening either gaming (together or solo) or watching a movies or a series. I usually log off around 10 pm to start the daily routine the next day.

Since I have known my partner, that is now 6 years, I have been playing World of Warcraft avidly. In fact it is still the only game I play. Probably  you all wonder now why I am on a server that hosts a lot of games but not World of Warcraft, well I met HairyHog and BearGrylllsTV in WoW as Hog was the GM of the guild that took me in and Bear was our raid leader. So yeah when I got the invite to join the Discord I joined and stayed. First as the very chatty member and later as staff.

In between the work I do for Merric I play WoW. But you can also often find me in WoW but in real life I am just doing other things or just hanging out in one of the major cities. I got 40+ characters spread over 3 different realms. I don’t do mythic dungeons, I don’t raid but I love farming mounts, pets, transmogs and I used to be know in one of my guilds as ‘Mommybear’ since I always took care of the food, flasks, potions and such for raids. So  yeah, being in Merric gives me a purpose as well cause I love helping people and talking to you all. So that is what I can do in this server.

Favourite server
That can be only one since I dabbled around in ARK a bit on the Merric Servers so I have no comparison at all. But I know the people are very nice and helpful and I know that counts for me!

My set-up
Don’t ask me about that, all my partner his doing. He is the IT and Tech guy at my side. I know he is keeping an eye out for another graphic card for my setup.. maybe even to build a new set up. We will see what the future brings. As long as I can use my pc for what I need it for I am happy.

Other hobbies,
I have so many hobbies… Where to start. I love cooking (finally got a section in Discord to talk about food, come check it out), reading books, watching movies and series, listening to all styles of music. I make my own greeting cards, I write stories and poetry, I love gardening and have a small herb garden on the balcony. And most of all I love being busy with the doggies, walking them and cuddling them. That is a bit about me in a nutshell, please stop by the servers and the Discord and join us in our friendly community.