What I do for Merric
I moderate the chat on the Merric solo, trio, and squad servers day and night, being the cheeky night owl I am.

Day to Day
I’m an active-duty US Army 31k, I patrol with my Canine partner who outranks me funnily, otherwise, we’re spending our days doing paperwork or out on a drive.

You’ll hands-down catch me on Rainbow Six Seige, Rust, and Conan Exiles, with Rust being my most played, sitting at 1,528hours combined

Favourite Server
By far it being Merric’s Trio server with a whopping 132 hours of grinding, raiding, and other debauchery.

My Setup
I currently have two builds, my laptop on the go is an I9 Intel Core, running 32gb’s of RAM, that’s comfortably running alongside an RTX 2070 with 10Gb of video memory.
The home build is an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990x CPU, AsRock TRX40 Creator Ryzen Threadripper Motherboard, Corsair H100i RGB Liquid cooler, RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition 11GB of GDDR6, Two G Skill Trident Royal Z 16GB for RAM, two Samsung EVO 1TB SSDs, and last but not least a cool master fan to keep it running smoothly.

Other Hobbies
I’m a gun enthusiast, visiting the range every weekend, assuring I maintain the range title of Hawkeye!