Its Official Ark Summer Bash is here! Grab your bikini’s, party hats and a few cocktails because there is a lot to go over on the update!

Event Details

Dino Colours – Ever fancied an orange Mammoth or maybe a blue Giga? Well.. now’s your chance! Between the 2nd and 16th of July you will be able to pick up the following random colour spawns on your potential new tames…

Sky Blue

Of course it doesn’t end there, there has also been the addition of… Flex Emotes (100 prime jerky) yes you heard me right, F-L-E-X EMOTES.With the addition of Summer Swimsuits you can also keep cool whilst you flex.

Anyway, down to business! Other additions to the update are as follows:

Dino Uncle Sam Tophat Skin (100 cooked prime meat)
Uncle Sam Tophat Skin (100 cooked prime meat)
RPG Firework Rocket Skin (50 cooked meat)
Fireworks Flare Gun Skin(50 cooked meat)
Boosted Rates (2X Breeding, 2X XP, 2X Harvest Rates)


Last but not least Seasonal Candy – if this is anything like the Easter event there is going to be some wild 24hour colour combos happening.

Don’t forget, if you would like to share any of your Summer photos with the Community you can do so on our photo thread, if you are feeling super generous you can also now leave us reviews! Woohoo!

Hope you all have a great time and enjoy the Ark Summer Bash!

As always, we thank you all for your subscriptions/donations and support – this is a combined effort made by everyone in the community to help with the running costs of our server so that we are able to provide you with a seamless experience and stay up to date for the whole community.

Please note that donations, purchases and subscriptions are non profit – all monetary values are 100% put back into running the server. If you would like to subscribe/donate or check out our shop, please see below.


Thank you.

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