With the wrap up of Arks birthday event and summer bash, Wild Card has just dropped some amazing news for us!


The team at Wild Card have announced a definitive release date for part 2 of the Genesis Expansion Pack. The date set as of now will be March 2021 for Genesis part 2. It will be available for both PC and console players. They have assured us that later on this year they will provide sneak peaks on new creatures and what to expect when the expansion pack releases. With this year flying by that’s not too much of a wait considering the circumstances!

While we practice patience on that, we can look forward to other goodies coming much sooner.


Console players can rejoice for the wait is nearly over to hop on the the new Crystal Isles DLC map. Make sure to explore the new layout and discover all 3 of the new tameable Crystal Wyverns console players!  Date set to release for all consoles is next month in August. No specifics on which day exactly just yet.


There will be a TLC pass 3 coming soon for 2 classic creatures. There is much speculation as to which ones they will be overhauling…only time will tell. The team also stated that with this patch there will be further changes to the core game of Ark. This includes general quality of life, balance and game play. We can expect this update to come in October this year.


On Thursday the 30th of July we should expect to see the new balance pass update for Ark. This includes, general update for dinos, specific creatures, and breeding changes. Patch notes in full will be released on the day. Everything effected by these changes is listed below.

There’s so much still to look forward to this year before Genesis part 2. Enjoy the upcoming changes and enhancements to your Journey ARK Survivalists!



  • Increased deep-sea-depth value at which damage taken by approximately 30%


  • Reduced armour penetration by approximately 35%
  • Reduced durability damage by 50%


  • Added 30% armour penetration to the Left Click attack
  • Added a Bleed effect to the right click attack which does up to 5% of targets health over 10 seconds, cannot
    be stacked but the timer can be reset.


  • Increased resistance to TEK Turrets by 10%


  • Reduced weight of Obsidian in inventory by approximately 75%
  • Reduced weight of metal, stone, crystal, and black pearls by approximately 50%
  • Increased swim speed by approximately 20%


  • Increased buff timer from 30 minutes to 6 hours


  • Reduced Shell Resistance by 30% (from 80% to 50%)
  • Reduced Health Per Level gains by approximately 15%


  • Reduced Health Per Level gains by approximately 15%


  • Reduced Mosasaur maturation time (now matches Yutyrannus)
  • Reduced Basilosaurus maturation time (now matches Gacha)
  • Reduced Tusoteuthis maturation time (now matches Yutyrannus)
  • Reduced Plesiosaur maturation time (now matches Gacha)
  • Reduced Compy maturation time (now matches Otter)
  • Reduced Equus maturation time (now matches Procoptodon)
  • Reduced Quetzal maturation time to approximately 5 and a half days
  • Reduced Phiomia maturation time (now matches Ovis)
  • Reduced Ichthyosaurus maturation time (now matches Roll Rat)
  • Reduced Dunkleosteus maturation time (now matches Mammoth)
  • Reduced Jerboa maturation time (now matches Otter)
  • Increased Rhino maturation time (now matches Doedicurus)


  • Flying creatures will prioritise picking up friendly-creatures rather than dismounting friendly riders
  • Baby Creatures will no longer auto-wander when hatched
  • Mounting a flying creature will no longer instantly cause it to take off
  • Cryopods in a player’s inventory will now charge if a player is sleeping in a TEK Pod.
  • TEK Helm will now provide players with the Gas Mask bonus, protecting them from the Poison Wyvern
    and Basilisk spit.
  • TEK Turrets now require double the amount of shards per bullet
  • Metal Ingot stack size has been increased to 300
  • Raw Metal stack size has been increased to 300
  • Spoil time on Lesser Antidote has been increased to 3 days
  • Spoil time on Prime Meat and Prime Fish have doubled
  • Gasbags will no longer push Dinos around in PVE when landing to prevent griefing and exploits
  • HLNA and Chibi Creatures no longer disable the protection against Bees buff.
  • Yell and Whisper can now switch between the following modifier keys on PC: Left Shift, Left Ctrl,
    and Left Alt
  • Added an additional 15 seconds to all race missions on Xbox and PS4
  • Added Event Emotes to the Hex Store at the cost of 50,000 hexagons
  • Boss Fight timer on Valguero has increased from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

We are also adding a configurable GameUserSettings.ini which allows server hosts to limit the amount of gateways that can be placed on platform saddles. This configuration is not retroactive, so applying this change will require some manual administration work to clear up any pre-existing platforms that exceed the limit.


We’ll be enabling this on our Official PvP Network and setting the limit to 2, on all platforms.

Official PvP players will have approximately 30 days to adjust their current existing platforms to remove any that exceed the gateway limit.

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