If you are of the older generation, you often find this new fangled technology confusing and are unsure on where to start when buying gifts for your gaming children, friends or partners. In this post I will give you some gift ideas that will make most gamers have that ohhh so cheesy grin we as parents love to see on christmas day.

I would also like to point out we are not sponsored nor endorsed by any of the companies I mention in this post and these are my personal opinions.


What on earth are you talking about Gav, almost all gamers I know (With the exception of 1) love their bright colourful RGB lights, that could be RGB Keyboard, Mouse, Memory or even Wall Art. So let’s dig into some options that even the least technophobes can purchase.

Its Alive....

Often overlooked, most players I know start out with the cheapest RGB keyboard, mouse and headset they can find when building their PC. This makes upgrades great gift ideas. Take a bit of a snoop around the gift receivers room, normally they will fall into 1 of 2 categories Razer or Corsair. Which one are they? Personally, I don’t mind which I use. I read the reviews and have a mixture of both.

You can now buy a package with a Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse Matt & Headset

Razer for less than £100 ( Personally not a fan of the Razer Headsets but that’s just my personal opinion. )
Corsair set will cost you a little over £100 coming in at £109.00 

Both options are RGB for that perfect colourful desk we all love.

It's like a Christmas tree all year round..

No I’m not going crazy, I’m talking about the Corsair RGB Lighting Node Pro, easy to install as the lights are magnetic, this kit is under £50.00 and once installed can be controlled from the Corsair iCue control panel. This kit will surely bring that twinkle to your little gamers face. 

Did somebody say Wall Art?

Many of you may have already heard of Nanoleaf but for those that have not, Nanoleaft are RGB triangles that sit on your wall in which you can expand to make art in your gaming room / bedroom. I found these fun easy to set up and really just a nice touch to WoW your friends when they come over.

Games & Points

I have personally always found it hard picking games for my gamer mates, simply because most are like me, if I want a game I buy it. So my top tip would be to buy them a steam voucher. Not always as much fun to open Christmas day but in the long run you know the are going to buy a game they will love.