We are aiming to open up the new cluster servers to go live within the next week, with the first 2 new maps/ARK’s.


We would like to put the servers up in the order they became available in game, so the first 2 would be Scorched Earth and Aberration. We will put a poll up (in Discord) for you to vote on which maps you think should be the first 2.


This coming Saturday the 16th of march we will be locking the regular Island server and asking everyone to log in to the new island cluster server. Please make the effort to be online in the afternoon as we would like as many people as possible on the server for the test.


Everybody’s dinos, houses etc. will be on the new server exactly as you left them, this is so we can give it one final test with players! Please try to be on discord whilst we are testing even if you don’t have a microphone.


If all goes well we will leave the new cluster servers up and running as the main live servers and closed down the original one.


NOTE: The IP for the Island server will change but you can connect via our website; https://merric-gaming.co.uk/gaming-servers/


If you would like to talk about this please speak to Gav aka BearGryllsTV or myself, Bob aka MG|HairyHog in game or preferably on Discord.

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