Please respect the fact that admins do have the right to add or change the rules, these servers are for everyone and the rules are there to ensure everyone has fun.


Flyers are not allowed on Aberration

General Rules - updated: 09-04-2022
  1. Please keep the chat clean, don’t use any abusive language, don’t be racist, sexist or cause any confrontation with players. we don’t want arguments in public, if you have a problem with another player or with how admins run the server then you discuss it in private. If members continue to break the rules a ban will be issued. Trolling members of the server is unacceptable and if we feel a member is harassing another player they will be banned from all the servers and Discord. If you feel someone is breaking the rules then please come to an admin in private, DO NOT cause a scene on the server. Admins will deal with these issues if they arise, this is not for you to get involved with! Please speak English at all times in main chat channels – both in-game and in Discord!
  2. Respect the admins! Admins are not on the servers to fix your problems, they are here to make sure the servers are running smooth, that people are following the rules and the servers are updated and restarted when needed. They are not there to replace your lost gears and dinos. If you get stuck, try logging off and on again, this will fix 99% of stuck issues.
  3. Anyone looting beaver dams and leaving wood in them will get a temp ban from the server. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently from all our servers! (you have been warned.)
    3a. Anyone found dropping eggs will get a temp ban from the server. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently from all our servers! (you have been warned.) Eat them do NOT drop them! NEW
  4. Giving away items / Dino’s to other players (Especially new players) will receive the following punishments.
    1. 24 Hour Ban for first offense
    2. 48 Hour 2nd offense
    3. Permanently Ban on the 3rd offense.
Building Rules
  1. Only 3 bases per tribe (1 Main base + 1 small base +1 water base). A base must consist of floor, walls, door, roof and a bed, this can be just one foundation big.
  2. Members MUST! remove any taming pens and temporary bases once finished with them. If you accidentally leave a taming pen out in the wild and you don’t go back to it and its timer runs out, admins will destroy tribe structures on it and this will remove everything you own, so it is down to you and your tribe to clean up after yourselves. Admins will not be held responsible.
  3. When building bases you must think about other people and respect that this server is not just for you, we are a community and we share this with many other people who are all following the rules. Think about any resources you might be blocking from people. Is your base stopping people getting past? Are you stopping another player from expanding?. If you are within render distance of another base you are best moving or asking the owner of the base if you are ok to build there. Please don’t ask admins if you are ok building near someone’s base. If you feel you might be too close then you most likely are.  NOTE: Render distance is measured using ‘Medium Render Distance‘. NOTE: You must be able to see all your structures from the centre of your base!
  4. Claiming land is strictly forbidden, you must not under any circumstance place pillars, foundations, or any other structures down to claim land. If you want to build somewhere please build a house with a bed inside (floor, walls, door & roof – can be just one foundation big). If we see any land claiming **we will destroy the tribe structures.**
  5. You may have **one** main base on the cluster (on your home/main map), you may also have one 3 x 3 outpost and one water base (this does not apply to tree taps). On all other maps you are allowed one 5 x 5 base. – New
Dino Rules
  1. There will be a new tribe tamed dino limit cap of 200 dinos.
  2. If you decide to leave the server, or if you are going away for a long time, you must let an admin know. We can watch your base if needed or remove it from the server if you decide you want to leave. Don’t just leave all your items and dinos on the map to rot, please be respectful and let us know. If we find any bases that are ready for demolishing and the tribe is still active on any of our servers, we will destroy ALL tribe structures. You have been warned!
  3. If you come across any dinos that are claimable and the dinos/structures do not have a Tek shield protecting them then anyone can claim them. Do NOT come crying to us if this happens to you, it is your responsibility to ensure you log in at least once per week to reset the timers – you have been warned! Claim what you actually need, do not be greedy – others may need them as well. If you do claim dinos do NOT leave them where they are claimed, you MUST take them back to your base! Admins will destroy any dinos that are just left after claiming, again you have been warned.
  4. Feel free to offer help to new players but remember a lot of the early game is the excitement of building up and learning to play ARK. Please don’t give away high level dinos and gear to new players as this could ruin the enjoyment of the game.
Tribe Rules
  1. Make sure if you decide to join a tribe you MERGE the tribe. Don’t leave your tribe to join another tribe as you will loose all your dinos and structures. You must select the option to merge tribes. There have been countless times when admins have needed to claim dinos and structures back for people and its time consuming and sometimes does not always work and results in the structures belonging to the admin and not the tribe they are trying to claim them for. If you leave your tribe and join another this is at your own risk and admins wont always be there to assist.
  2. Do not use offensive or racist names for your character, tribe, dinos or anything else. Player names like ‘human’, ‘123’ etc are not allowed! This is not acceptable and any dino found to have an offensive name will be destroyed by admins without warning!