Untameable Dinos

Flyers are not allowed on Aberration

NO building on Crystal Isles – see the rules below.

Last Updated 24/11/2021 09:20 GMT/BST

General Rules
  1. NO racism, sexism, homophobic, albeist, xenophobic, bullying or hate speech of any kind in global chat or Discord. This type of behaviour will result in the person being BANNED.
  2. Players or dinosaurs with inappropriate names or names that include only numbers (09876/tribe of 123), only symbols OR emojis ($£%/Tribe of !”^&*), or box icons ( ☐☐☐ ) will be given a warning. If you ignore this, your character, dinos and structures will be WIPED. Character names must be in English!
    NOTE: The names ‘Human’, ‘123’ or names containing non English characters are not allowed!Tribe must have the same name across all maps!
  3. NO exploiting glitches, terrain meshes and textures. If you’re found building under meshes, placing turrets that shoot through textures, or other exploits you will be WIPED.
  4. The use of bots, cheats, hacks, and modding the games files is strictly PROHIBITED.
  5. We ask that all of our players speak only English in global chat. Feel free to speak any other languages in your tribe chat. If you’re in need of help and struggle with English, please go to our Discord where we can better assist you.
  6. Be respectful! This includes using bad/inappropriate language towards our admins and the Community. Players from different backgrounds, countries, and of various ages play on our servers and we expect you to have enough sense to play amicably. If you cannot abide by this simple rule then PvP may not be suited for you. (we also host a full Ark PvE cluster if that’s more fitting.) It’s only a game after all you’re meant to enjoy it!
  7. Griefing and excessive harassment towards a player/players/tribe is unacceptable. If you’re being affected by this please make sure to provide evidence via tribe logs, timeframes, screenshots or videos, etc. for our admins to help resolve this efficiently.
  8. Loss of items: admins cannot and will not replace items or dinos lost from raids, wild dino attacks, server crashes or rollbacks. It is nearly impossible to retrieve these things due to no viable proof of what has been lost. There is a small chance that your player’s death bag may be recovered if an admin is available in time, otherwise we cannot get it back for you. For more information please check below for further rules about this.
  9. If you have any issues with players or regarding in-game issues, PLEASE, use our ticketing system on Discord. Merric hosts over 40 servers and cannot always monitor global chat every second of the day. This is the best way to reach our admin team so they can resolve any problems as quickly as possible.
  10. Creating your own Mass Trade, ingame shop or anything that adversely affects the donations towards the running costs of Merric’s Servers is forbidden. – New
  11. Building on Crystal Isles is forbidden, this server also has low decay timers so any structures built will auto decay. – New
  12. ALL FOBs and any structures MUST be removed immediately after the raid finishes! – New