Untameable Dinos
Desert Titan
Forest Titan
Ice Titan

General Rules
  1. NO racism, sexism, homophobic, albeist, xenophobic, bullying or hate speech of any kind in global chat or Discord. This type of behaviour will result in the person being BANNED.
  2. Players or dinosaurs with inappropriate names or names that include only numbers (09876/tribe of 123), only symbols OR emojis ($£%/Tribe of !”^&*), or box icons ( ☐☐☐ ) will be given a warning. If you do not choose a new name an admin will choose a new one for you, one you may not like mind you!. If you ignore this, your character, dinos and structures will be WIPED.
  3. NO exploiting glitches, terrain meshes and textures. If you’re found building under meshes, placing turrets that shoot through textures, or other exploits you will be WIPED.
  4. The use of bots, cheats, hacks, and modding the games files is strictly PROHIBITED.
  5. We ask that all of our players speak only English in global chat. Feel free to speak any other languages in your tribe chat. If you’re in need of help and struggle with English, please go to our Discord where we can better assist you.
  6. Be respectful! This includes using bad/inappropriate language towards our admins and the Community. Players from different backgrounds, countries, and of various ages play on our servers and we expect you to have enough sense to play amicably. If you cannot abide by this simple rule then PvP may not be suited for you. (we also host a full Ark PvE cluster if that’s more fitting.) It’s only a game after all you’re meant to enjoy it!
  7. Griefing and excessive harassment towards a player/players/tribe is unacceptable (see below under Raiding Rules for additional information). If you’re being affected by this please make sure to provide evidence via tribe logs, timeframes, screenshots or videos, etc. for our admins to help resolve this efficiently.
  8. Loss of items: admins cannot and will not replace items or dinos lost from raids, wild dino attacks, server crashes or rollbacks. It is nearly impossible to retrieve these things due to no viable proof of what has been lost. There is a small chance that your player’s death bag may be recovered if an admin is available in time, otherwise we cannot get it back for you. For more information please check below for further rules about this.
  9. RAID PROTECTION: Please go to our Discord channel “Raid Protection” BEFORE your tribe decides to raid someone to make sure your not raiding someone on this list. If you raid someone on the protection list, there will be consequences.
  10. If you have any issues with players or regarding in-game issues, PLEASE, use our ticketing system on Discord. Merric hosts over 30 servers and cannot always monitor global chat every second of the day. This is the best way to reach our admin team so they can resolve any problems as quickly as possible.
Building Rules
  1. Tribes are allowed to have 2 main bases per map. This includes transmitter outposts so build wisely.
  2. DO NOT build or block paths, entry/exit points to ANY terminals, obelisks, bosses, caves, artifacts, loot crates, explorer notes, nests, other tribe bases (with the exception, during a raid) or player spawn areas. Your structures, turrets, etc, will be WIPED if you are found doing any of these.
  3. Base perimeter guidelines: your base perimeter expansion should be no more than 35-40 foundations. Keep in mind we use medium rendering distances (stand in the middle of your base location to see your rendering distance limit).
  4. Structure Spamming or “claiming” multiple areas with the use of pillars/single or double foundations, etc. on any map is strictly FORBIDDEN.
  5. Plant Species X MUST be placed in a crop plot. If you’re found exploiting the glitch we will ask you to re-plant them. If you do not, admins will have to destroy them.
  6. Open world turrets and FOBs (forward operating bases) are allowed UNLESS being used to prevent paths, entry or exit points as mentioned above.
  7. FOBs and open world turrets must be removed once their use is no longer needed. (e.g. after an orbital supply drop, element vein event, or after raiding).
  8. There are no rules or limitations applied to Raft building.
Raiding Rules
  1. Tribes are only allowed to raid 2 different tribes bases per day (24 hours from the second you start a raid).
  2. Raiding the same tribe twice in a day is NOT allowed. You CANNOT raid the same tribe within a 48 hour period. That is considered griefing (please refer to the general rules). A raiding tribe is allowed to leave the raid twice to get more resources/dinos, if they do not return within 1 hour then that raid is considered finished and then it would be classed as a second raid!
  3. Dino wiping/sniping is considered a raid.
  4. Teaming/forming alliances to raid is NOT allowed.
  5. NO “popcorning” allowed (if your being raided DO NOT empty any inventories to try despawning items during a raid). Admins will punish your tribe for doing this.
  6. There are no limits for FOBs during a raid BUT all FOBs must be removed after the raid whether you’re successful or not. You cannot leave the raid then come back. TAKE DOWN YOUR FOBS, turrets, dinos and follow the above guidelines.
  7. Structure Wiping is FORBIDDEN. Leaving 1 or a few foundations after attacking is considered STRUCTURE WIPING. Destroying abandoned taming structures, etc. to access an area of land is NOT structure wiping (We advise if you are destroying those types of structures to take screenshots so the tribe owners do not claim you “raided” them).
  8. Wiping a Structure to claim the area ( if you have less than 2 bases already is allowed. )
  9. You are allowed to cage/imprison rival players for the duration of the raid. You MUST release players within 30 mins after a raid has finished. Tribes not involved in the raid are NOT allowed to cage active raid players.
  10. Open world imprisonment should be no longer than 4 hours. NO caging of sleeping/offline players.
Tribe Rules
  1. Maximum number of tribe members is 8. No exceptions. No rotating or swapping tribe members to work around this.
  2. Tribe alliances or “teaming”  is strictly FORBIDDEN (even for boss fights, element vein events, etc.) and under no circumstances may you reveal other tribes’ base locations to others in global chat or discord. If you are found to be revealing other players’ locations you could be foundation wiped!
  3. In-game character names and tribe names must be the same when traveling to other maps within the server cluster. Feel free to be silly or creative with your choice of names (keeping in mind the naming rule mentioned in the general rules).
  4. The tribe owner/leader must be the same across all maps.
  5. No changing your player name or tribe name to avoid raids. This also includes default names like “survivor”, “human”, “player”, etc. (alongside naming rule mentioned above in general rules)
  6. If your tribe has inactive tribe members, take this up with the tribe owner to deal with. If it’s an inactive tribe leader, talk to your fellow tribe members on what action to take, select a new leader and contact admins about changing the tribe ownership.
  7. Tribe sabotage or “insiding” on tribes is forbidden. If you are found stealing, destroying, or compromising a tribe you’re in/joined to perform these acts it will result in a permanent BAN from our entire network.
  1. Maximum number of Dinos per tribe is 500.
  2. There are no building restrictions for taming pens BUT It is your responsibility to remove any and all taming pens after you’re finished. Non-removal of these pens causes server lag. Please clean up after yourself. If you ignore this you may find yourself being wiped.
  3. Dinos that have been abandoned are eligible to be claimed by other players, meaning players are allowed to claim any and all claimable creatures if you have not logged in to reset the timers.
  4. Use of ORPs will give some protection to your dinos. Please check in-game Commands and Rates pages for more information on the ORP.
  5. NO “boxing” in your dinos that have a platform saddle. You may block in the rider but you cannot fully cover the dino (leave at least 2 sides uncovered).
  6. Velonosaurs turret-mode does not work when on a riderless dino platform saddle. Only when there is a rider on it while on the saddle platform can you use its turret function.
  7. KIlling of passive dinos,dinos set to passive, and unconscious dinos, though frowned upon, is ALLOWED.
  8. Exploiting any Reaper Queen glitches/purposefully making a taming pen to glitch the Reaper Queen is NOT allowed.
  9. DO NOT drop unwanted wild fertilized eggs anywhere on the map (such as Wyvern eggs, Rockdrake eggs, etc.), eat them instead. As this prevents new eggs from respawning in nests. If you are found doing this, admins will provide consequences of their choosing.