In this article, we will be going over everything or almost everything we know about Genesis Part 2 DLC releasing on June 2nd.

Genesis Part 2 with all features will be available on our PvE cluster as soon as it is released!

We are bringing you an extensive list and description of the map, creatures, biome specific or other, weapons, equipment, vehicles, structures and general information we have collected over the past year, year and a half.

Just keep in mind we are going over things that we got to know months ago. This means some of the details might have changed since so don’t treat this piece as some holy text, as it will most likely be holey.

Genesis Ship

The BIGGEST map ever made for ARK!

It will have missions much like in Genesis Part 1, but they will not take up parts of the map, making them unbuildable or allowing other players to disturb you while you do those missions.

Flyers and Tek Suit will also be enabled on this map unlike Genesis Part 1. 

The whole map is located on a giant spaceship, the Genesis Ship. Travelling through space to an unknown destination. During Genesis Part 1 the player is plugged into the Genesis simulation in a cryo-chamber on this ship.

The spacecraft also has 2 enormous rings that contain the biomes.

The Eden Biome or the brighter ring, is going to be much like Ragnarok, with lots of potential base locations, resources and overall just a nice place to start out and build up to move towards the more dangerous areas.

The Tek Trenches will be the area connecting the Eden biome to the ship. It will have more of a Tek city feel to it, it will also be quite deep with a potentially big body of water at the bottom. You notice I wrote trenches in plural, as there are two of them, one connecting the Eden ring and the other connecting the OTHER ring. 

We know that part of this enormous spaceship has unfortunately been taken over by Rockwell. The darker ring called Rockwell’s garden. Described as beautiful but dangerous. Think of the Bioluminescent zone in Aberration but in daylight and not in a huge cave and Rockwell’s garden is going to be similar to that but probably even prettier.

Potentially the second Tek Trench, or the biome that NOONE wants to talk about is Rockwell’s Innards. This area is basically plastered all over by, you guessed it, Rockwell himself or itself at this point. The walls have eyes, teeth and weird intestinal villi looking things that are all just really disconcerting. This is definitely not a biome for the faint of heart or people with a weak stomach. 

Last but not least the area where you can find the Atrodelphis and the Voidwyrm. We do not have much information regarding this area, whether it will be space within the bubble of the ship or properly open space we are unsure but either way, space is exciting for some and terrifying for others.

Maewing concept art
Creature Feature - Maewing

Make sure you keep your young creatures in a closed area as a wild or enemy Maewing is able to lead your babies away from your base with its irresistible teats. Yes, you read that right, the Maewing which could be described as a weird mix between a flying squirrel and a platypus sports 4 large nipples on either side of its body that lures unsuspecting babies away. When tamed the Maewing supposedly functions like a nanny, taking care of your babies. This creature is most likely will be available in the Eden Biome on the map. 

Creature Feature - Shadowmane

They are catlike creatures that much like actual lions or Megaloceros in-game have a distinction between male and female. Males have a glorious mane and they are able to boost other creatures with their roar, while the females most likely don’t have a mane (we do not have confirmation) and able to make creatures and themselves go invisible. The Shadowmane also have a chain lightning attack which will enable it to essentially bounce between enemies in rapid succession. They are confirmed to be breedable. They will be available in Rockwell’s garden. 

Creature Feature - Noglin

Smallish, shoulder pet size gremlin looking adorable thing until it opens its hellish looking mouth. It has a mind control ability with which it can latch onto you or your creature and turn them against you (hopefully just for a limited amount of time). Much like the Troodon or the Bloodstalker, you will have to sacrifice your own creatures to tame this little thing. Once tamed the Noglim might have unlimited potential for controlling wild creatures. Maybe even navigating them into a taming trap? They will most likely be available in Rockwell’s garden and or Rockwell’s Innards.

Creature Feature - Stryder

Not really a living creature in the sense that it is technically a robot, the Stryder will need to be hacked to be tamed. However, once you start hacking it everyone on the server will be notified, and if you are playing PvP you might lose your Stryder to an enemy tribe as they can attempt to steal it. This creature is your ultimate tek base all-in-one as it comes with a platform a tek bed and a transmitter built into it.

Stryders will also come with a random assortment of attachments. They can have head, chest and back pieces, making it so you will have to find the perfect or desired combination of parts. These accessories will make the Stryder look like different creatures, for example, the harvesting attachment makes it look more like a Paraceratherium and obviously, they will all have different functions making almost every Stryder unique. They will most likely be available on the Eden side of the map or the Tek Trench. 

Creature Feature - Astrodelphis

Much like the Astrocetus, this creature reminds us of Earth’s cetaceans but it has evolved to traverse in space rather than water. Once tamed you can equip the Astrodelphis with a Tek saddle which has similar functions to a Tropegonatus saddle with the propulsion boost and fast manoeuvrability. It will have built-in weapons with fast-moving projectiles. This also might be a multi-person saddle with one piloting the other one shooting. This creature was hinted to play a crucial role in one of the map’s multiplayer missions. You will be able to find this creature in space (duh) around the Lifeboat, which hosts the map, at this time we are unsure what to actually call this biome.

Additional and Biome Specific Creatures

Additional Creatures or Flora

Carniflora – This oversized venus flytrap most likely won’t be tameable but we might be able to grow them. They are a good size as in the promo art they show it eating and Ovis. I don’t know about you but looking at the Carniflora, I honestly would not want to be plant food ahead of time.

Voidwyrm – Looks like a Tek Wyvern, smells like a Tek Wyvern, feels like a Tek Wyvern, so it’s a Voidwyrm. There hasn’t been much revealed about the Voidwyrm other than it is a dangerous tame to get and that it also lives in space alongside the Astrodelphis.

Summoner – This horrifying nightmare-inducing creature will be floating around the Rockwell innards biome. They will likely not be tameable much like Seekers.

Biome Specific Creature Variants

So far we have 4 confirmed Biome Specific creature variants that include the Equus, the Carno, the Reaper and the Dilo. Unfortunately, as the Carno has only been announced recently we do not have a clear picture of that. We are also unsure of the designation of these creatures but it is likely they are going to continue to call the X variants.

Tek Bow
Weapon Feature - Tek Bow

As with all Tek weapons, this one also uses element. Portable, it will fold up when not used then extended into full size when equipped. You will be able to switch between the arrow types with a click of a button it will also have an exclusive explosive arrow, for your detonating pleasure. Be warned it will consume different amounts of element depending on which arrow you use with the explosive variant said to consume the most. You can soot with it like a gun (fast with little drop) by changing the shot fully, or you can use it as a bow, whichever you prefer. This is THE long-awaited Tek Tier taming weapon as tranq arrows will also be available with it.

Wepons and equipment
Wepons and Equipment

Tek Pistol – This piece of Tek machinery much like all the others will use element. It has 3 functions or modes, the kill mode, the stun mode and the healing mode. The more people shoot the same target with the stun or heal mode the more effective and quicker it is.

Minigun – Both handheld or deployable on the ground this Minigun is a rapid-fire machine, less about the accuracy and more about the firepower. Careful though as it can overheat much like the chainsaw or the mining drill. It has not yet been confirmed what type of ammunition this Minigun takes. 

Federation Tek Suit – The good news is you will be able to check this one out as soon as you spawn into the game on Genesis 2 as you will get this as a started armour right away. It is basically a reskin of the old Tek Suit, we do not have more information on it at the moment.

Vehicle feature - Hoversail

Being a Tek item it is going to be useful in the later game. Much like the Canoe, you will be able to deploy it and pick it up when you are done. The Hoversail can fit two people, the pilot at the back and the weaponeer at the front, however, it doesn’t have built-in weapons so your passenger/weapons person better have some firepower on them. It can by name hover over the ground or even fly up into the sky, you will also be able to increase your speed by doing tricks with the Hoversail.

Exomek and canoe

Exo-Mek – More like an oversized exosuit the Exo-Mek is not just useful for battle, it is also there to enable to you organise or defend your base better. You will also be able to upgrade it. However, you probably won’t be able to get your hands on one until you defeat the final boss. Should we see them in the wild, they will most likely be native to the Tek Trench area.

Canoe – An early game primitive water transportation that can sit 3 people. You can deploy it from your inventory then pick it back up when you are done. The more people you have rowing in it the faster it will be. You will be able to fish from it and also use fishing nets. It is rumoured to be ignored by water creatures including the Leedsichthys. 

Egg incubator
Structure Feature - Egg Incubator

Basically, the ONE thing that maybe everyone is most excited about. It can hold up to 10 eggs, when powered it will store and incubate the eggs at the perfect temperature and humidity. It is said that if you match the exact incubating temperature that the specific egg requires it will increase the growth rate of the tame, now whether that is after hatching or the incubation speed it remains to be seen. The most exciting thing about this incubator however is that you will be able to see the future creature’s stats (and with stats mutations), colours and gender. No more “disposing” of unwanted baby creatures!

Federation Crop plot
Structure Feature - Federation Crop Plot

First introduced as a Tek Crop plot the name change might signal that it will not be locked behind a Tekgram (or Wild Card just wants to confuse us). With the same size as a large crop plot, this variant will still need water and fertilizer but will consume them at a much slower rate but will also be giving you produce at increased speed and will also be able to hold more with its increased inventory. You will not need direct sunlight using the Federation Crop Plot, and you will most likely not need the greenhouse effect, but it has not been confirmed. 

Ammo box, loadout mannequin, Remote Security Cam

Ammo Box – it does what it says on the tin. Functioning much like a feeding trough, just for your turrets. It will fill up any turret with the right ammo in range, provided you have put all the different ammo types into it. 

Loadout mannequin – An armour and weapon stand that you will be able to specifically kit out for the purposes you want like taming, building, raiding, defending so on and so forth. You can swap your gear and hotbar, you loadout with one click.

Remote Camera Security System – Set up cameras all over the map and use one control panel from your base to activate them simultaneously or just one at a time. You will be able to scout out tames, activate taming traps, turrets or command dinos and talk through these all from the security of your base.

Final battle
Rockwell 3.0

We first met Rockwell personally on Aberration in the boss arena when we defeated him in the final battle before moving back to Earth to continue our survival on Extinction. We faced him again in the genesis Simulation as The Master Controller where again we defiled his plans for domination, but as it turns out we are a bit late as he already controls a good portion of the Genesis Ship. Certainly fits his character to want to control everything and this story arch ties us together quite well with the events that we only read about so far in the explorer notes on the Island, Scorched, Aberration and Extinction.

We will have to face Rockwell yet again and we will defeat him once and for all! …Or will we?

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