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Some of the mods listed below are no longer on our PvE cluster, but the information is still very useful so we will leave this page as it is!

For an up to date list of mods currently running on our PvE cluster please go HERE



Hello, my friend. Stay a while and listen……

Welcome back to the Merric Gaming Community Ark Survival Evolved Modded PVE Cluster guides section!! (wow that’s a mouthful) If your even half as excited as I am then I suggest sitting down and catching your breath because today we are going to cover mods.

Mods? MODS!? Yes mods. Part of what makes our ARK private servers so attractive is that we have trolled through the thousands of mods created by the vast ARK modding community and picked some of what we think are the best mods to make your game time enjoyable, productive and just a little less tedious but still able to get the full ARK experience (you know, random death and glitches)

So what mods are we currently running on our modded PvE cluster? Well, I shall provide for you a list…

The Center only


Admin Mods

So, there we go. A full list of the mods we run and link to their descriptions and use. My job here is done!

Ok fine I will give you a brief run down on the mods and their uses!


Structures Plus

One of the oldest, biggest and best know mods of ARK (seriously its huge) Essentially the core of the mod is upgraded vanilla structures both skins and functionality as well as adding extra structures to make building easier and much more appealing. It also adds a full glass tier that functions the same as metal, but you can see through it! (ya know. Like glass) I’m going to touch briefly on a few of the structures as most of them are self-explanatory by reading the tooltips in game.

  • Blueprint Maker – Will turn any structure you put inside into a blueprint. My main use of this is on my first level up I will learn every structure from each tier and create a blueprint for each one. This allows me to mindwipe and learn other things but still have access to every structure as there isn’t enough engram points to learn them all at once!
  • Item Collector – Runs on propellant or a Tek generator. Will pick up things like poop, unfertilized eggs, Achatina paste, Gacha crystals you name it! Saves a lot of time running around picking stuff up from the floor. It will also push poop to any dung beetles in range to make fertilizer. Items it picks up are configurable from the radial menu
  • Hatchery – Collects fertilized eggs from you tames and incubates them to 1%. Also increases egg production rate of nearby tames
  • Nanny – Fill her up with berries and meat and she will raise and imprint your baby tames for you! Just make sure they are in range of her and a feeding trough. The nanny will feed babies up to 10% then they will eat from troughs. She imprints every tame up to 100% without the need for special items! (wyverns, rock drakes etc)
  • Farmer – Will collect fertilizer from compost bins and Dung Beetles and distribute it to your crop plots (EZ mode farming)
  • Vivarium – Place up to 10 of your tames inside to keep the place looking tidy and save space. Tames inside vivarium’s will still produce poop (males) and unfertilized eggs (females) egg lay rate is increased if there is a male and female of the same species together (also works for snow owl pellets but only males)
  • Mutator – arguably the best item in S+. Has 7 different modes that affect tames
    1. Mutation – 100% chance that females will produce mutated eggs – stacks twice
    2. Gender assignment – Assigns a gender to nearby non-gendered tames
    3. Gender swap – Swaps the gender of nearby tames
    4. Allow breeding – tames that are normally not breedable now are (all such tames will use gestation mechanic regardless of normal production method)
    5. Age Freezing – Pauses maturation of all affected tames
    6. Corrupting – Corrupts all dinos in range. Will wipe any levels placed in the tame. Will delete all items in inventory. Corrupted dinos cannot be placed in cryo pods or uploaded. Only works on fire wyverns no other varieties
    7. Aberrant – changes tame in range into their aberrant variety. Items in inventory will be deleted. Only works on tames with an abberant version
  • Gacha Gavager – Force feeds gachas and prevents sadness. Allows for generating resources on a grand scale when used with the animal tender and crystal cracker

Better Reusables

Rather than being single use Bolas, Spears, Boomerangs, Grappling Hooks and Parachutes have a re-usable variety. Saves carrying multiple items in your inventory

Auction House

The Ebay of ARK. Allows you to buy and sell resources and items as well as tames and eggs. The auction house is spread across all servers running the mod and configured to allow it so its not just items from our cluster!

The auction house use Metal Ingots as currency for placing auctions but buying auctions is set by the seller. Everything from Element to human hair.

There are several structures and items;

  • Mailbox – Required to claim purchased and expired auctions. Press E to talk to the monkey and claim your auction. Then access the boxes inventory to retrieve your items (radial menu or press F)
  • Inventory Manifest – Place this into a box with the resource you wish to pay for the auctions with (metal ingots, element etc) this will allow the auctioneer to pull the resources from there and save you trying to carry 2000 metal ingots
  • Auctioneer – 3 varieties, all function the same just different models. Allows you to buy and sell items, resources, blueprints and skins (basically everything except tames and eggs)
  • Hatchery – 2 different models. Allows for the purchase and sale of fertilized eggs
  • Stockman and Dino Transporter – 2 different models. Create a dino transporter and place a tame on top of it. This will allow you to sell that tame. Alternatively, when purchasing tames the tame will appear on the transporter once claimed from the mailbox
  • Currency Exchanger – Not in use on our cluster
  • Flag – it’s a flag! Decorative item only

DinoTracker Classic

It has happened to us all. You died or you forgot to take your tame off neutral and its runaway and is nowhere to be found. You also forgot to put a tracker in it and it was your favourite pretty raptor.

Never fear dinotracker is here! Just craft the dinotracker in your inventory and equip it. Left click and you will be given 4 options

  • Find Tribe Dinos – Will list all tames currently available to you with their coordinates. Also spawns a line of dots showing which direction its in if you don’t have a GPS handy
  • Show Wild Dinos – Gives a list of all wild creatures in your immediate vicinity
  • Find Death Point – Gives coordinates of all current corpses on the map
  • Find tribe members – Same again coordinates of your tribe mates

Dino Pick Up Mod

Adds an engram called Pick-up Relic. Place this item in a tames inventory and press e on it. The cube will then light up and you can then remove the item from its inventory. This allows you to open the radial menu and select “Pick Up” placing the tame on your shoulder for easy transportation. Double tap F to throw it back down. Handy for moving tames long distances without a Cryopod or moving in and out of buildings

Super Spyglass

Like the standard spyglass tells you name and level of dinos you’re looking at. Also allows you to zoom in and gives enhanced details of wild and tamed points currently put into stats. A breeders dream

Platforms Plus

Enhanced cliff and tree platforms. Allows for the creation of wood, stone, metal glass and tek platforms. All the platforms allow walls to snap along the edge a swell for nice, clean neat placement of walls and ladders. Also adds sloped roofs and large sloped doors to close in the top of the platform. All items can be made from the platform smithy.

Minor Stacks

A small stack mod that allows perishable items such as berries and meat to stack in slightly higher amounts. Due to the way mods work in ARK stacks mods by necessity overwrite the default blueprint for items. If the mod then breaks or is no longer supported after an update any item affected by the mod will vanish from game. This is why we only use minor stacks. Imagine logging on and losing 10k metal ingots. Perishables aren’t such a big deal

Aku Shima

Adds 2 new tiers of structures. Reinforced wood tier and glass for some extra building options. Adds the kibbleomatic (pointless since kibble rework) easy to use and tooltips are descriptive.

Most used part of the mod is the Dan Inject rifle and alchemy kit. The alchemy kit requires Sparkpowder to power it (90% of questions asked about this mod is why the alchemy kit isn’t working – put in Sparkpowder!) The Dan inject rifle is crafted from the super fabricator and the bullets are crafted in the alchemy kit. A max level dan inject rifle will knock out a level 240 Giga in 4 shots. Yes, it’s that powerful

Vacuum Sorter

Quality of life mod. Adds the engram to craft a Vacuum Sorter. Place this item somewhere in the world and look through the radial menu. There are 2 modes. Resources and consumables. Select which you would like. Then rename any storage chest/refrigerator to end with Sort (e.g. Metal Ingots – Sort) and when items are placed in the sorter as long as 1 of the item you are trying to sort is in the chest it will pull all the items to that storage box. Makes putting stuff away much easier.

Also has the option to enable the Vacuum Bubble. When a tame runs through this bubble around the sorter it will pull all resources and consumables from the tame (depending what mode it’s set too) and store it in its appropriate place. Any items unsorted will remain in the sorter

Scuba Mask (Clear/Blue)

Adds 2 additional engrams for scuba masks. Makes the water clearer so you can see further. As the name implies there is a clear version and a version with a blue water tint. Works on most maps with limitations.

Classic Flyers

Another of the ARK old guard. Since Wildcard changed how wild flyers function this mod came into existence. Reverts flyers back to how they used to be. Able to increase flying speed and increased stamina. Currently does not function with Ice Wyverns and Rock Drakes.

Upgrade station

Adds 3 structures in 2 styles to the game.

  • Upgrade station – The basic part of this mod. Allows you to place a weapon/armor/saddle into the station and upgrade it from primitive to ascendant.
  • Augment Station – Allows you to augment item stats such as weapon damage, durability armor etc. Essential for creating max level items
  • Blueprint station – Just finished upgrading and augmenting that fancy new pick? Well blueprint it so you can craft another if you lose it!

Death Recovery Mod

Super useful item for everyone in the game but especially for new players. Look in your engrams for “A Personal Gravestone” and place it next to your bed. If (ha when) you die just look at the gravestone and press E to recover the items in your inventory. Never again lose your new Ascendant axe to a raptor pack!

Fisters Fog Remover

The Center is known for randomly being covered in a thick fog blanket making travel impossible. But no longer! Craft this item and clear the whole map of that pesky fog. Works map wide aslong as someone has been in range of the fog remover recently

TCC Eventmap

A small map with boss arena and a few areas that we use to run community events.


Winner of the mapping portion of the 2019 Ark mod competition! A custom map with lots to do and explore. Constantly being updated and with custom bosses on the way! Currently only available to Merric subscribers who help us meet the cost of running so many servers! (seriously its expensive)

Admin Mods

Mods that make our admins lives a little bit easier. Only included on the list as it will force you to download them as well, but you will not have access to them

What did I tell you? Exciting huh? Ok. I’m sorry I lied but not everyone is acquainted with the mods we run on our servers and there are literally thousands of them out there.

Hopefully this short guide has provided you with a bit more information to help you on your journey through Our Ark cluster.

As always. Stay safe and enjoy.

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