Thank you Acecase! But our Dino is in another castle!

Isn’t that always the story. There you are shopping for amazing dinos to destroy the lives of those you do not even pity when you realise, oh wait that’s theirs not mine. RUN AWAY!

Yes we all love the ease and convenience of playing on the always fantabulous Merric Modded Ark Survival evolved PVE servers, where lag is just an old wives tale told to scare young dilos and make them go to bed on time, where the admins are always active and happy to get your stuck thyla out of that tree. Yes the community of friendly players is always thriving but what’s this? They won’t give you their prized dinos for you to drown in the ocean?

Well fear not young arkers! For you are about to learn the not so ancient secret to breeding the most evil, fearsome, terrible (and for some reason always pink) dodo you have ever seen! All this and more can be accomplished with a fairly new addition to the always amazing S+ mod. The propagator!!

No, no, it isn’t some wrestler from the 90’s that has a rather explicit finishing move. It’s the new fancy pants must have item that allows you breed to your hearts content without dealing with the lag, and the tails, and the glitching into the floor and switching breeding on and off. Only to realise you accidently whistled follow all and have to start all over again. Have I got your attention? I thought I might, now let’s dig in.

S+ Propagator
What is the propagator?

The S+ Propagator is a handy little structure which allows you to finally fulfil that dream of all serious breeders everywhere and that is to carry out breeds without 100 dinos standing around taking up your tame count and dragging the server latency down.

It allows you to store the dinos you want to breed in one place, enable them to breed and it will collect the eggs for your perusal.

But that’s not the best part….. its also a mutator!!! I know right how good is that!

So here I will explain how to make your dreams of a dragon slaying dodo army come true (it also works for other dinos but who cares right? DODO POWER!)

So without further ado

Finding your breeding dinos

So, you know you want to breed, you know what you want to breed… but what am I looking for in my initial tames. Well, that’s easy stats, stats and oh yeah stats. For this guide I will be using the example of boss slaying dodos so what do I want? Health and Melee.

This will be helped by the crafting of an awesome spyglass that will not only show you the stats of the dinos currently being spied on but also what food they like and how much you will need to tame it. Mods! Gotta love them.

Go out into the wild blue yonder and hang around all the local dodo haunts until you find one that’s as close to max level (Currently 300 on our servers) as possible with a nice high melee or hp stat. the rest we can ignore. Something in the 60’s would be good. Preferably a male and female but that’s not always the case just grab the stats you want and make sure you have at least one of each sex.

Propagator time!

Now you have your proto dragon slayers we need to merge those tasty stats into one mating pair so we can get started.

If you had a male and female that’s great just use the soul traps from the dino storage mod and place your new breeders inside the propagator. If you don’t follow the same advice but just try to get the stats you want on either 1 dino or half on a male and half on a female then continue. Please bear in mind the structure requires element in its inventory to power on and be used and then you can click activate.

Now in the centre of the screen you can see 2 buttons, Prepare dinos for breeding and holding eggs. Holding eggs does what it says on the tin. It holds the eggs within the structure. Clicking this will change it to dropping eggs which will erm…. Drop the eggs? To be picked up by your hatchery. Personally, I leave all mine on holding as it makes sorting eggs easier.

Click prepare dinos for breeding then start breeding! Here you will see a list of all dinos currently held in the structure, their names, levels and sex. We will cover the other boxes soon but for now we just want a pair of twins Basil.

Start Breeding

Click start breeding and the dinos will start doing, the thing… with their things… erm ask your parents.

2 new buttons will appear, view breeding progress which will let you know how long till they have mated and also the cooldown remaining before they can mate again and stop breeding which is the equivalent of hearing one of the kids get up and reach for your bedroom door handle just as you finish with the backrub.

We are looking for stat twins here with all the best stats of both parents pushed onto one creature. One male and one female. You can use the mutator to change gender but that requires boss kills etc to unlock (why do you think we are breeding ) or you can use the propagator to change the gender whilst they breed but that will cost you the displayed element cost for every other dino in the propagator (currently costs 500 element so if you want it to breed with 5 other dinos that’s 2500 element YIKES) just keep going till you have a male and female stat twin with no mutations. Once you have these keep breeding until you have 49 females and one very lucky male.

N.B. I always breed one stat at a time so if you want to do both melee and HP I suggest setting up 2 propagators with 49 females and 1 males each you can then use one for each stat

Let’s get reeeeeady to mutate!

The harem is complete and our mac daddy dodo is ready to show us what he can do. Hit start breeding again and now we will look at the mut. Pulse box on the right. The maximum pulse you can use is 2 and they cost 25 element each so again 2 pulses for 5 dinos will set you back 250 element.

What the pulses do is force the egg laid to have 2 mutations per pulse and then its our job to hope and wiggle our toes that they will be hp or melee mutations.

Once the breed is complete hover over each egg and you will see a green +2 or +4 depending on pulses next to the stat that has mutated. Pop out the one you want and leave it in the hatchery or incubator and dispose of the others. You can also use the search bar at the top to search for the level you’re looking for which will be either 2 or 4 levels above the male’s level depending on pulses.

Replace the male in which ever propagator you want with a male with the mutation you want and start again and rinse and repeat until the dragon slayer emerges.

The maximum you can have in any one stat is 255 so once you reach this take your males and do one last breed with the females and aim for a female with identical stats to the male then swap the females to the other (so hp male with melee female) and keep breeding until the stats combine.

Not much element? No problem!

You do not have to use the mutation pulses! It can be used without them and rely on good ol’ RNGesus to provide you with the mutation you want. I do this with all the dinos I breed that I deem not a priority. Like rexs and theris and save my element for breeding killer dodos. Again, just use the search bar to search for dinos 2 levels above the male and rinse and repeat. It is slower but a lot cheaper.

All done! Enjoy your dodo of death!

See you next time arkers!