If you are used to MMO’s this mod will look pretty similar, but if not, it may be confusing.

So what is Dino Bars?

So what is Dino Bars? It is a mod that puts nameplates above the dinos, this can show the level, health, torpidity, stamina, and gender.

Open Dino Bars Menu

So now we know what it does, let’s get to some customising, I won’t be going into everything in detail as some of it will be self explanatory.

To do this we need to open up the menu by pressing F5.

Here you can see only wild dinos are enabled.

So this will not show the bars for your tamed dinos.

Like magic the bars have gone!

As you see some of the bars have now gone!

Filtering, With Dino Mod Bars

So while in the menu we can go over to the filter window, make sure to tick the filter box so this will work.

(1) This lets us decide what bars are removed. So here we have the fish removed, type in the fish or any other dino name, if you are removing more than 1 dino make sure to have the ‘include all ticked’ otherwise it will only apply to the first line.

(2) Make sure to click on the box at the bottom otherwise it won’t remove the chosen dinos.

Useful Filtering

In this picture, Box 2 is ticked and as you can see a dino is missing. This is useful to set up when you want to cross water that something lives in and you want to see it coming for you instead of it just appearing in front of you to eat you!

This saves you having to constantly type each time and you can save several of these different filters.


So say you want to see the dinos but don’t want all the information the bar gives, This is done by ticking the minimalistic box

As I said, I won’t go into every detail but make sure to save your changes before existing.

Key Bindings

[Alt] + [F5] or just [F5]: Displays the settings window. (F5 can be changed)

[Alt] + [F6]: Toggle bars for wild dinos.
[Alt] + [F7]: Toggle bars for tamed dinos.
[Alt] + [F8]: Toggle minimalistic mode.

[Alt] + [Numpad -]: Decrease the size of all bars by 10% to a minimum of 30%.
[Alt] + [Numpad +]: Increase the size of all bars by 10% to a maximum of 300%.
[Alt] + [Numpad /]: Decrease the display distance by 1000 to a minimum of 1000.
[Alt] + [Numpad *]: Increase the display distance by 1000 to a maximum of 10,000.

[Alt] + [Numpad 0]: Toggle filtering
[Alt] + [Numpad 1-9]: Toggle filter group 1-9